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The Observer on American Idol

      Email Post       4/07/2009 10:12:00 PM      

The Observer made an appearance on American Idol tonight. No, not singing - he was in the audience.

BTW, something you may not know about Micheal Cerveris, he is an accomplished singer and Tony award winning Broadway actor. Here he is in Sweeney Todd.


ICEMAN said...

I KNEWW THERE WAS A REASON THAT IT KINDA RAN OVER FRINGE (atleast i hope they did that purposely) too bad i changed the channel

Anonymous said...

American Idol totally went 8 minutes over and cut off my taping of the end of Fringe. I hate you, Fox.

Unknown said...

I saw it too. I missed a lot of it but I did notice when they showed Alison's family he was a few rows back as well.

Anonymous said...

Idol 10 minutes over and Fox hasnt posted the show on their web so we can see the last 10 minutes

Dennis said...

Don't worry...I've got your back... I'm uploading it to YouTube now... will post soon....

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Dennis for your time in posting the end!! We really wanted to know what happened. Thanks again, Best wishes to you & yours, Sincerely, Jeff & Julie

Allegra said...

Haha, in that sweeny todd video he's kinda dressed up like the Observer too. And then he started singing and I lol'd.

Anonymous said...

my husband and i are faithful fringe fans as well as american idol. we had a blast when we spotted the observer in the audience of a.i.! thanks to the magic of dvr, we rewinded and watched it again to make sure. love it!

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