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Fringe Episode Preview: Inner Child

      Email Post       4/07/2009 02:28:00 PM      

For the next six eps, I'll be giving you a little tease every Tuesday morning about what to expect when Fringe airs. No spoilers. Just something to whet your appetite (like the image above).

Tonight's Inner Child definitely cranks up the Creepy Factor. It wouldn't be a bad episode to air around Halloween. Here's what you can expect:
  • The best Walter moment ever. (You'll know it when you see it. John talked about it on Friday.)
  • More info on the Observer(s).
  • One of the most compelling mysteries we've seen yet.
  • Anna Torv's best performance of the season.
Check back after the episode for my review, along with a few theories for you to rip apart in the comments!


Sam said...

Talk about making me more excited than I already am!!

ICEMAN said...

sounds pretty good- it actaully makes u more aware and ready for what to look for

JJ said...

BradCalebKane on twitter: Next week's is a great classic monster story, FYI...

And there's supposed to be a hint in the previous show as to what is to come. How about a griffin? It was certainly the most discernible tat Sam Gilmore had, and it came up later in the investigation briefing, which it really had no reason to in the story. There's even an explanation by The Artist as to what a griffin is. Could be a person of interest named Griffin, like in the Penrose case.

What do you think? Too obvious? Grasping straws?

Dennis said...

The Griffin is my bet for the "Next Episode Clue". The preview for next week talks about people being attacked by bird claws.

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