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FringeTelevision Exclusive: Kirk Acevedo Interview

      Email Post       4/10/2009 12:21:00 PM      

Kirk Acevedo was kind enough to take cover behind that blood-spattered police vehicle and talk with me for about ten minutes this morning. I asked as many of your questions as I could, and Kirk gave some hilarious answers. He mocks his Charlie Francis voice, does a Lance Reddick impression, and whets your appetite for the last five episodes of season one.

Oh, and the episode he's shooting right now? It isn't one of those...

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Adam Morgan: Who would win in a fight, you or Josh Jackson?

Kirk Acevedo: I don't even need to answer that. I mean, I think you guys can figure that one out on your own...

Adam Morgan: What's been your favorite scene to shoot so far?

Kirk Acevedo: I would say...the phone conversation with [our audio drops out here...can anyone decipher his answer?]

Adam Morgan: What about your favorite episode?

Kirk Acevedo: I'd have to say the Pilot.

Adam Morgan: What's it been like shooting in your hometown up in New York?

Kirk Acevedo: It's been cool. It's kind of bittersweet, because I live in Los Angeles now and I fly back and forth, so I kind of miss my family.

Adam Morgan: And how do you feel about the move to Vancouver next season?

Kirk Acevedo: I'll be closer to home. I go every weekend to see my family, my baby girl. The bad part about it is, a bunch of people are going to lose their jobs. We had a fantastic crew. Fantastic. The best crew that you can get. And I just hope that the Vancouver crew is on par.

Adam Morgan: What was it like working with your real-life wife in next week's episode, Unleashed?

Kirk Acevedo: It's cool. When I found out Charlie was going to have a wife, I suggested my actual wife Kiersten [Warren]. It's hard to create chemistry with someone you don't know, in a day. And also my wife's a real actress, it wasn't just like "Hey, how 'bout my WIFE?!"

Adam Morgan: How many different ways do people mispronounce your last name? Do you ever get "Avocado"?

Kirk Acevedo: Kirk Avacado, sure! Let's see. Ackaveedo, Ace DeVito, there's just so many.

Adam Morgan: Any funny moments or anecdotes from the set?

Kirk Acevedo: We all get along, we all crack jokes. Like Lance [Reddick] is so funny, because he'll come up to me and say "Dude, you always make me laugh." Because Lance is so serious. But he's always cracking up. Next episode, he goes up to Anna: "You always make me laugh, blah blah blah." And then you realize he's saying it to John [Noble]. And then you realize, it's just Lance. Lance has the giggles, and can't keep a straight face.

Adam Morgan: John Noble mentioned that everyone likes to do a take on Charlie's voice. Is that true?

Kirk Acevedo: Well, you know, I put on the "Charlie voice," because there's tons of exposition, and you somehow have to do the same stuff every week, right? So I'm a fast talker, and my register's a bit higher than Charlie's, as you can imagine. So when I gotta do the Charlie thing...[switches to Charlie voice] you just gotta drop it down...right about here...[back to Kirk]. You hear that? That's not the way I sound, at all. I can't do it like Kirk would do it, because it wouldn't come out as authoritative, someone you'd look up to, who you'd listen to, who's working in the best interests of your country, if I did it like me.

So I do the Charlie voice, and there was a line in an interrogation once, where I ask for a box of tissues. But the way I do it with Charlie is..."Can I get a box of TISSUES?" Like the Terminator, you know?

Adam Morgan: What can we expect from these last five episodes of the season?

Kirk Acevedo: Well the whole mythology of the show, we lifted up the folds more. We learn more about William Bell, which is really cool, in the last episode, who's played by Leonard Nimoy. Speaking of beautiful voices. I think he's gonna be perfect. He's a perfect foil for John Noble's character. You'll learn more about the impending war, what is it, stuff like that. We're currently shooting a standalone episode for season two...

Adam Morgan: I heard about that, before you move out of New York. Can you tell me anything about it?

Kirk Acevedo: What I'll say is it has a little bit of Ghost Whisperer in it...if you know what the ghost whisperer genre is.

Adam Morgan: Well I'm glad you don't die next week. After seeing the previews, I was a little scared...

Kirk Acevedo: No, no, no...I don't die.


Caroline said...

I would've never guessed that Lance Reddick was the kind of guy to get the giggles. Awesome. I also liked his explanation of "Charlie voice".

Anonymous said...

Cool interview, I have been a big fan of Kirk, first back in the OZ days. I loved his character Miguel on OZ. He has been on alot of HBO series actually, hes a very good actor. So I am glad he is getting some good publicity with Fringe.

Melissa said...

Great interview! I was concerned he might die, too. The first half of the season I wasn't sure if Charlie was a good guy or not, but I've grown to love the character.

Caroline said...

Forgot to add before, do you know when they're done with filming for the season? And why are they filming an episode for season 2?

Adam Morgan said...

When I spoke with John and Anna last week, they both said they were shooting the season finale. Since Kirk said today that they're working on that standalone, I'd assume they're mostly done with this season. One of the crew members also mentioned a couple days ago that he was headed to the last production meeting (sad!), so they must be about to wrap.

As for why they're shooting a season 2 standalone now, I'm guessing they wanted to utilize New York's scenery for some reason, since they'll be shooting in Vancouver over the summer.

Speaking of, I can confirm that the season 2 ep they're currently shooting isn't planned to be the premiere.

Sam said...

Have I told you you're awesome Adam? Cause you are!

Adam Morgan said...

Thanks, Sam!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the interview!
Aw Charlie is married? That dashes my hopes of Olivia/Charlie

Dani said...

I got so excited when I heard about season 2. When do you think it'll be finished filming?
I love Kirk Acevedo he's a funny type person :D

Unknown said...

Nice interview with interesting info. Turns out I've been mispronouncing his name too!

However, did you say that you broke the story on Leonard Nimoy playing William Bell? You guys didn't post that until 4/9/09. had it posted on 4/8/09 and also had it on 4/8/09.

Adam Morgan said...

Thanks! Actually, if you look at the spoilers page, you'll see two posts on the casting. We broke it on 4/8 (and emailed sites like EW and FBloggers with the news from our inside source), and then posted the official press release from Fox on 4/9. Even so, I said we broke it, not that we broke it first! I have no idea who actually posted the first article.

Dennis said...


If you follow the FringeTV twitter, I gave a little hint about it on April 3rd.

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