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Fringe Observiews 4.09 Enemy Of My Enemy

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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 4 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense.

Screen caps from this episode are taken from and DVD. Dialog is from

All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall and/or wrong. I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews. I could also have missed a few things, oh well…

3.14 6B
OLIVIA: “I know that it's a lot to take in.”
ALICE: “I'm not sure I'll ever really understand what happened. And I'm not sure it would make any difference if I did. You know...”

I believe this was the best episode ever, at least so far. And not being completely able to wrap my head around all of it makes me come back every week.

Glyphs spelled: DEATH
Who’s? Jones? Olivia? Or does it serve as a clue for next week, seeing all the people die in the preview .

The Observer can be seen here

As we discovered last week, Broyles is a mole. Still not sure if he also is a shapeshifter.
He found out where our Lincoln was held and prepared a nice cocktail for him, either to kill him or get information or something else?

Meanwhile Alt-Lincoln and Fauxlivia tracked down Jones
who just killed one out of 47 (recurring number) shapeshifters. Why?

Jones: “I suppose this is what it feels like to have a child… to love as a parent does.”
I don’t know but this line from 1.14 Ability has been in my head ever since I knew he was coming back:
"My girl"

So back at the lab, Walter just discovered molecular gastronomy. WALTER: “Look, spherical pastrami. You hungry?”
I would have said no as well! I’m still getting over bacon flavored cupcake frosting. Blech! And I’m not sure I want to try Parmesan ice cream.

Olivia actually came to see Astrid
to ask her to check this blood sample against national and international databases. If this is September’s blood I will be very surprised if they find anything.
2.08 August. PETER: “Well, I doubt he's gonna show up on any database at least none from this century.”
And how did she get that sample anyway?

The color for this episode seemed to be green.
This is from 3.14 6B.

There was also lots of red.
I don’t know maybe it had to do with GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, RED.

PETER: “We're leaving.”
LINCOLN: “Wait a minute -- we might finally get some answers. We should stay here, and we should assist with the interrogation.”
PETER: “No. I finally got Walternate to agree to help me. I don't think the way to say thank you is to tell him how to do his job.”
LINCOLN: “So that's it. Yeah, you... you got what you wanted.”

PETER: “Yes, I got what I wanted. And whatever he finds out in that interrogation he's gonna share with you. So you got what you came for. And now all I want to do is get back to the other side, study the blueprints.”
LINCOLN: “I need to be a part of this investigation. I lost a partner.”
PETER: “I lost a universe!”

As they were about to leave I guess, Jones was brought in and of course Peter recognized him.
Jones is being questioned.
Hey he’s been there before.
I still can’t decide if 1.17 Bad Dreams or 1.14 Ability is my favorite episode from season 1 but 4.09 Enemy Of My Enemy definitely had 1.14 Ability written all over, this being the first of many parallels to it.
For clarity current episode pictures are on top, parallels from 1.14 Ability and others are on the bottom. If not otherwise indicated, parallels are from 1.14 Ability.

JONES: “I’m sure you have an abundance of questions. But I doubt I'd answer any of them. Besides which, we don't have much time. I imagine you'd like to avoid unnecessary deaths.”
JONES: “… I was hoping to speak with Agent Dunham as soon as possible. I prefer to avoid any additional, unnecessary deaths.”

ALT- BROYLES: “We're not in the business of responding to threats.”
HARRIS: “Well, that may be the case, but the United States doesn't negotiate with terrorists.”

JONES: “Oh, I wouldn't call it that. Consider it an insurance policy.”
OLIVIA: “Tell me about the attack that you're planning.”
JONES: “I wouldn't call it that. I'd call it an insurance policy.”

JONES: “An agent of mine -- a shape-shifter posing as Doctor Brandon Fayette -- was taken off-line earlier today.”
OLIVIA: “A colleague of mine just died. He was twenty-seven years old. He was due to get married next month.”

Jones: “I wouldn’t mind a cup of tea.”
He had asked for one in 1.14 Ability as well.

PETER: “I know who that man is. His name is David Robert Jones.”
PETER: “He's a scientist. He has a background in biotechnology and genetic weaponry.”
SECRETARY BISHOP: “If you're right, we'll have a record of him -- we don't. He's not in any database.”
PETER: “Because he's not from your universe. He crossed over from the other side.”
SECRETARY BISHOP: “How can you be so certain? You've already said that things are different from your timeline.”
PETER: “Let me talk to him.”

OLIVIA: “He wants to talk to me. Let me in there.”

ALT-BROYLES: “Sir, I hardly think that's wise.”

That made me think of 3.04 Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?

FAUXLIVIA: “I don't think it's a good idea. Imagine the panic if she talks to the press.”

So Peter is allowed to question him and Jones seems quite rattled when Peter tells him that and how he knows him as he recalls the events from 1.20 There Is More Than One Of Everything.

PETER: “The last time I saw you, you were completely falling apart -- molecular disintegration due to transporting out of a German prison. They had to wrap you in bandages just keep you from turning into a puddle on the floor. It seems like you figured out a way to heal yourself. Do you mind if I ask? What was it -- some sort of DNA graft?”
JONES: “I've never met you in my life.”
PETER: “No. But I've met you.”
JONES: “Where?”
PETER: “When you were crossing out of your universe into this one. You created a - a doorway, a portal. I’m the man who closed it on you. It cut you right in half.”
JONES: “Interesting story. Yet I’m still in one piece. I believe you've run out of time.”

So then Jones had finagled something that he does best.
And the results are horrible.

Back on our side Olivia is asking to speak with Broyles about Peter and Lincoln but he has already been informed.
OLIVIA: “You know?”
BROYLES: “That you helped them cross over to the other side without my authorization? Yes, I know. I've just received word from my alter ego. Needless to say, he was about as amused as I am.”
OLIVIA: “Are they okay?”
BROYLES: “They're fine. And we'll deal with the issue of your insubordination once we've resolved the situation.”
OLIVIA: “What situation?”
BROYLES: “Take a seat. Have you ever heard of a man named David Robert Jones?”
BROYLES: “Neither had I. He's been in Frankfurt Prison for possession of state secrets. Three years ago, he broke out. Apparently, since then, he's made his way to the other side.”

1.07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones
That’s where Olivia met him for the first time, at least in the original time line. And that’s where he broke out of in 1.10 Safe using Walter’s device, hidden in the safety deposit boxes.

So Secretary Bishop decides to let Jones go to see what he is up to. Alt-Lincoln planted a tracker in his tea. I guess I should say, be careful when you drink tea, you never know what’s in it. First soul magnets and now tracking devices, lol.

They find him sitting at a cafĂ© where they keep multiple eyes on him. Honestly the green chairs don’t look very inviting to me.
Our Lincoln is inquiring about Alt-Lincoln and Fauxlivia. Is… ours… hitting on her?
But Fauxlivia just explains that her Lincoln is helping her over a broken relationship.
 (2.21 Over There Part 1)
So I wonder what happened between Frank and her in this timeline.

Okay, back to the story. Jones needs to come up with a diversion. And of course he uses the same means as in 1.14 Ability – money. This time it’s only a tracker in the bills
but last time in 1.14 Ability it was covered with skin growth toxin.
With the tracker in the bills it makes him indistinguishable from the rest. And I’m assuming the liquid he drank, destroyed the one in his body. So he got away.
And his helper is just standing there.
Who are you, Alt-Broyles?

ELIZABETH: “Walter, I know whatever happened today was a setback.”
SECRETARY BISHOP: “There's more than that. We were severely compromised. Another please.” ELIZABETH: “And more Scotch is gonna change that?”
3.15 Subject 13
ELIZABETH:  “That's fine. You still need to eat. If nothing else, You need to put something in your stomach to absorb all that alcohol.”

SECRETARY BISHOP: “It was my decision, Elizabeth. I knew the risk. I took a -- an immense gamble. And now that man Jones is gone.”
ELIZABETH: “I don't think that's all you're upset about. You've gone over the blueprints, haven't you? Like Peter asked you to.”

2.21 Over There Part 1
PETER: “He had said he wanted me to help him with something.”
ELIZABETH: “Yes, he's staying in the city tonight, but he asked me to give you this.”

SECRETARY BISHOP: “Yes. I've tried to see what he's saying... that the machine is... capable of more than one function, that it can return him to his timeline.”
3.12 Concentrate And Ask Again
SAM WEISS: “Okay. What I can tell you is this... That device can either be used as a tool of creation or as a weapon of destruction. Depends on your point of view. And Peter Bishop is uniquely tuned to operate it. Whatever frequency Peter's vibrating at will determine how the machine reacts.”

SECRETARY BISHOP: “But I can't help him. And apparently, the other Walter refuses to... which is... ironic, given the lengths that that man went to in the past.”
ELIZABETH: “That is not your fault. It never was.”
SECRETARY BISHOP: “Well, the outcome is still the same. I couldn't save our son then. And I can't help him now.”
ELIZABETH: “Maybe I can. Maybe I can help Peter.”

Meanwhile back Fringe HQ
Alt-Astrid moving her fingers like that reminded me of Milo in 3.03 The Plateau.
And then she asked Peter if he was from a different timeline and he said: “Yeah, I think so.”

PETER: “In its natural state, Amphilicite is inert. It's not really reactive, like helium. But if you know how to process it properly, it can be used as a power source.”
Jones used it to cross over in 1.20 There Is More Than One Of Everything.
Fauxlivia: “How do you know all this?”
PETER: “Because where I’m from, William Bell used a tiny amount of it to create a battery. Jones stole the battery.”
It was hidden in Nina’s arm (1.20 There's More Than One Of Everything)

After Jones disappeared from the park he crossed over to our universe leading everyone else to the wrong location.
He seemed shaky after he had crossed. I wonder if there are still consequences for him crossing between universes.

Finally some “Gene” time. I was wondering what had happened to her.
Walter has a visitor.
ELIZABETH: “I never expected to see you again. I suppose it's appropriate that... a version of our son should bring us together. I came here for Peter. I understand you're refusing to help him.” WALTER: “I’m sorry you traveled so far. I can't. I have made my position quite clear.” ELIZABETH: “The last time I saw you, you had come to save a boy's life. Now I've come to do the same.”
That reminded me of 3.08 Entrada. OLIVIA: “This all began because a man came over here to save a boy and twenty-five years later, I came back to save that same boy.”

Walter is breaking my heart.

So Peter comes back to this side. Peter is trying to take all the blame.
PETER: “How much trouble you in?”
OLIVIA: “On a scale of one to ten? A lot.”
PETER: “I’m sorry.”
OLIVIA: “It'll blow over. It's not the first time.”

Two incidents came to mind.

1.06 The Cure
BROYLES: “You think you’re the only one who wants to find Claire Williams? Meanwhile you violated the cardinal law of our profession. You let your feelings drive your decision-making. And as a result, you’ve endangered not only Claire Williams’ life, but everything we’re trying to do here. If I can’t trust you to control your own passion, Dunham, then I can’t trust you... Is that clear?”

The other one is from 1.17 Bad Dreams
BROYLES: “I have a lawsuit from a restaurant manager in New York. I have unauthorized allocation of Agency time and resources. I have access of government databases for personal use. What’s going on?”

Back at the lab Walter offers Elizabeth a cup of tea or coffee.
When I saw this I thought “ooh cool, please sit down Walter” because it reminded me of the first time Olivia and Peter had a cup of coffee at the lab.

The whole scene between Elizabeth and Walter was just awesome.
ELIZABETH: “You made a mistake. That's what being a man is.”
WALTER: “It was more than a mistake. I broke universes. I asked for a sign of forgiveness. But I got nothing. There is no absolution for me.”
But Walter you did get a sign 2.17 White Tulip, at least in our timeline.

ELIZABETH: “Well, I don't believe that. I forgive you, Walter. I forgave you a long time ago. And if I can God can. We both lost our sons. We never watched them grow up and fall in love, have babies.”
I miss baby Henry.

“But there's something of them in him. In this Peter. I know you feel it too. And if you could just help him... Walter, he deserves to go back to the people he loves... and who love him.”
WALTER: “I’m afraid.”
ELIZABETH: “So is he.”

Peter and the rest of the team go to Mohonk Quarry on this side to catch Jones.

JONES: “Secure the cargo. Hold them off.”
1.20 There is More Than One Of Everything
JONES: “Keep going please. Don't stop what you're doing. Hold them off as long as you can.”

Peter shoots Nadine the shapeshifter.
Is she dead? Does it matter, are there more of her?

Jones is able to get away opening a window and Olivia follows him. Peter warns her that if she follows and the window closes it will kill her.
That was close.
The news that September shared with her must always be on her mind now, I guess. Will it change her decisions and choices?

Back at the bridge-room Secretary Bishop encourages to work together, to fight the shapeshifters and Jones together. They also know that there is a mole, who of course sits right there with them unbeknownst to them. And that’s too bad because they also have something that Jones didn’t anticipate and that is Peter.

This probably also means that Peter has no intention right now to return to his timeline.

Aww Peter!
Aww Olivia!
Told you I'm a hopeless P/O shipper.
She wants to know everything about Jones but Peter needs some sleep. And of course she thanks him for saving her life. I’ve stopped counting on how many times they did that for each other.

Later Peter has a visitor at the house.
No Peter, you are not dreaming this time. He is really there.

Walter has come to help. He tells Peter that his mother was a wonderful woman, all versions of her.
WALTER: “I'll help you, Peter. I will help you get home. The last twenty-five years I've spent thinking about losing my son. I thought I was an expert on loss. Maybe that's why you are here... mmm, because there are still things that I need to learn. What?”
PETER: “I just spent the last several days with the other Walter. And I was very surprised to learn that he's not the man that I thought he was. But I am not at all surprised to learn that you are.”
WALTER: “Is that a good thing?”
PETER: “Yes, Walter. That is a very good thing.”

So here we are at the end, Jones communicating with,
yep you guess it…Nina
Last time we saw Nina communicating in this manner was in 2.07 Of Human Action as she reported to Bell about mind control.

And the message that was exchanged this time does not sound good… for Olivia.
 So what do they want from her?

Bear with me because I’m not sure how to articulate myself on a few things here.

Obviously Jones knows Olivia in this timeline. At the beginning he approached Fauxlivia to be taken to their leader, not Lincoln.
In our timeline it seemed he had known her for a long time. He also knew about Cortexiphan.
In 1.14 Ability he states that Olivia was tested on with the drug and he wanted to make sure, so he had her taken. I’m assuming that means he is aware of its power too.
But in the old timeline Jones and Nina were enemies, so what changed.
Is Nina trying to activate Olivia so they can use her to travel safely back and forth or are there other powers they’re trying to activate in her, like telekinesis or pyrokinesis? And if so, for what purpose?
Is this still ZFT?

Just a few random questions:
To Lincoln Peter says he lost a universe, to Alt-Astrid he says he thinks he’s from a different timeline.
Which one is it, Peter?

Another thought that’s not leaving my brain is this: what if Peter is still stuck in the machine and what we’re seeing is another possible parallel universe?

And for some reason I’ve been coming back to 3.09 Marionette where Walter asks Peter if Olivia has been replaced by a robot.

Is it Friday yet?
Keep watching LIVE!

“In the end I have to believe in HOPE”


Fringie6989 said...

Awesome stuff! I definitely think we need to try the baconberry frosting again...right after we make Parmesan ice cream. In the end, I have to believe in hope, right? Seriously though. Love this! Fringe is back with a vengeance!

cortexifan said...

Thanks Fringie6989.
Let's have chocolate chip banana pancakes first :)

Fringie6989 said...

OK I did promise you those first... ;)

Zepp said...

Look, cortexifan, I just have to thank you for affording us an excellent, thorough and detailed work, with respect to his observations about the episode 409. Really good content, and the peculiar way of presenting it, well illustrated with scenes from episodes of Fringe. Also see, that you establish some comparisons between the events related, as before, on the previous timeline, with those now in this new context or new reality of the universe of Fringe. All three seasons of the Fringe, initials, and this one, the 4th season, I see two worlds as related, not identical, however a result of the other. That is, everything that is happening now, one way or another, is, with some differences, a reflection of what already we have seen before. But these "some differences" is that really are quite different, especially on issues of emotional and behavioral characters. The Mr. Jones now, not yet fully acted like the old Mr. Jones, acted until his death at the hands of Peter, in the passage between the worlds, and that's a big difference. Nina before, was more covert, compared to this one, that Nina is a more active, much more present in the intrigues of Fringe.

Also we can say that of old Olivia, would never take an action in another universe, without proper authorization from Broyles, his immediate boss. The Olivia now, seems a little more independent of his boss. Until this new Broyles, did not give due importance to acts of insubordination Olivia, as an agent under his command and responsibility. And Peter, well, it connects us to these two realities of Fringe, it is our "point of support," to understand the course of the stories so far told. These your observations cortexifan, are relevant and timely for us too, we will form our opinions of a better way, in the range of our own observations on Fringe.

cortexifan said...

thank you, much appreciated.

emy26 said...

i've read a lot of theories in this blog from you, but i still haven't read what you think about the theory that says that basically this is the same universe, and the same people from all the previous seasons with the exception that they've all somehow forgotten peter. so what do you think about that?

Dave Thompson said...

Now that I think about it, alt-Broyles wasn't switched with a shapeshifter, Jones and Sharp must have kidnapped his son or something...

Matthew M said...

The important question is:
has anyone made chocolate chip banana pancakes?
They sound good on some days.

Briar said...

Now I am wondering...where is Sam Weiss?

Delayla69 said...

I might be wrong, but what if the blood sample is not September's but Olivia's? I mean she said she got suspicious when Peter mentioned she was able to cross between universes. This Olivia was convinced that her being treated with Cortexiphan stopped way earlier as it happened in reality?

Kevin the fringe fan said...

once again a top notch review,i love the way you make your poits with flashes of past good work

cortexifan said...

@Matthew M
look for a "taste report" about chocolate chip banana pancakes in the observiews for 4.11 Making Angels.

I had to think about this one for a few days and still don't know if I can give you a good answer. You could be right and I could be wrong but I think there are too many outside variables to consider. If Peter existed and they just forgot him, why is Walter afraid to leave the lab, Olivia's apartment looks totally different from before, the alt-universe doesn't remember him either. If no one remembers him, why would Elizabeth?
I'm still leaning towards that he is stuck in the machine and that the machine pulled him to a different future before he could finish his sentence at the end of 3.22 The Day We Died.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Sorry that I can't give you a better answer.

Anonymous said...

I feel very alone in the Fringedom because I believe he is in the right/normal/blue timeline. IE: this is our Olivia and Walter! But I can't get many people to agree with me. But I'm sticking with it.

@cortexifan I think you misunderstood emy26 question. Peter never existed, so of course, everyone's life is different, -the butterfly effect- especially Walter and Olivia. And the alt-universe wouldn't remember him b/c he never went over there... I appreciate everyone's theories, and that's what makes it fun, I do like you theory that he is still in the machine, that's clever :), but I would also like to hear everyone's reasoning for why this is a different timeline. Even Peter himself said in this ep. in response to Alt-Astrid's question if he was from another timeline "I think so", so I'll stick to my guns :)

Thank you for the awesome post and feedback!

milostanfield said...

@Delayla69 - "what if the blood sample is not September's but Olivia's?" Fascinating idea. I, and I think everyone else(?), assumed it was September's blood. Maybe she found a drop on the Orpheum floor after he disappeared. I hesitate to agree with your idea because when Olivia gave the sample to Astrid the questions Olivia asked were more about whose blood it is instead of what's in it, which made me think it was the Observer's. But if you are right that could just be Olivia not wanting to reveal it was her blood and throwing Astrid off a bit. This Olivia is not quite up to speed on what's going on as the Olivia from the original timeline. She's more like where Bolivia was in S02's "Over There" before her world was turned upside down with the reveal of the other universe with doppelgangers. But this Olivia is starting to get suspicious, so you could be on to something. I will definitely keep your idea in mind. Thanks!

@ Dana and emy26 - I kind of agree with your idea that this is the same blue universe as before (as well as the red). I think the S04 blue uni is the same PHYSICAL blue universe, with the same physical people, so yes that is the same Olivia and Walter that he loves. But, because the timeline was rewritten, the same physical people are different. I try to keep things straight by assuming that timelines contain universes. Timeline 1 contains the two universes (red and blue) of Seasons 1 through 3. Timeline 2 contains the same physical universes, but because different conditions were set and different human choices were made (that's what a timeline is: a set of conditions and choices) the two universes, and the people in them, really are different. Yeah, a paradox. One constant of this is that the red and blue unis are always "joined at the hip". But regardless of the B.S. physics behind it all, what we really have is four different stories with two slightly different sets of characters. So I try also to look at the different stories and notice what is different, and what is the same, about the characters in each story. No TV show will ever do anything this complex and this cool again, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

And I guess where I kind of don't agree (if I understand your idea correctly) is that I think each "story" is just as valid and really happening as the other, so the blue universe of Timeline 2 is not a trick, a chimera, or a Matrix like thing. It is, paradoxically, just as real as the Timeline 1 blue uni. Gasp! I need aspirin.

@ cortexifan, Matthew M, and Fringie6989 - imagine: Walter having his own cooking show on the Food Network. Yum!

cortexifan said...

if you say it's the same timeline than Peter would have existed.
I don't know it's "an infinite spiral" the theories never end :)

cortexifan said...

I would soo get cable for that and
watch that show :)

milostanfield said...

@ Cortexifan - "I'm still leaning towards that he is stuck in the machine" Whether he's still in the machine all the time or gets back in it, it will be interesting what he takes back with him from this adventure (and somehow, after 4.09, I think you're right: Peter WILL get back to that spot where he didn't finish that sentence). At the end of 4.09, in the meeting room, he says that he has seen Jones defeated before and that it will happen here as well. Having the knowledge of the other timeline is Peter's special power as much as cortexiphan is Olivia's. And when he goes back to the original timeline he will be in a similar situation. When we left the old timeline both universes were in a hell of a mess. They were both deteriorating and the two sets of characters were glaring and growling at each other. Peter will immediately be set with the same task: to unite the two factions so both worlds can heal. When Peter emerged into the new timeline he initially did the same thing he did in S01. In S01 he was still the rogue grifter not wanting to get involved. But he got involved and it changed his life. Again in S04 he chanted the mantra "It's not my fight. It's not my fight." But he got involved again. I think that will be his permanent character growth. It will always be his fight from now on and he will always be involved.

wetcat said...

Is it the Olivia in the far future that Peter was trying to prevent that has to die? What about another option- the Olivia in the blue universe timeline, which we are viewing currently, has to cease to exist... in order to create her better self. Remember the circular fold drawings of Olivia that were so important to Sam Weiss? Whether you think of it as a circular timeline, reincarnation, some kind of resurrection, or mirrored balance, my bets are on Olivia getting in the machine while Peter watches this time. Maybe the machine, in a timeline without Peter, was made for Olivia. Maybe that's what she's being prepared for with the injections. (Or, maybe by helping Peter in the machine, she knows she is rewriting her own history.) I think this season is going to end in the same way last season ended, but hopefully Peter gets to finish his sentence. It will beg for more closure, which I hope Fox allows with an additional season. This episode was fantastic, but they should have better plot plans than "it was all Peter's dream" or "it was all purgatory" (I still hate you, Lost) or "the game's made up and the points don't matter". What we're seeing now needs to matter. What we've seen for 3 seasons before needs to matter. But in Nina and DRJ's eyes, if the entire timeline is about to be reset by the machine or by some gift Olivia manifests, would it actually matter morally that people are killed in their present?

wetcat said...

^ I'm referencing the "crowbar" drawing of Olivia in The Last Sam Weiss. She has the power to bend things with her mind. Does that include time?

Millies Mind ~ Pamala Phillips said...

I simply LOVE all of your articles, but this really stands out!!! There was a lot to cover and I was amazed you didn't leave anything out:) Just wanted you to know how deeply your work in writing this, posting pictures, references to prior connecting episodes mean to us! a different time line or a different set of Universes was my favorite, deepest question you presented & gives us a lot to think about! It is nothing short of amazing how only Walter displays a similar persona in either this Universe / Time Line, we especially saw it when he walked a long distance to see Peter to tell him "YES", he would help Peter return to his loved ones!!! BTW, there will be a season 5, I just know it:):):) Keep up the excellent writing for us! YOU ARE AMAZING.

Zepp said...

By the way. I do not think going back to Peter. He, in one form or another, will have - and will - to adapt to this new reality that is. What was, I presume, will never ever again. The other Olivia, Walter, the Fringe team, the are other universes, other struggles, other loves (maybe not ...), but Peter, won, by his side, love and dedication to his mother, Elizabeth, that he never had. And this undoubtedly will count much for him.

Dennis said...

Zepp said... What was, I presume, will never ever again.

The writers have specifically stated that they have not erased the character history developed during the first three seasons of Fringe.


Zepp said...

@ Dennis
Maybe I expressed myself poorly. But I, too, I'm basing what the producers say in interviews. And, they have given to understand that what was (seasons 1,2 and 3) should not return. Hence, it is what I said, that Peter would not have, like going back to what once was. Of course all the characters now are based on what were before, but differently, with other personalities, loves and struggles. In view of this, and I assume that Peter is an inglorious journey, want to come in a context that existed in the past, but as has been deleted, which is now a nonentity, or never existed, and that "there is" only in memory of Peter, that's all, I think. When Jeff (interview in the link placed by you), says: ".. he (Peter) have to find your way back," I do not see him "coming back" for something similar to what was before, and yes, been adapting to this new context, I see. I could be wrong, but do not see how "there" again, with new scenes, exact consequences of what happened first in Fringe, before this 4th season, I do not.

Kgelinas said...

the car crash remind me of 2.01 when olivia come back and lost all memory of the other side.
it's hard to see if she's wearing the same clothes.

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