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      Email Post       4/30/2009 01:40:00 PM      

In a strange bit of viral marketing, Fox has been "sponsoring" various filmmakers on YouTube to create funny Fringe videos.

The latest is by POYKPAC, a Brooklyn-based comedy quintet, entitled "Fringe Comedy: Episode 1". Hopefully this means there will be more to come.


Gil_Cdn said...

Did you see the Observer out the window behind the guy with the beard and the glasses?

Seriously, where is the comedy??? I don't find anything funny in this clip!

Fringe Freak said...
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Elle said...

Yeah lol i thought it was funny :)
The Observer thing was nice aswell

Sam said...
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Anonymous said...

You, know, it's not that funny. These guys are trying to hard to be Ryan Styles. It's really poorly done.

Ryan said...

I love the way he says "Not really, alternate realities are seriously overrated" with his "psh, been there, done that" attitude. Haha.

"You've discovered a method of transdimensional penetration!"
"That's gross."

Love it!

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