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Twitter Event To Promote Fringe’s Return on 01/13/12

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Twitter Event To Promote Fringe's return on 01/13/12

Calling all Fringe fans with Twitter accounts!

The Fringedom wants to try to get the hashmark #CrossTheLine to trend tonight starting at 7PM Eastern,
that's 2 hours before the new episode airs.

Why? Because we know that ratings isn't just about Nielsen boxes anymore. TV networks and their contractors pay attention to which TV shows are 'socially-active' and our show Fringe is very socially-active
on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other venues.

Please consider joining in tonight at 7PM Eastern and 7PM Pacific to support your favorite show by signing
into Twitter and using the #CrossTheLine hashmark.
You can kill two birds with one stone after the east coast airing and fire your questions with the #CrossTheLine hashmark to episode writer, David Fury(@DFury), which will make the tally go even higher. David told us he will start live tweeting at 10PM Eastern(See that post).

If you are not familiar with Twitter, you can create an new account rather painlessly at

For more information on this special Fringe Twitter event click here

You can also adopt a special icon for this event by clicking here.

Just a reminder. Please do not tweet with the #CrossTheLine hashmark until 7PM Eastern, to increase the likelihood of trending.

Let's invade Twitter tonight, and make our hashmark and our show trend!


Unknown said...

This is great! The Fringe community is going to be online in force tonight. We even have Kirk Acevedo's wife, Kiersten Warren and guest star shapeshifter, Michelle Krusiec, planning to help. Join us, make some noise, and above all, let's celebrate quality in television.

Feisty Crone said...

I'm in! Can't wait.

callyreeve said...

we did it #crosstheline was trending on twitter!!!

Unknown said...

Big thanks to everyone! Not only did #CrossTheLine trend #3 worldwide, #Fringe even made it to the US trends. #CrossTheLine made #1 in Brazil and Spain. Trended in Chile, Germany, France and.... Vancouver, Canada!

Not only that, but our GetGlue "thinking about the advertisers" campaign had the Fringe sponsor, Nissan Leaf, trending there as well!

Fringe had over 13,000 check-ins on Get-Glue last night, dominating the competition.

So, it's true when Ari Margolis tweeted: "Props to all of #Fringe-dom who were getting their social media on this evening with a vengeance! #CrossTheLine"

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