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Fringe Observiews 4.08 Back To Where You've Never Been

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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 4 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense.

Screen caps from this episode are taken from, and my pictures. Dialog is from

All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall and/or wrong. I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews. I could also have missed a few things, oh well…

4.08 Back To Where You’ve Never Been
SECRETARY BISHOP: “Not everything is as it seems.”

You can say that again!

LINCOLN: “What just happened?”

I’ll tell you. One awesome episode just happened. Fringe is back, baby!
This was an excellent episode. I sat there the whole time, not moving because I didn’t want to miss a beat. It is also a very deep episode, so I will do my best to bring you the visuals.

Glyphs spelled: JONES
As in – do I really need to explain?
The Observer can be seen at the end talking with Olivia. I’ll get back to that.

Let’s start in typical Fringe manner: Walter half naked.
Must be Tuesday. At least in the old timeline he always cooked naked on Tuesdays (3.20 6:02 AM EST). There is a painting (print) with trains hanging on the wall. It reminded me of 2.17 White Tulip.
PETER: “I just got off the phone with Olivia, she said there was an incident on a train, and I know how much you love trains. Thought it might cheer you up.”

Aww, this was so cool. The three of them being back together, having breakfast.
The last time Walter fixed breakfast was in 3.14 6B and that unfortunately it didn’t go so well.
Walter was going to fix waffles but the (waffle iron) “infernal machine” was broken. In 3.02 The Box, Walter called the machine the “infernal device”.
I wonder if that triggered something in Peter’s mind because…
he rudely wakes up from this wonderful dream. He then realizes that he has to convince Walter to help him.

WALTER: “It's incredible. Astrid, come quickly. You've got to see this. The pinwheel with the metallic qualities is spinning against the flow of air, completely violating the law of physics.”
That reminded me of 3.16 Os where hot is cold, up is down, and left is right…

There is only one way to get Walter to help:
WALTER: “Oh... pastries-- how nice. Thank you, Astrid.”
I guess he can still be bought.
In 3.05 6955 kHz, Fauxlivia brought him Malassadas which he realized…        
she used, to trick him (3.08 Entrada).
WALTER: “Like Mata Hari using her feminine wiles to accomplish her evil ends. And I too fell prey. She used my stomach to get through to my heart.”
And as he was re-telling the story to Lincoln in 4.02 One Night In October.
WALTER: “She bought my ignorance with baked goods while she carried out her plan to steal pieces of the machine with the -- it was that damn Portuguese sweet bread.”

But it wasn’t Astrid who brought the pastries.
PETER: “Hello, Walter. I have to talk to you about the machine. Walter... The machine was powerful enough to pop me out of my timeline. And I think it's the only thing that can get me back to where I belong. You built the thing. You're the only person who can help me reconfigure its matrix… I've got to get home now. And you're the only person who can help me do that. I have been separated from my family. And you of all people should understand how desperate I am to get back.”

WALTER: “The water was still running in the sink. She must've come to her decision while she was washing the dishes… I knew almost immediately... even before I found the body. The car's engine was still running. There was no note. There didn't need to be. We had just lost our only child. I should've mourned with her... been there. But instead I let her grieve alone so that I could focus on finding a way to the alternate universe to save someone else's child. My actions caused the death of my wife... unspeakable damage to two universes. I lost my career... and my sanity... All because I tried to help another Peter.”

Walter broke my heart as he explained how Elizabeth died.

In 3.15 Subject 13 we saw Elizabeth crumbling under the pressure of lying to Peter about where he’s from.
In 2.18 The Man From The Other Side,
Peter told Olivia how his mother died (in our timeline): “About a month after I got to Europe, I got a call from Saint Claire's... from Walter. He told me that she died in a car crash. It wasn't a car crash. My mother committed suicide.”
And Walter talked about Elizabeth in 4.04 Subject 9:
“She committed suicide. Did you know that? After our Peter died. “

I loved this scene.
WALTER: “I may be the only man that can help you, but I’m also the only man that cannot help you.”

So Peter goes and visits Olivia – at home?
OLIVIA: “Uh, yeah, it's -- it's just a migraine -- I think exhaustion. Broyles told me to take the day, rest up.”

Olivia is taking a day off? That’s unheard of. Even in the hardest times she kept working or went back to work right away. Or at least our Olivia did.
In 1.09 The Dreamscape she had just encountered John Scott again and was going to take time off but her phone rang and she dismissed that thought.
And then she just came back from the other side after traumatic weeks over there and wanted to go back to work right away (3.09 Marionette).

Behind Peter is a bust of a white horse (or a bishop – chess).
In “A Winter’s tale” Peter Lake rides a white horse. And Peter used the term “white horse” before in 1.13 The Transformation, when asked where he met Anderson.

And this is the horse I have on my “Fringe case”.
I picked red because our Peter is from the red universe.

Peter asks Olivia to help him cross over since he can’t use the bridge-room.
And Lincoln is also going to help because of his double over there.
Olivia had a requisition: “It's Walter's portal device -- the one he used to cross over in 1985.” PETER: “That's at the bottom of Reiden Lake.” OLIVIA: “Well, maybe where you're from, but Massive Dynamic recovered it years ago. It's been in storage ever since.” PETER: “And you just happened to have this handy?” OLIVIA: “I've been thinking about crossing over myself, doing a little recon.” PETER: “Well, what do you even need Walter's device for when you can just cross back and forth anytime by yourself?”
OLIVIA: “When I can what?”
Two things: I was surprised, even a bit disappointed, that she didn't prod Peter more about being able to cross on her own. And according to 4.04 Subject 9 she didn't know where Reiden Lake was.
I think this is the first time where I’m not sure I like this Olivia, having ulterior motives and using Peter to serve her purpose.

So then we have a double decker car again.
We’ve had one in 2.14 Jacksonville – Astrid pulled one out of the box. There was one in 2.15 Peter as the Observers were standing outside the movie theater and in 3.18 Bloodline, driving by Fauxlivia’s apartment complex.
Inside the station is a tea vending machine. Looks like in this timeline, coffee is still not available over there.
Also the mom is reading “American Topographic” versus “National Geographic”.
The colors in this episode were weird as well like here at the station, blue and yellow.

So then they go to the opera house to set up the device for Peter and Lincoln to cross.
As Peter described in the car ride there the opera house has been used before to cross.
In 2.21 Over There Part1 the cortexi-kids used it to cross over to get Peter.
Olivia thought she could use it as a way home in 3.01 Olivia.
And in 3.22 The Day We Died, the “End of Dayers” destroyed it.

LINCOLN: “Just out of curiosity, um... if this thing closes while I’m still crossing through, what happens?”
PETER: “It'll cut you in half. I killed a guy like that once. Don't worry. He was a bad guy.”
You can say that again.
In 1.20 There Is One Of Everything, Jones was trying to cross over to kill Bell but was stopped by Peter.
But since Peter never existed, can we assume that he did cross, that he did kill Bell? In 4.05 Novation Truss says he wished Bell was still alive. It will be interesting to find out how Jones’s story is changed in this timeline.
So they step through the device
Walter had used to cross over to get Peter in 1985.

I guess the “grrr Lincoln moments” that I have shouldn’t bother me that much because this is not our Olivia.
And still. And as I said earlier I don’t like the double play here.

LINCOLN: “This place isn't all that different from our—“
It always gives me chills when I see the twin towers.
PETER: “Hey Scarecrow, come on. The flying monkeys are coming.”
Another reference to Wizard of Oz.

So Lincoln and Peter finagle their way into the secure dock area to go to Liberty Island.
PETER: “I’m impressed – quite a knack for deception.”
I’ll get back to that.

Meanwhile. This was the other weird color scheme, I guess. There’s red, green and purple.
FAUXLIVIA: “I think he might've been a shapeshifter.” ALT-LINCOLN: “You mean those human shapeshifters the other side's accusing us of sending over. Okay. Well, I guess once the D.o.D. Confirms that with the autopsy, Secretary Bishop will let us know.” FAUXLIVIA: “Unless he doesn't. I mean, their Olivia said that she believed he was responsible for these new shapeshifters.” ALT-LINCOLN: “Since when do you listen to anything they have to say? You said yourself she's a paranoid who doesn't trust anyone.” FAUXLIVIA: “Yeah, that doesn't mean she's not right.”

It reminded me of this from 4.01 Neither Here NorThere.
OLIVIA: “This isn't gonna work, this truce, because you're not trustworthy. I mean, simple things like principles, honor, honesty... all fundamental requirements in an accord. If you can't trust the people you're dealing with, what then?” FAUXLIVIA: "You know, maybe I'm not the problem. Maybe it's you. Maybe you are just incapable of trust.” OLIVIA: “Interesting. Coming from the person who kidnapped me and stole my life.” FAUXLIVIA: “You know, being you and living your life only made me more homesick for my universe. Must be hard to develop trust in people when all you've got is yourself. Must get terribly lonely.” OLIVIA: "Just because you walked in my shoes, don't you think for a moment that you know me.” FAUXLIVIA: “Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.”

It also reminded me of this from 3.14 6B
PETER: “Olivia. Look, I don't approve of his methodology, but... since we're here, we might as well take advantage of the situation and just talk about what's bothering you.” OLIVIA: “I don't really know what to say. Look, I know that you still think about her. I know you had feelings for her. And that you still do. And, frankly, I don't think you've been completely honest with me.” PETER: “Well, you're right. I mean, I haven't told you everything. Mostly because I didn't think that you...” OLIVIA: “...that I could handle it?” PETER: “I know that you struggle with trust issues. You have a difficult time letting people in.” OLIVIA: “Well, I - I'm struggling because the reasons are real. I'm not making them up.”

So back to the pier. Lincoln explains his plan to Peter about getting to Walternate’s secure room.
But of course before they get anywhere, they get caught and then finally the two Lincolns’ meet.
I liked their bickering back and forth throughout the episode.

This is probably my favorite line of the whole episode. FAUXLIVIA: “Who the hell are you?”

So Peter and Lincoln get transported to Fringe HQ I assume, Peter quite upset that he was “betrayed” by Olivia and Lincoln. Agent Murphy gets a call with orders.
They turn out to be to hijack the car and kill Peter.
Who wants him dead and why? I’ll get back to that.

Peter gets away and Lincoln gets caught again by Fauxlivia and Alt-Lincoln.
ALT-LINCOLN: ”If our Division's compromised, why trust us?” LINCOLN: ”Because of her. Peter said I could trust you.” FAUXLIVIA: “He doesn't even know me.” LINCOLN: ”Peter said at the end of the day, you're a good person. You'd do the right thing.”
Grrr, Peter, why did you tell him that.

This Tarrytown’s resident is Elizabeth.
And in the old timeline this home belongs to Fauxlivia’s mom.

Peter seeks help from Elizabeth who hasn’t aged a day compared to this (2.21 Over There Part 1).
ELIZABETH BISHOP: “Over the years, my husband has opened my mind to things that I never thought possible. And still, I never thought that... but as soon as I looked into your eyes, I knew. They, um... they told me that you died... the night that you were taken from me.” PETER: “And they told you the truth. I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I'm not the Peter that you think I am. I'm from another place. It's all very complicated. But I have people there that I care about very, very deeply, and I have to get back to them.” ELIZABETH BISHOP: “That's what got me through it, you know? I told myself that if another universe exists -- and there's got to be more -- then somewhere... you would grow up and be happy and... and fall in love. Somewhere you would have a life... just -- just not here.”

2.15 Peter
WALTER: “Elizabeth, I am telling you this because I want you to know that somewhere Peter will grow up, somewhere he will lead a proper life, somewhere he will be happy, but just not here. And we must take comfort in this. And we must begin to move on.”

3.15 Subject 13
ELIZABETH BISHOP: “I know. I know, Walter. I spend every waking moment imagining where he is... what he's doing. And I pray that wherever he is, he's safe... that someone's taking good care of him... and that someday, by some miracle, we'll get to see him again.”

SECRETARY BISHOP: “So you have come all this way to bring me to justice.”
PETER: “No. Whatever disagreements there are between this universe and theirs are none of my business. I'll tell you exactly what I told them. It is not my fight. All I want is your help to get me back where I belong... to get me home. If you want to get rid of me, just help me.”
That reminded me of 2.22 Over There Part 2, the conversation he had with Olivia.
OLIVIA:”Peter... you don't belong here.” PETER: “No, I don't belong here. But I don't belong there, either.”

Okay, back to Secretary Bishop. I have to say when I saw him holding that device I was a bit scared for Peter. But then I’m glad it was Brandonate who got zapped.
Even though he is not really the one torturing Olivia I still felt some kind of retribution from this, LOL.
PETER: “So what are you gonna do with him?” SECRETARY BISHOP: “Interrogate him, get what information I can to find out who's behind this. Earlier today, a State Department employee was the victim of another shapeshifter... trying to acquire his identity. It's become all too clear that elements of our government are being infiltrated.”
Yep, our world has been there too. 3.04 Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?

SECRETARY BISHOP: “I spent weeks convincing myself that Doctor Fayette had been replaced. If I had been wrong, this tech would've killed a human being.”
PETER: “Why are you telling me all of this?” SECRETARY BISHOP: “Because you are the only person I can trust. You have no alliances... to our side or theirs. I'm telling you this because I need you to deliver a message.” PETER: “I appreciate what you're up against here, but –“ SECRETARY BISHOP: “It's not your fight?” PETER: “Exactly. It's not my fight. I came here because I needed your help to get home. The Walter on the other side refuses to help me, but you understand that machine. You share his mind. You're the only person who can help me get back to where I belong.” SECRETARY BISHOP: “And I will do everything in my power to help you get home. But you must go back to the other side and tell them that I am not their enemy. Whoever is behind this is a threat to us all.” PETER: “I was wrong about you. You're not the man I thought you were.” SECRETARY BISHOP: “You are exactly the man I thought you would be. Please do this for me, Peter. Help us.”

I’m still not sure if I trust this Secretary Bishop but these scenes were awesome.

This whole conversation reminded me of the very beginning of Fringe. 1.01 The Pilot
OLIVIA: “So why are you telling me this?” … BROYLES: “Come work for me and I'll get you the clearance...” OLIVIA: “Stop!” BROYLES: “Dunham, there is more you need to hear.” OLIVIA: “You must not have heard me, I said stop.” BROYLES: “They're calling these events "The Pattern." As if someone out there is experimenting, only the whole world is their lab. You've seen it now. You know.” OLIVIA: “I don't want to know. I have a job.” BROYLES: “This is a more important job. Anything, anybody you need you can have.” OLIVIA: “I like the job I've got. And the man I do it with, which you seem have deduced on your own.” BROYLES: “Look around. You see all these people going about their lives? No idea what's happening around them and what they're in the middle of?” OLIVIA: “I just want to go back to before.” BROYLES: “Dunham, I don't think you can.”

Meanwhile Fauxlivia and Lincoln traced the call back to the Flatiron district. They go and ask Broyles for some leeway on this. Oh boy, are they going to be in for a surprise. So Broyles makes a call,
informing David Robert Jones that the agents are on their way.
Okay, so what just happened? Is Broyles a mole too? And is he a shapeshifter too?
And David Robert Jones!
Although looking better than the last time we saw him (1.20 There Is One Of Everything)
why did he want Peter dead? I’m assuming Agent Murphy got his orders from DRJ.
And what is the purpose of the shapeshifters?
Argh, I want answers, now!

So where was that list of the best 5 last minutes of Fringe?
They got to stop doing this, or someone will have a heart attack.

Olivia is day dreaming at the opera house, waiting for Peter and Lincoln to return.
When she gets a visitor. September and Olivia say the same things at the same time.
Just like what he did with Peter in 1.04 The Arrival and
August with the Christine in 2.08 August.

SEPTEMBER: “I have come to tell you something... Olivia.”
OLIVIA: “How did you know my name? How do you know my -- you've been shot.”
SEPTEMBER: “I came to tell you... I have looked at all possible futures... and in every one, the result is the same. You have to die.”
OLIVIA: “I'm gonna get you to a hospital.”
And then he was gone.

WOW, what do you do with news like that?
Who shot September?
Was it Donald (2.08 August) who also killed August or another assassin? Who gave the order?  And why? And is he still alive?
Last time an observer got shot was in 2.08 August.
“I saw her many years ago. She was a child. Her parents had just been killed. She was crying. But she... she was brave. She crossed my mind... Somehow. She never left it. I think... it's what they call... feelings. I think... I love her. Will she be safe now?”

I know Olivia has been observed from the beginning. This is the Season 1 DVD booklet.
In a strand of her hair close to the right dot is the word “observed”. If you have it go look. I couldn't get a close up. We know September observed Walter closely; did he do the same with Olivia? Just as August sacrificed himself for Christine to keep her safe, did September do the same for Olivia? And why?

(Not in any particular order)

Loved Walter’s bear claw slippers.

Peter in the back of the police car. He’s been there before in 2.20 Northwest Passage

A Winter’s tale – the train picture reminded me of mechanics and machines. Peter Lake was a machinist who could bring back to live machines that the other mechanics couldn’t, just like our Peter (1.02 The Same Old Story): “You may be able to reanimate dead guinea pigs or... whatever, but I can bring anything mechanical back from the dead.”

Pancakes – are made quite often
1.02 The Ghost Network, Walter decided on blue berry pancakes
1.15 Inner Child – Olivia made pancakes for Ella after she was woken up at 6:17am
1.20 There Is More Than One Of Everything – When Peter was little, Walter would make pancakes in the shape of whales
2.08 August – Because Olivia had to give Ella a rain check on going to the park, she made her pancakes
3.14 6B – Walter was fixing breakfast for Olivia and Peter and made blue berry pancakes.

There is a children’s book series called “Olivia”. And in “Olivia plans a Tea Party”, her favorite day is “pancake day”. There is also another one called “Olivia meets Olivia”.

Elizabeth looking into his eyes and recognizing Peter, reminded me of 3.09 Marionette where Olivia explains to Peter…

Secretary Bishop said “Not everything is as it seems.” This episode was sort of about deceptions, I guess.
-Olivia and Lincoln wanted to use Peter to get an idea of what Secretary Bishop’s plans were with the shapeshifters, the two of them not knowing though that he has nothing to do with them.
-Secretary Bishop using Peter to go back to the other side to inform them that he’s not responsible.
-Brandonate being a shapeshifter.
-Broyles being a mole and possible shapeshifter.

The other theme I detected was “trust”
-Olivia’s trust issues in general as Fauxlivia stated.
-Peter thinking he could trust Olivia and Lincoln
-Peter telling Lincoln to trust Fauxlivia
-Peter being the only one the Secretary can trust

And honestly I don’t trust any of this.

What a ride.
Just keep watching live!

“In the end I have to believe in HOPE”


JM said...

I didnt like olivia's deception either, probably because she was raised by nina. Ive decided i like altlivia more than this olivia now.

RKron said...

We're all being a bit too harsh on this new Olivia. She just wanted to chase answers to questions and Peter had given her an opportunity to do so. The problem is that if she had followed Peter's request in letting him go back to his timeline, she would also have missed her chance on finding out what she'd dealing with. It's like Lincoln said, even after Peter leaves, the rest of these characters have to continue living in this chaotic timeline. What's a good decision from a bad one when lives are on the line?

Kelly said...

Is it too much a stretch that September is the strange, pale, bald boy they found in season one? I always have wondered what happened with that kid, he obviously was an Observer. And he was such a button.

cortexifan said...

at the end of 1.15 Inner Child, they were both in the picture, September looking on as the little kid drove by. Some have said that the kid was "January", the observer talking with September in 4.01 Neither Here Nor There.

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