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FRINGE: A Sitdown with J.J. Abrams

      Email Post       1/19/2012 02:59:00 PM      

J.J. Abrams discusses his love for Fringe, what Fringe fans can do to help the show (watch live and tell your friends), and the possibility of Abrams directing an episode of Fringe.


Zepp said...

This video is a great opportunity to feel the JJ Abrams as a true fan of Fringe. He expressed how we all die-hard fans, it vibrates, gestures, remembers the scenes, and so on. It is a designer who really enjoys what he gave the first, and is watching, pleasantly, that his work now being performed and displayed. Point for the continuation of the series, I think.

Sophie said...

i am in malaysia, a HUGE fan, but what can i do ? i cant watch on FOX in the U.S!

my said...
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my said...

I'm huge fan of this show too and I feel quite desperate that since I don't live in the states, I can't watch it LIVE and I guess the only thing I can do is to support it by buying all the seasons in blue-ray and the collector's edition if there will ever be one.

Anonymous said...

I speak french and I'm not very good at English.

I don't catch what Abrams said at 49-50" : "And you think about what he says, what he does, what ..??.. What his history is ?"

S├ębastien, 24, huge fan of Fringe.

Dennis said...

Salsifi du Centaure,

He says: "And you think about what he says, what he does, what his habits are, what his history is"

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dennis !

geoffrobinson said...

If you have to watch on DVR, watch in the first 24 hours and don't skip commercials.

Anonymous said...

I love this show so much, I'm literally hooked! J.J. is gorgeous, I can't help adoring him :) Sorry for my being so emotional but that's just my reaction...
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