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The Child's Transmission: Reversed

      Email Post       4/11/2009 11:15:00 AM      

In this week's ep, Inner Child, Walter straps his neuro-transmitter onto the Child, and picks up an odd, unintelligable voice. Lots of fans are speculating that the Child thinks/speaks backwards, since he writes upside-down...

I've recorded the transmission and reversed the audio, which you can find in the Fringe Easter Eggs section.

Discover Magazine has an interesting look at the real technology behind Walter's device.

Discover's premise - that we're years away from this kind of technology - is a bit off and kind of misses the point. Scientists have already discovered how to read images from your thoughts. Besides, the concept of Fringe is that Walter Bishop and Massive Dynamics are far ahead of the current science curve.


Anonymous said...

On another forum we've been examining this thing forwards, backwards, slowed down, etc. --- but haven't hit the jackpot yet. The best we've been able to do thus far, is exclude German, Russian, and backwards play (we think). We are also assuming it sounds electronic/synthesized because this is the way Walter's machine interprets the signal --- not the way the thoughts actually sound.

Now, it may be something in reverse for all I know, I'm just saying we haven't been able to nail down that it needs to be reversed yet to make sense. Many Europeans who have examined it say it's got some slavic sounding tones to it, but I'm still thinking there is some Latin involved there --- or perhaps even Phoenician (remember the Aleph symbols?). I'm also wondering if there is anything close to Romanian, as with Allizee Zeva.

Anyway, I hope someone figures this one out! I'm afraid the translation won't probably yield anything totally earth shattering, but it might, who knows!

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