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Ars Technica: Mad Science and Secret Codes in Fringe

      Email Post       4/03/2009 11:23:00 AM      

Ars Technica has an in-depth article explaining the various clues, puzzles, and Fringe Easter Eggs that are hidden throughout Fringe. Of course, is mentioned as the comprehensive place to follow all the clues in the show.

Erica Sadun's article mentions The Observer appearances, Next Episode clues, and also takes a crack at decyphering the mysterious Fringe symbols or "glyphs", but it looks like this Fringe puzzle may be the Kryptos of Fringe clues.

If you'd like to take a whack at it yourself, Fringepedia has a compilation of all the glyphs shown during the commercial breaks.


Capcom said...

Congrats on the mention, you guys deserve it! This is certainly my favorite place to go for Fringeness. :-)

Adam Morgan said...

Thanks, Capcom!

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