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Fringe Poll: What do you think will happen with Fringe?

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In the last post, we discussed the possibility of Fringe coming back for a fifth season. What do you think will happen?

What do you think will happen with Fringe?


Xindilini said...

Season 4 will be the last.

The reasons are economic.

The cast and crew is unionized. They won't cost any less to hire. If they go in for another season, they are bound by inflationary practices to get a wage increase.

I don't expect the producers and writers will take anything less.

Dennis said...

They shoot the show in Vancouver, Canada. Do they use union workers there?

Shawn Mahone said...

If the show cuts it's cast, the cast that remain agree to forgo bonuses and pay increases, they stop stuff like craft services, reduce location shooting, less music, guest stars, cut the number if hair, makeup, stunt team members, special affects, stunts, etc......they could do more episodes.

But the show would end up like Chuck where everything is poor green screen. Also things can get so bad that someone leaked that on Chuck someone (i definately think it is Zachary Levi) pays for the cast and crew to eat....he pays like a lot for this out of his own pocket.

So whatever happens it is a big decision.

Troy said...

Fringe can't shut up shop.

Especially since Steve Ballmer from Microsoft announced Fox will be on XBox360 by demand and made mention of Fringe, Simpsons, Family Guy and other Fox shows being available to watch through Xbox soon.

This is bigger than standard 'ratings' and how people watch shows. Fringe is big, it is loved and it should continue to play out its many arcs. There's a load of stories to be told in Fringe.

Long Live Fringe! (please)
(waiting for Fringe S4 to come to DVD)

Xindilini said...

Film crews are unionized in Canada IATSE. ACTRA is the actor union. The writers union WGC. I remember having to participate in a vote to have the animation industry unionized. This stems from the fact that worldwide all the major facets of film and television are.

Texas Fringe Files said...

I certainly hope that Fringe has more then 5 Seasons! This is a fantastic show with intriguing story-lines, amazing characters, and an ever evolving plot to keep one engaged and guessing! Love it! I agree with TroyZone, this show is much bigger then "ratings" because we found it on Hulu (via a recommendation from a friend) watched one episode at the end of Season 3 and went out and bought all the DVDs and are going to pre-order Season 4 on BlueRay. So...just because I cannot tune in when Fringe airs doesn't mean we aren't committed to this great show. Please keep Fringe going!

Zepp said...

Since we are in the area of ​​speculation, that is:

1 - Fringe, in my view, does not end at the end of 4th season;

2 - If Fringe on Fox continues, at worst, should have a 5th season with 13 episodes (without much budget cutting), or 22 episodes, with many cuts in the budgets;

3 - If you go to another network, now, after the end of this 4th season will continue with his story line intact until the 6th season (or 7th, ...) but with significant cuts in its original budget;

4 - I personally think that Fringe will continue, on FOX, to the 6th season, with budget cuts, but displayed the other day, and not on a Friday. That's what I suppose, all this discussion.

Luan said...

Fringe is a great science fiction series. I personally hope that they won’t stop at season 4 and hopefully that they will continue to work on Fringe. My opinion is not matter, but I think if Fox has a chance to works on Fringe, please continue. Because each episode has their interesting points and catches the audience’s attention.
Hopefully that Fox will continue to works on Fringe until they have a perfect ending for Peter, Olivia and Walter.
Please excuse for my English mistake: D

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