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What Would You Ask: Charlie Francis?

      Email Post       4/08/2009 02:11:00 PM      

The Man With the Voice himself, Kirk Acevedo, will be doing an exclusive one-on-one interview with Fringe Television on Friday, April 10th to celebrate Charlie's emphasis in next week's ep, Unleashed. You guys have already given me great questions for John, Anna, and Jasika, so keep 'em coming below!


Caroline said...

Oh, man, when it rains, it pours! In a good way, though!
-Being from NYC, is it fun filming all over the city? Have you gotten to film near any old haunts?
-Favorite scene/episode/moment?
-Most of your scenes have been with Anna Torv, what has that been like?
- What's the most interesting Fringe mystery to you? Which one are you dying to get more answers about?
- Any funny incidents on set?
-Your thoughts on the move to Vancouver?
-Your favorite revelation so far?

Anonymous said...

I love Charlie's voice, but Kirk sounds different in an interview I once saw. Does he intentionally make Charlie's voice harsher or is it just me?

- Why doesn't Charlie ask Olivia about anything? He always accepts it and keeps quiet. I would once like him to yell "WHATS GOING ON LIV?!"

- Does Charlie dislike Peter? He seems to get annoyed at him easily whenever they interact.

- What's going on with Charlie on the personal side? Married? Engaged? In love with Liv?

Sara G. said...

YES. I've been waiting for this!

> I remember your theory about the possible connection with Lost and Fringe. Have you changed your mind about it, or it's still the same?

> I read somewhere that we're going to find out why Olivia can't have a relationship with your character in the coming episode. Regardless of what happens, do you sometimes hope of your character a probable attraction to Liv?

> Taking in all the new episodes since your last theory to mind, have you any new theories regarding anything in the show?

> Next week is obviously going to be one of your big episodes. Can we hope for more?

fringeobsessed said...

How jealous is Charlie of Peter Bishop (and not of his interrogating skills)? Is it that he doesn't trust him, or that he hates that Peter has yummy chemistry with Olivia, or both?

Anonymous said...

Ask him to say "I am Batman" and video it :D

Sara G. said...

Nothing more to add, but I'd like to second the Anonymous :)

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