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Ten Actresses To Watch in 2012

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Our picks for the actresses who will take next year by storm.
By Sax Carr
December 31, 2011

 Jasika Nicole has very little to complain about as a cast member of the show "Fringe." However she may be getting lost in the sea of John Nobel, Anna Torv, and Joshua Jackson (he’s dreamy). Still, over the course of four seasons Nicole has only gotten better. And the writers of "Fringe" have noticed, pushing her to the forefront more and more as things progress. Her portrayal of both Astrid and red universe Astrid (who has at least some form of Autism) deserve more than subtle praise. It may have to wait until she moves on from "Fringe" (let that never happen), but Nicole will be everywhere in 2012.

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trent said...

Jasika is such a delightful actress! I hope she lands an important role, after Fringe comes to an end. I plan to check out her next show, hopefully it will be good enough and do her talent justice.

fringeobsessed said...

Agreed, trent.

Zepp said...

Jasika is great staged "our" Astrid. No doubt it is a very charismatic actress, as a great talent. Not sure, but it seems that this 4th season of Fringe, there will be an episode focusing specifically to Astrid, which would be great. If this is confirmed, will be a great opportunity to watch the Jasika Nicole, in all its fullness, as a great actress, that is.

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