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Anna Torv Interview - Italy's Fantasy & Horror Awards

      Email Post       1/05/2012 09:55:00 AM      

Last summer Anna Torv was in Italy for their annual Fantasy and Horror Awards celebration.

Snippets of that interview surfaced on the web at the time but here is a longer uncut version from the festival posted by Sara Manacelli.

backstage Anna Torv Italy from Sara Monacelli on Vimeo.

Its a bit dated and somewhat raw. What is great about the rawness of the footage is to see how gracious Anna Torv was during, and especially in between, the interview segments.

Thanks for the footage Sara! 


cortexifan said...

That was awesome, she's so gentle and patient. Just got to love her :)
One more week!!!!!!!

Annabigfan said...

she is so awesome !!!

Anonymous said...

I don't love her, in fact, I can't stand her.

Zepp said...

Thanks for the post, Old Darth. Anna Torv, the interviews I have seen, has always seemed very calm, elegant and knowledgeable of the plots of Fringe, and, above all, always putting their own personal opinion about all this, communicating with a lot of positivity and professionalism. It gives a great pleasure and satisfaction in both watch it in action, an excellent actress who is in the universes of Fringe, and in his solo performances, as a person, in interviews or events in which she participates.

Herbert said...

She's simply perfect. So beautiful, funny and sweet. and a great actress.

David said...

She's absolutely amazing just brilliant at what she does, what more is there to say?

Fringa said...

She doesn't seem anything like her characters. Just goes to show how good an actor she is.

Anonymous said...

Fringa, that's why they're called ACTORS, what the heck makes Anna torv so darn special?

Anonymous said...

I want to marry her soooooooo badly!!!! I have never been so in love! Every one has already nailed it, amazing, brilliant, beautiful, funny, sweet and an AMAZING actress!

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

Anna my love Torv!, How lucky is Sara Monacelli?

She's such a lady with everyone in a very natural way. Is great that we got her on Fringe!

Thanks Old Darth

bryan said...

again and again and again

Fringa said...

ladyclapclap, thank-you, without realising you just reafirmed my point. ANNA seems like such a sweetheart and her mannerisms, the way she talks and conducts herself is NOTHING like Olivia. Therefore, her ACTING is awesome. SHE is awesome.

Herbert said...

She is such an amazing woman and she's drop dead gorgeous if I ever met her I'd probably be dumbstruck. Imagine coming home to see her beautiful face everyday. Bliss

Walmir said...

omg!! i love this woman!!

Angela said...

anna is such a sweetheart!!!! how can anyone say they can't stand her? is it her acting or you don't like her as a person? all i do when i watch her in interviews is i just giggle and laugh because she is so sweet and so nice and patient. I wish i could met her, that is my goal for 2012 :) the end of the interview was the best haha!

val said...

i adore her she is adorable and have a beauty and grace that is rarely seen all days She is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Anna Torv seems like a nice person.

BUT she is not a good actress, her mouth is eternally hanging open. Even when she talks all you see is teeth...looks like she's doing a voice over.
SHUT IT TORV. I guess some of her acting, her characters are supposed to be annoying, so that's acceptable.

Why did I write on this blog? I LOVE fringe... Can't stand torv

Anonymous said...

AGREED...such a bad actress. Omg

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