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Fringe Episode Preview: Bad Dreams

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Jacob dreams of a ladder to heaven
Tonight's episode of Fringe is another series landmark, in the vein of Bound and Ability, my two favorites eps so far. Want some non-spoiler hints to chew on?
  • Bad Dreams was written and directed by Akiva Goldsman, known for his feature screenplays like A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code, and this summer's Angels and Demons.
  • We'll finally see Anna Torv's favorite scene of season one.
  • After two ostensibly stand-alone episodes, Bad Dreams returns to the core Fringe mythology.
  • Peter and Olivia's relationship will deepen.
  • We'll learn more about Olivia's mysterious past.
Tune in to FOX tonight at 9/8c, and please join us in the live chat! Oh, and for those of you who TiVo, don't forget to record an extra 15 minutes or so in case American Idol runs over again.


Andrew said...

I know I'm really excited. Thanks for the preview!

Anonymous said...

Peter and Olivia's relationship will deapen? hmmmm...I hope it's in the way I want it to.

Sam said...

As if I weren't already impatient enough before, you just made it worse!! Come on 9 o'clock!!!

Adam Morgan said...

Haha, 8 o'clock for me. Move to Chicago!

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