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"There's Always Hope, Right?": Season 5 Discussions Underway, J.J. Abrams 'Hopeful' Show Will Be Back

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by Michael Ausiello

When Fox president Kevin Reilly told journalists earlier this month that he’s essentially losing money on Fringe, he wasn’t just putting the show’s rabid fans on notice that a fifth season is far from a slam dunk, he was sending the following message to Warner Bros. Television: The ball’s in your court.

Basically, in order for Fox to justify renewing the low-rated cult fave, Warner Bros. would have to agree to drastically reduce the show’s license fee (i.e. the amount the studio charges the network for each episode).

But what’s that magic number? Sources confirm that both sides are currently trying to hash that out. “We remain hopeful that Fringe will be able to continue,” co-creator J.J. Abrams tells TVLine.

Warner Bros. no doubt remains even more hopeful. A fifth season would put Fringe at or very close to 100 episodes, a milestone that would enhance the show’s syndication prospects. (A studio rep declined to comment.)

The clock is ticking, but not as quickly as one might think. If this does turn out to be Fringe‘s final season, it wouldn’t actually impact producers’ Season 4 end game.

“Worst case scenario, if this were the last aired season of Fringe… we know what the end of this season is going to be,” EP Jeff Pinkner recently told TVLine, ”and it can function as a series finale.”


Zepp said...

I think that everything revolves around speculation, short sentences, provided by some of the main boss of Fringe. A top executive of Fox, says he can not lose money on the show, and puts it on a day when the audience is notoriously low, and this generates a contradiction, at least. FOX, figuratively speaking, pushes deliberately Fringe into a pool full of water, and then this same FOX complains that the Fringe is all wet! Come on, I can not understand some questions of audience, market mechanics, but one thing I understand quite well that if I am a seller, I will try the best day to sell my product. If I put my product, having a bad day business, I certainly will be losing money, and it's my fault, not my product, it is cabal. Although it packs all this stir, between adjustments and readjustments, I think Fringe, move on. As the news, I see possibilities of establishing a settlement between Fox and Warner, and I hope that from this we have a 5th season of Fringe

cortexifan said...

"In the end I have to believe in HOPE" across all universes and time lines.
I know I say it a lot but... HOPE dies last, right?!

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