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Calling All #Fringe Fans Far & Wide

      Email Post       1/10/2012 02:37:00 PM      

This is a repost of a mega-tweet from Fringe editor Ari Margolis (@jonxproductions):
You guys are the most passionate, dedicated, inventive & creative fans out there. If anyone doubts that just watch this.  But I am calling on you to bring it even harder these next seven days. In one week #Fringe returns with all-new episodes! And not just all-new episodes...but kick ass all-new episodes! So, let’s spread the word and come back with a vengeance! Now is the time! This show is too good for people to be missing out on it. And if you’ve fallen behind on #Fringe, don’t worry about it. You can get caught up on the season so far in less than five minutes courtesy of Mr. John Noble.

Or if you want to recap the entire series, you can do that in under an hour with this handy dandy little Fringe: Past + Present + Future playlist [posted above]. And please share this with your friends. It works.

My all-time favorite show is #Lost but I actually didn’t watch it the first season. I got caught up watching their recap special and after that I was off to the races. So spread the word. It’s never too late to start watching. And watching live!

Even if you usually DVR #Fringe and watch it a day or two later, watch it live next week! Let’s get #FringeWatchItLive trending! Now is the time to make the push. And in return you will get some truly amazing television.

Having read or watched up through episode 415 I can assure you that #Fringe is returning with a run of mind-blowing, jaw dropping, heartbreaking & soul lifting episodes that you do not want to miss! Some truly epic TV!

And ICYMI, here’s a tease of the next two episodes. Re-Tweet this. Rally the troops. Spread the word. In one week… #Fringe returns! 9/8c. Fox. Be Vigilant!


Feisty Crone said...

I'm in, watching live and dvr'ing.

Zepp said...

This promo of Fringe, the Margolis, is very opportune and excellent quality as usual. It is a mini retrospective, directed to possible viewers who still do not know the plots of Fringe, but want to watch it. It's a promo, nicely designed, produced and edited, composed of several scenes in cascades, other seasons, led by the powerful and distinctive voice of John Noble, giving all the atmosphere of Fringe, which both are accustomed to seeing. Quality promo: 10, Fringe is 10!

Matthew M said...

Very good recap of seasons 1, 2, 3.
One thing really annoys me is that their are short scenes uses in previews and flashbacks and this recap that we never actually saw in context. I first noticed them after Olivia crossed over the first time to meet William Bell. Really wish we could see them all in context.

aydee said...

Great recep of the past seasons. I love this show and hope it doesn't get cancelled. I will NOT be happy :(

Jennifer (obsessed Josh Jackson fan) said...

OMG!! PURE BRILLIANCE!! Thank you soooo much! Now I can show people without having to try & explain this awesome show.

Zepp said...

Yes, Jennifer is right. Now, with this promo, we can spread Fringe and present, for those who have not seen or known. Show to my friends, known people, my cousins​​, uncles, grandparents ... I personally will keep this promo in my personal pen drive, and always carry with me.

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