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Q&A With David Fury Via Twitter on 1/13

      Email Post       1/18/2012 09:47:00 AM      

I want to take a moment to thank Fringe writer, David Fury, for being true to his word on 1/13 and live tweeting with both the East and West coasts at 10 PM that night via Twitter.

Daivd wrote episode 403, "Alone In The World" and co-wrote episode 408, "Back To Where You've Never Been," and this is the second time he's made himself available for Q&As after one of his episodes aired.

I feel honored that David answered 4 of my tweets, and I'm sharing our Q&A tweets with you:

@DFury This eppy felt like a combo of Over There 1&2 AND Entrada. Are you happy with how it turned out?
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@DFury David Fury
@fringeobsessed1 I'm happy if the fans are happy. It's a big responsibility when you futz with a show's mythology.

@DFury Do you have a favorite #Fringe character (from either universe)-one w/whom you're most sympathetic?
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@DFury David Fury
@fringeobsessed1 It's hard not to love Walter.

@DFury I caught that little O/L moment when she touched his hair. I think it's fun that there's potential for a P/L/O triangle- do u agree?
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@DFury David Fury
@fringeobsessed1 Most def.

@DFury I have to tell u that image of our Walter enjoying his strawberry shake w/Aaron in 403 with their foil hats-for me that is iconic. :)
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@DFury David Fury
@fringeobsessed1 Nice. I was going for that.

Thanks again, David. It was awesome! Let's do this again sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

So after the crappy storyline that was Fauxlivia/Peter/Olivia love triangle, there will be yet ANOTHER one which will probably assassinate Peter's character even more and make people love Lincoln more. Pathetic.

No thanks.

Dennis said...

I don't think there is potential for a love triangle. Peter has already stated that this Olivia is not "his" Olivia, so the only romantic possibility is for New Olivia and New Lincoln, which isn't a triangle.

But I wouldn't get too invested in LincLivia (or whatever the shippers are calling it), if we are going to end up back in the original timeline.

Anonymous said...

It is a love triangle if people are like "Oh Olivia is better with Lincoln! Lincoln is sooo much better than peter! Lincoln is the perfect boyfriend than peter" while people will forget all about what peter and olivia had!

fringeobsessed said...

Please know you are not speaking for me.
As I wrote I do find it interesting the little O/L developing, and that is because I am quite comfortable knowing that whatever happens, EVENTUALLY Peter will be with his Olivia. J&J said they were vested in that, and I believe it.
Until then, I'm enjoying all the characters.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, you're going to hate peter anyways cause Lincoln is sooooooooo wonderful!!!!!

Zepp said...

Although it was a small and fast talk, I liked it. I think it was a kindness of David Fury, in being available to the fans, to be asked on Twitter, in real time. At the same time, with attitudes like that of the Fury, I as a fan, I feel I'm closer to what might be called the source of the stories of Fringe. Very good.

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