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Fringe Makes Tv Addict's Top 10 Shows List for 2011

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December 29, 2011
by Tiffany Vogt


Another television series that pushed boundaries and expectations this past year was FRINGE. Regularly underestimated, FRINGE continues to provide astoundingly well-conceived and brilliantly portrayed stories that also challenge our perceptions about the world around us. The dual-universe stories and the mirroring of its characters in two different worlds is enthralling. It also challenges us to rethink what we think we know about the characters introduced in the first season and how they have evolved. Most shows are content to create their characters fully-formed early on, but in FRINGE’s case, with each episode, the core characters changed with a chameleon-like grace and astound us all over again — even now that the series is in its fourth season. Credit goes the writers who created them and the stars Anna Torv, John Noble, Josh Jackson, Jasika Nicole and newcomer Seth Gabel for their stunning ability to seamlessly transition between their multi-faceted and increasingly fascinating characters. It has never been more fun to watch the kaleidoscope spin and see where everyone lands up next and who he or she may be next. Science fiction is an enigma in and of itself, yet FRINGE makes it look effortless and exciting.

Read the entire TvAddict Top 10 List here.


Old Darth said...

Good write up except for the last line:

'Science fiction is an enigma in and of itself, yet FRINGE makes it look effortless and exciting.'

SF is no different than any other genre. It just takes more work.

Zepp said...

I agree with every point that you wrote, fringeobsessed. Something a little unknown to the general public, like a pseudo copy of The X Files, Fringe is currently recognized as a TV show, with a strong own personality, is a "cult" in the world and who often are receiving dignified expressions and show indications of being one of the best among the best. And, as mentioned, this is due to a certain audacity of the writers / producers of Fringe, its showrunners, and of course the magnificent and distinctive work of the cast of actors. These indications Fringe, are becoming a constant in the "life" Fringe, to the rejoicing of us unconditional fans of this wonderful show.

cortexifan said...

Is it January 13th yet!
I'm stoked and glad Fringe is recognized on or in almost every top - something list :)
Can't wait to find out what else they have in store for us and where it all leads. And I'm sure that "sometimes answers lead to more questions".
Spread the word to watch live!!

Zepp said...

Only a qualified or a repair. The text above is Tiffany Vogt (TV Addict), which I really liked it from the perspective placed. Anyway, thanks for your post, fringeobsessed.

JM said...

why are lance reddick and blair brown left of the list of stars...

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

That's great for Fringe!...Shame on me for not noticing they missed the wonderful Blair and Lance.

Here's a link to yet another one in which Fringe made #3

fringeobsessed said...

So sorry to disappoint you, but I did not write this! The credit goes to Tiffany Vogt at, and I will go back and fix that omission. Thanks for enlightening me.

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