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Fringe Wrap Party

      Email Post       4/20/2009 02:26:00 PM      

Today is the last main day of filming for Fringe season 1 (there will be a little cleanup work tomorrow), and we are happy to report that to celebrate there was a Fringe Wrap Party this last Saturday at the swanky Inc Lounge in NYC. Since the studio didn't want to throw one, the party was paid for by the actors, and by all accounts it was a huge blowout! It just goes to show you that there are a great bunch of people working on the show.

BTW, if you were at the party, and have photos you would like to share with everyone, please email them to us!


Adam Morgan said...

Of course, by "the last day of filming for Fringe," we mean for THIS season!

Gil_Cdn said...

Wow, good for them (the actors, or whoever contributed).

Television production is really team work, the actors are the only ones in front of the camera but it very much rely on everyone's hard work to make a show successful. I am glad the actors take it up upon themselves to throw the wrap party (shame on Fox). I hope JJ chip in some too!

Anonymous said...
This guy met them

Dani said...

I think that's really nice of them, especially since so many people will be losing their jobs for next season. :D

Adam Morgan said...

If Fox would just pick up my pilot, all those people would have new jobs!

Sam said...

That is so awesome. Hats off to the Fringe cast and whoever else contributed. The crew deserves a fond farewell.

PinkSodaPop said...


I was curious to know when new filming starts! --- Any ideas?

I personally want to say thanks to all at FRINGE including FOX, cast, crew, and writers... for giving us something awesome to watch!

Thanks to FRINGE TV as well ---for giving us great content online!

Adam Morgan said...

I believe Kirk said they report back on June 24th to start shooting season two.

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