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Fringe Episode 4.10 Review - Forced Perspective - Deconstructed

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Nina is going to fix Olive.
This episode was definitely low-key, as the focus was shifted to Olivia facing her fate, in the aftermath of the bald man's warning of her impending demise.

What it did was to give her another new layer. She is within character as she tries to hide her pain (migraines) and concerns from all the people who care about her. We have Olivia taking control of her destiny. Despite knowing that the observer experienced the future where she has to die, she may not die at all. She may even save herself. That's why this is science fiction. Besides if William Bell can cheat death once...
Nothing is written in stone.
We don't have to die today.
Emily Mallum has a precognitive ability that allows her to predict death. She uses her natural gift to warn people, even if she had not been able to prevent the inevitable from happening. The closest analogy to the previous season is The Ghost Network. No matter what the science was used to explain how she can see the future, like Roy McComb, she was a receiver for such echoes in time.

Not all of the gadgets and references, from the past, worked for me, even after the second time I watched it. It was just not necessary. The plot hole here was with Albert Duncan. If his anger was directed only at the judge, then having the larger yield explosive was overkill.

Random Thoughts...

Do you recognize the throw pillows in the above image? They once belonged in the alternate universe Dunham apartment.

Nina Sharp was going to cook with her gloves on. I like to see her handle the ingredients like that.

Not only does Phillip Broyles know everything. He tells Nina everything he knows. Are those two still intimate?

A mention of first people was not used in the same context.

lake house also represented happier times.

Emily's last drawing in the park, had Olivia looking on like an observer. The scene is somewhat different than the previous images as the subjects depicted did not all die.

An observer standing outside Olivia's apartment at a key moment in time. Any guesses what that maybe? I think Nina is going to enhance her.

Massive Dynamic is the likely 'we' Broyles said who was tracking for the strange bald me. Doesn't seem like something the FBI would commit their resources to without just cause. And it wouldn't be just for the last three years, with the numerous sightings.

Peter has already arrived at the conclusion that it will not work for him. Don't have enough facts to even wonder about this.


jophan said...

"Peter has already arrived at the conclusion that it will not work for him." Do you mean the machine activating? Presumably he took a look at it when he used the bridge to come back to this side, and it didn't wake up. So he asks Walter to rebuild the DNA interface.

I'm a little surprised that Broyles knew about the Observers and Olivia did not. In the Blueverse, Broyles (or others he worked with) gave them that name; Olivia spotted them within three weeks of her first assignment.

I did wonder if the lake could have been Reiden. Some exposure to a residue of Walter-experiment would have been a better explanation than the bit of hand-waving we got. But then, he would have been basically responsible for her death.

Blue said...

I wasn't bothered by Albert Duncan's "overkill" explosives. Decisions that are driven by emotion aren't always logical or reasonable.

Zepp said...

I found this, a very typical episode of Fringe, in the line stand-alone. And what struck me was the quality of special effects, which were very good. Following the reasoning of Xindilini, I also put some of my thoughts:

- The relationship between Peter and Walter, it seems that improved significantly. Are almost similar, as they were before;

- The conversation between Olivia and Broyles in this room, with pictures of the observers was almost equal to the first season. And so the first season, and this, Olivia recognizes observers, reports of their presence for the Broyles. Will we have a repetition of the previous timeline, during this season?

- Peter, when questioned by Olivia, if observers were wrong in their predictions, he said no. But. Peter is the proof as they (the observers), err, sometimes in their predictions, I did not understand, because Peter said that, for Olivia;

- In the final scene, when she appeared on the street and back, an observer, it seemed that the "August" (who died in the I remember correctly).

- I do not know if I would take a soup made by Nina ... The Olivia does not even know that their "protective" besides being the cause of your migraine, it is also, simply, in partnership with Mr. Jones!

claramj said...

First the man wanting to kill allot of people and the judge along with himself is not any over kill it happens all the time in real life, a guy just wanting kill himself will go into a Burger King and kill as many people as he can before killing himself, so no big deal there.

Further more I happened to have enjoyed a focus on this Olivia sense they had been focusing first on over here Lincoln letting us get to know him, even though she was also basically a new Olivia too,even though they did give us some tidbits about her there wasn't that much and apparently she is pretty different from our Olivia, then they got Peter back and they started to focus on him more,and I for one have been waiting for them to start giving us more info on this new Olivia other then the fact that she is apparently not as powerful as our Olivia even though she was also experimented on and even knew it unlike ours,she really doesn't seem as good at anything as the other Olivia was she's not as sharp as she is,I think the only thing I like about her over the other would be that she isn't as sad, but of course now that she's been told she is going to die she seems just as sad,lol.

In any case I think it was a great episode myself but then I have liked all of this seasons shows and they seem to get better and better each week its a pity it will probably get cancel after this season, I wish they would let it run one more season so it can have a proper ending instead of a hurried one, I would be happy with that and I know most other of the other fans would be to.

Cant wait till next weeks amazing episode!

Anonymous said...

I generally don't like Currie Graham (Emily's dad) because he tends to take evil roles. He was marvelous in "Men In Trees" and a few other characters. But he was the star in this ep. He should earn an award for his role here... above and beyond.

That said - I think Season 4 will end with Peter flashing forward to 2026 - just in time to save Olivia from a bullet to the head. THAT will be the start of the desired timeline that the Observers have been shooting for. The rest of FRINGE (Season 5 & 6) will revolve around "future" universe. They won't have an alt-universe in 2026, but Pete and Olive will have the child they were intended to have. They will have to re-introduce Lincoln in the futrue timeline... plus we will ultimately see how they sent the Vacuum Device back millions of years into the past. (I suspect that they will have a cross-over episode with Terra Nova too)

Fringe may not finish in FOX, but it will have life on CW until the story is completely told.

Anonymous said...

Ok... I've decided to finally take the time to create a gmail account [I will never use] just to be able to comment on this page (which I still don't understand why you can't but can in the spoiler page but whatever) and share a theory about this season's plot because it may be their last and why not.

In the season finale of S3, Olivia dies and Peter's consciousness goes back to his or a timeline not only to prevent the destruction of the other universe, but to change Olivia's future and save her life. I'm starting to believe that this is still and has been the case for the plot of S4.

I've been stuck on that moment when September had the chance to erase Peter completely but he didn't. I think that Sep. has grown to "love" Olivia (the way August grew to love that one girl) and experienced the futures where she dies and therefore wants Peter to save her. Why else would he not erase him and go through the trouble of telling Olivia she dies if he didn't care? Lots of people died (let's not forget Charlie who I guess wasn't casted this season poor thing).

With that said, Peter (somewhere on this site) presented three theories of his own regarding the timeline. I believe that his theory about this being his "real" timeline is correct. I think that there are also subtle hints about this timeline becoming exactly like the other timeline where he is almost back to having the same relationships with the people he loves. (ie Walter and much to my desire.. probably Olivia will soon see him as the right man for her and fall in love with him ) I just can't see him going back at least not in the physical sense. I think relationship-wise, he will go back to his original timeline and that'll be the end!

Andrew said...

I was very satisfied with this episode, I think that if they continue down this road that Fringe just may live to see season 5.. Fingers crossed!!

Cazza said...

I thought an interesting stand alone fringe episode as mentioned in the above comments. It was a slower paced episode but I think it needed to be revealing some interesting bits of info. Also it is amazing people complain if the episodes are all about the alternative universe and want stand alone fringe episodes but when it happens they complain can't please everyone. I also felt like I was rewatching season 1 where Broyles tells Olivia about the observers. I loved watching Peter and Walter work together. Can't wait to see how the episodes unfold especially Nina's involvement. Will Olivia's sister Rachael and Ella appear in this timeline? Also someone mentioned Charlie the actor is now in a tv series called prime suspect but I maybe he can come back for the occasional episode as I loved his character

Anonymous said...

It needs to be asked folks, do the writers hate the characters but Olivia? It's like they want people to "betray" Miss perfect just so people can love Olivia more. First it was walter who "betrayed" her by experimenting on her when she was a kid, then it was Peter who "betrayed" her by not noticing the differences between her and fauxlivia and now NINA who is secretly conducting cortexiphan injections behind her back.

Now honestly, I am all up for seeing a lead overcome bad situations but come on! Why must they make everyone on this show "betray" Olivia?

One things for sure, I won't be watching "marionette" part two (I can imagine olivia yelling at Nina the same way she yelled at Peter), or even "Safe/Bound" part two (some bad guys captures Olivia and start their tests on her) and seeing people now hate on Nina, the same way people hated on Walter and Peter. i also WILL NOT watch if they make Olivia "Superwoman with lots of powers" no thanks. It's bad enough Peter's storyline was dropped and people stopped caring about what PETER is going through all because of Olivia. I hate Olivia.

No thanks.

fringeobsessed said...

"...she may not die at all. She may even save herself."

Possibly, but I still think Peter Bishop will play heavily in her fate towards the end of the series.
The parallels between Dr. Peck/Arlette in "White Tulip" and Peter/Olivia are huge.
Poor Dr. Peck made it back to that moment(thanks to our Walter's mathematical corrections)but was unable to save the girl(maybe it was because he didn't take the keys?).
Peter made the conscious choice to go back in time and try to save his girl. Unlike Dr. Peck, Peter's an alt so that's an advantage, and he has several forms of Walter to help him. Will he succeed?

Xindilini said...


I too think Peter is there for a reason. Perhaps it is to save Olivia.


The timeline was rewritten, but the observers make no distinction that the universe is any different. That tells me that Peter is home already and these are the worlds he is meant to save.


You are like me. Already looking at how Fringe will end. I keep seeing how Peter will meet Olivia in world does not need saving.

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