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Fringe Easter Eggs: Glyph Code in "Back To Where You've Never Been"

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The Glyphs code in the Fringe episode "Back To Where You've Never Been" spelled out JONES, as in David Jones.

For more information on the Fringe Glyphs, check out Fringepedia's Glyph / Symbols page, which has all the previous glyphs and codes.


Damian Garcia said...

Okay I can't tell whether it was a hidden glyph or something else, but right before Walternate shoots "Dr. Fayette" something flashes in his right eye. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a glare because it came and went very quickly (almost like it was placed there). It sort of looked like a globe, but I can't be too certain since I was unable to zoom in. I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed this.

Gary said...
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Gary said...

Damian i saw it too.. first i thought is was a softbox but if so it wouldnt just pop-up and vanish ..

i made a screenshot

fringeobsessed said...

Thanks for that save, Gary.
I noticed it too!

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