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Fringe Moves Down Under

      Email Post       4/01/2009 01:25:00 PM      

It turns out Fringe won't be moving to Canada after all. But it's not staying in New York, either.

Our inside source confirmed this morning that Fringe will move production to Melbourne, Australia next season, in the homeland of stars Anna Torv and John Noble (Olivia and Walter). Fellow Aussies Nicole Kidman and Paul Hogan will join the cast as Olivia's mother and William Bell, respectively.

As a result of the time change (Melbourne being across the International Date Line), Fringe will air Tuesday mornings at 6:00 AM EST in the United States.

Writer/Producer JR Orci could not be reached for confirmation, as he's currently putting another shrimp on the barbie, but he did say that beginning with next week's episode, Gene will be killed and resurrected every week, in the spirit of South Park's Kenny.


Anonymous said...

lol, I believed this for a full 15 seconds. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!

Jillyvanilli said...

Haha, very good!

Anonymous said...

Jajajaj I believed it too until the Nicole Kidman thing :P she's too young for that part xD

FRINGE news said...

Nice, but little too obvious ;-)

tallone said...

I really got some laughs on this one.

tallone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I seriously believed this for a full minute, I was screaming, but then I realized what the date was, and started laughing. Nice try ;)

Anonymous said...

It got me for 5 seconds. Good one!

Anonymous said...

It got me for 5 seconds. Good one!

Anonymous said...

I was starting to let the location change sink in. Then you mentioned Nicole Kidman joining the cast and the lightbulb went on!
Good AFD spoof :)

Jenn said...

I believed this to for about five minutes until I did some digging. Nice one y'all!

Dani said...

I believed you til you mentioned Gene lol.
I am slow :D
But thank God its not true :D

Dennis said...

Actually, J.R. Orci did say that, but he was probably kidding...

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