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John Noble Wins Best Dramatic Actor in's 'Best of 2011'

      Email Post       1/04/2012 08:13:00 AM      

A big congratulatory shout-out to John Noble today, for winning the 'Best Dramatic Actor' category in's recent 'Best Of 2011' contest.

We here know how oustanding John Noble's performances have been since the show aired 4 seasons ago, and it's always lovely when the voters notice also.

Congratulations, John!

See who John Noble beat in his category by clicking here.


Reinbeast said...

Glad somebody finally noticed, but will the Emmys ever? Just like the Oscars, I'm really starting to not give a crap about what they think.

cortexifan said...

Congratulations, John. it is about time. It would be great for the Fringe cast to be recognized more, especially the Emmy's and Golden Globes but I'm to the point where great actors and actresses who are being snubbed by those awards, are too good for them.

Can't wait for next Friday!
Fringe Rocks! Watch Live!

bryan said...

if only the vast majority of north AMERICANS were smart then fringe would be recognized as the best show on more excited about the return of fringe than my birthday

Zepp said...

Dear John Noble, your undeniable artistic quality, scenic, which makes us move our feelings more expensive, is now, deservedly, award-winning, placed on the highest recognition from critics of the media, and our, their unconditional fans. Congratulations to you, John!

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

Indeed you are Noble! Best of the best of the best...

And Fringe and Anna Torv got 2nd time for sure!

Johnpaul said...

who are being snubbed by those awards, are too good for them.tourist destinations

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