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Fringe Twitter and GetGlue Campaign for 410, "Forced Perspective"-Wake Up and ObserveItLive!

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(many thanks to Arturo Garcia for making the awesome video)

Happy Fringe Friday everyone!

Last Friday's Fringe Twitter and GetGlue campaign was quite successful(see post from 01/20/12).
Fringe trended at #1 on the site(more on GetGlue below).

Tonight, the Fringedom wants to try to get the hashmark #ObserveItLive to trend on Twitter starting at 7PM Eastern, that's 2 hours before the new episode airs, and then again at 7PM Pacific time.

Why? Because we know that ratings isn't just about Nielsen boxes anymore. TV networks and their contractors pay attention to which TV shows are 'socially-active' and our show Fringe is very socially-active
on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other venues.

Why continue this effort again? Last Friday's event catapaulted Fringe in multiple social media platforms, and we need to keep Fringe visible in these platforms in the weeks ahead.

Please consider joining in tonight at 7PM Eastern and 7PM Pacific to support your favorite show by signing into Twitter and using the #ObserveItLive hashmark.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, you can create an new account rather painlessly at

For more information on this week's special Fringe Twitter event click here.

You can also adopt a special icon for this event by clicking here.

Just a reminder. Please do not tweet with the #ObserveItLive hashmark until 7PM Eastern, to increase the likelihood of trending.

Let's invade Twitter tonight, and make our hashmark and our show trend!

***ButWait! There's more!***
Another social network platform that needs our attention tonight is

If you are not familiar with it is a very clever advertising site married to social networking.
GetGlue merges fans with their interests, and their interests' sponsors.

If you have a GetGlue account you can "check-in" to Fringe. The shows that get the most check-ins are highly visible to the networks and the show's sponsors.
Tonight, use the phrase "Pea Coat" when you check into Fringe via
Let's see if we can get that phrase to trend at #1!
Remember not to use the phrase "Pea Coat" until about 7PM Eastern and Pacific, in an effort to increase the chance of it trending.

You can also look up Fringe's sponsors on GetGlue, check-in to them, ie. Nissan Leaf, Sprint, etc., and thank them for supporting Fringe. Think it doesn't make a difference? Guess again.
Let’s make it a combined effort to not only check-in to the show, but to also check-in to the show’s advertisers and comment, “Thank You for your support of Fringe! @FringeOnFox”

If you don’t have a Getglue account, get one! You can post your check-ins to Twitter or Facebook.

The more activity, the better, as this may also get other Fringies involved in the GetGlue check-ins.
 GetGlue also has convenient mobile phone aps for iphone, Android, and Blackberry.

So please, enjoy the new episode tonight, and support high visibility of your show by tweeting on Twitter with the special hashmark, and checking into Fringe at and thanking at least 1 of tonight's many sponsors. Your efforts will not go unrewarded, and may help increase our chances of getting a Season 5.


Reinbeast said...

The only time I haven't watched live was some of season 2. But I might not be here tonight and that makes me sad. I would certainly have done this last week.

bryan said...

oh man..i always got work and it sucks...i want to watch live

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