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Jan 6, 2012
11:53 AM ET
by Sandra Gonzalez


Who says Fringe is fading? If your questions are any indication, intrigue about this mind-bending series is at an all-time high. And while I couldn’t get to all the great questions you sent in for Fringe EPs Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman, here’s a glimpse at what they had to say!

When will we know more about whether Fringe will have another season? – Princess D

Official word won’t come for a while. (Series get officially renewed and axed in May at Network Upfronts, but early word has trickled down prior to that event.) And while Wyman said they had been given “an objective, ratings-wise,” which the show has met, “you never know with these things.” “The truth is, we just tell the story we want,” he says. “Also, we’re huge fans of television and have invested many hours in shows — you’ve either been let down or loved the ending … We have a couple of ideas on how, if the worst thing ever happens, we would be able to leave the fans in a way we’d feel comfortable and something, as fans of TV, we’d appreciate.”

We’ve seen this new timeline where both Peters died as children. Could we ever glimpse another timeline where they both survived and grew up? I’d love to see Josh given the chance to play an alternate. — Larissa

Sorry, but you likely won’t get that chance. But there’s a good reason, explains Pinkner. “We can definitively say no. Peter is our point-of-view character in so far is that he is aware that there was another time line that existed before he was pulled out of it. And now he’s planted into a history where he died. But there is not another Peter out there somewhere.” Wyman adds: “It comes back to choices. We have an embarrassment of riches because we have so many choices we could investigate. Right now, the one where Peter didn’t exist is sort of best for us to contrast what we all know.”

Read the entire Entertainment Weekly article here.


Xindilini said...

It's not hard to follow the writers' flow. Their story beat board must be like Walter's choices diagram, with branches in the future and branches in the past. And in the end the outcome will be the same.

I am still hoping to see an end, where Peter survive in the red universe which becomes the universe he will know Olivia.

Anonymous said...

I will go on record. Fringe will get a Season 5 and 6, as they originally planned. Everyone whines about the weak US market... but WB and FOX both make a ton of coinage in the international markets and on DVD. Failure to draw top ratings moulah in the US does not equal cancellation. As long as they make a profit (Step 1 - underpants. Step 3 - profit) nobody is going to cancel the show based on a lack of Step 2 (Step 2 - robust US ratings). That means at least 59 more episodes before the final wrap... then we may see a movie or two, to boot. Stay positive. Watch live. Buy the DVD's. Get your malingering friends to watch too.

-- DocH

Anonymous said...

In other words, peter will be given nothing to do, josh will keep being ignored by the writers, by the fans and by the audience. Congrats john and anna, you are the best actors on the show while josh is the worst.

Shawn Mahone said...

Someone asked if chuck had a chance of a last minute reprieve at today's NBC press event...Bob Greenblatt said as directly as possible Chuck is over because all they are pulling is a 1.0.

Fringe is pulling a 1.1 on a much, much, much stronger network...Fringe is over!

Sorry to be the one to ruin your new year DocH

cortexifan said...

"In the end I have to believe in hope"

Zepp said...

I think all of this with reference to the ratings, Fringe, are summed up in what is really the final quality of these numbers. If we look at the proper number, and the excellent quality of the companies that advertise in the presentations of Fringe, we note that they are advertising or presenting your products to those who can, hypothetically, get them. In other words, it appears that the public watching Fringe, it has a - or should have - a buying power than most of the general context of the amount of viewers. In other words, I suppose, that the ratings for Fringe are low in total number, but are high in quality and significance of these numbers, due to be public, more power to consume, or more buying power. Because of this, is that I also think that Fringe will not only until the 5th season, but will by the end of the 6th at least.

trent said...

The answers to the second and third questions are hilarious!

tweener said...

Good old Wyman and Pinker…same old arbitury lame answers.
The fans are asking for more answers about Peter and they side step the questions. Basically why give olivia a 8 episode arc and Peter half an episode to come to the same conclusion….this is not my universe.
These two are disdainful of the fans.
I hope the WB release the people who play the observes and Josh Jackson because this season is an insult to fans who have been here from the beginning.

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