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"LEGO Friends" of Fringe?

      Email Post       1/19/2012 11:39:00 AM      

Are designers at LEGO secret fans of Fringe? Check out this LEGO Friends set called "Olivia's House".

It features the mini-doll figures Olivia, Peter, and Anna (Torv?), and some elements that mimic the Fringe glyphs - Butterflies, Leafs, Flowers, and even an Apple. Plus, there is a hot air balloon (i.e. zeppelin) in the background.

Maybe this is that LEGO alternate universe!


cortexifan said...

cute :)

fringeobsessed said...

That's so fun, but they should have made the one woman a blonde and the other a redhead, then we'd know for sure they were Fringe fans.

Terrormaster said...

Must be the purple universe.

JuliDG said...

OMG! And peter lives with both Olivias? hahahahha So cute and funny :)

Christoph said...

"peter lives with both olivias"....could LEGO have planted a spoiler =P

Dennis said...

This is "Fringe", not "Big Love".

LaytonsApprentice2 said...

It's just a Lego set for girls, no fringe no reference to characters. The author is fringed and so he always thinks of Fringe when he's seeing people named Peter, Olivia or Walter xD Also a butterfly is a normal insect, not more :D

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