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Fringe Trailer isn't what it seems

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Fringe Trailer isn’t what it seems

Posted on January 4, 2012 - 16:39 by CB Droege

Fox has released a new Fringe trailer for the upcoming second half of season 4.

The trailer is in the form of rapid-fire clips from the season, some we’ve seen before, and some we haven’t. It looks like we’re going to be experiencing a lot more of the other universe going forward, which is fine, because this was something sorely lacking in the first half of the season. IMHO, I think it’s time we caught up with Walternate and Fauxlivia.

Interestingly enough, Fox is at least attempting to give the impression that the pace will pick up in the new episodes.

The season so far has been a bit slow, mostly focusing on Olivia and Lincoln, with a lot of character development for everyone. It feels like the beginning of a new show, full of the need to expose the audience slowly to the characters and places. They’re not explaining the basic premises, but it’s clear the writers feel we need a strong introduction to this new world - which leaves me to believe we’ll inevitably be stuck here. This is Peter’s new reality, and he will never get back ‘home’.

Read the entire TG Daily article here.


Matthew M said...

Agreed. Although I enjoyed all the episodes so far, they need to really pick up the action and get the story moving in some direction other than stagnant! I just hope they don't blow it. I'm good for 1 more season if done correctly.
My biggest complaint is that dangling story lines will never be resolved and the most annoying one is "THE FIRST PEOPLE". It could still be redeemed but I never bought that Walter made up the the whole thing, sent the machine back in time and buried it all over the country, wrote the book and put it in several languages. That misdirection was just stupid and made absolutely no sense!

Anonymous said...

"it feels like the beginning of a new show..."

that could be, oh i don't know, because it is a new show? so save your criticisms and go back and view season 4 with fresh eyes, forgetting everything you knew before. look at what Fringe did. it made you a new viewer(again). amazing isn't it? GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW

greycobalt said...

@ Matthew: I actually loved the First People bit. I thought it was pretty darn awesome. If you check out the Fringe comics that Joshua Jackson wrote, they fill in those gaps.

If they send the machine back in time through the Central Park wormhole, it can either be scattered by itself or someone could do it. All they have to do since they have the original texts is copy them to new bindings and send them back in time as well.

Anonymous said...

In other words, Lincoln is the new lead, olivia and Lincoln are the new it couple and peter is a worthless plot device who is only put back on the show just to give the perfect male lead aka Lincoln relationship advice.

Old Darth said...

My money is on the show feeling they have explained the First People. There may be twists and extensions to it but the basic premise will remain intact.

Shawn Mahone said...
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Old Darth said...

Totally disagree with your assessment.

Especially about the showrunners not caring about their product.

If Fringe does bungle it, have no doubt, they will be called on it.

Let's let the show tell its story first before rendering final judgement, shall we?

I know I am.

Unfortunately for you, you have put yourself in a state of mind where that is no longer possible.

The question you should be answering now, is in the surety of your knowledge, why are you still watching? And why do you still care? Why do you bother to post about it?

Move on Amrit. Move on.

fringeobsessed said...

Amrit, I totally agree with Old Darth.
This show has infinite potential.
It is a multi-faceted jewel and a huge mind puzzle.

As Walter said to Peter in Season 1 "Open your mind, Boy."

If you have definitely convinced yourself that this show is no good, it's time for you to replace it with a new interest. But I hope you will watch 4.08 with no expectations, and see where it goes.

cortexifan said...

I can just ditto what fringeobsessed and Old Darth said.
I've not been disappointed yet. I'm excited to find out how THEIR (Pinkner and Wyman's) story unfolds.
I've said it before too, if you don't like the script I challenge you to write a better one.
Give it another chance.

Shawn Mahone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shawn Mahone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old Darth said...

Amrit, let's make a deal and revisit the show's legacy once it has had a chance to complete it's journey.

Because, despite your grim prognosis, we both know you will continue to watch the show.

I do take GREAT pleasure in conversing with fans that are digging the show and critics like Ken Tucker and Matt Mittovich etc who rank the series as one of the 10 best on TV right now.

You have avoided the questions so here it is again -

"The question you should be answering now, is in the surety of your knowledge, why are you still watching? And why do you still care? Why do you bother to post about it?"

trent said...

I'm afraid you're completely right, Amrit, and it's not the first time I've expressed something similar in this place. I've never watched Lost, so I can't really say if there is precedent to this level of fail on previous Abrams's shows, but the way they threw 3 seasons of storytelling and character development out of the window with NuFrigne is more than enough to make me wary of any of his other projects.

Of course they are going to fail Peter, they always have and they always will. There is a point, where letting the producers deceive and mislead you doesn't work anymore. At first, I was hopeful to see what they said they had up their sleeves for the character again and again, but it in the end it was a whole lot of hot air, that never went beyond the interviews. A waste of time... and they proved they just couldn't care less about the character. So disappointing!

I don't quit, because even though I don't expect they'll make up for neglecting Peter/Joshua Jackson and his fans so disgracefully, there are a few characters I still care about besides Peter and although there is no way the show can be emotionally satisfying seeing how NuFringe is here to stay, maybe, just maybe, they can create some sense of urgency and excitement to sustain the rest of the season.

cortexifan said...

how do you know that NuFringe (as you call it) is here to stay. Have you seen the new episodes already, did you write the script?
I guess this is the problem I have. Things are being judged before they even air.

Shawn Mahone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old Darth said...

'but the way they threw 3 seasons of storytelling and character development out of the window with NuFrigne is more than enough to make me wary of any of his other projects.'

Unsubstantiated. The show is at chapter 8 of a 22 chapter story. Those 3 seasons are not gone for good.

PS, JJ has minimal involvement with the show.

PPS - Lost was a fantastic show and ended beautifully. Was it perfect? No. But what is? Lost gave 6 seasons of fantastic character journeys. Some of the most heart felt, heart breaking, and funny moments in TV history.

Check out Mo Ryan and Ryan McGee's TalkingTV podcast - - they did with Todd VanDerWerff. In it Todd makes excellent points about how viewers should approach watching serialized TV.

Old Darth said...

And Amrit if you are that frustrated quit it. You will be better for it.

Trust me. ;-D

fringeobsessed said...

"...and are not answering the questions raised and are sidestepping the issues. Right now the observers desperately need to be explored as does Peter. I do not mean 1 episode, I mean 10-15 episodes of answering questions."

We will not get 10-15 episodes of answering questions, but I expect a few will be answered between Jan. 13th and the Season 4 Finale.

I want to commend you on buying your vehicles to support sponsors who support outstanding TV.
All Fringe fans should do this to the degree that they can, because the sponsors DO pay attention when they get verbal feedback regarding this.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that every time a person doesn't have their rose-colored glasses on about fringe, they tell people to stop watching. Look, these writers wrote this storyline of Peter not existing which after 7 episodes, is merely just a way to get Olivia and Lincoln together. Don't you think something is REALLY wrong when you have one of your leads gone for 4 EPISODES STRAIGHT, then bring them back, then spend more time showing Olivia and Lincoln and their annoying relationship than showing how PETER is coping with coming back? They spent around 8 darn episodes centering around Olivia, her coming back and her dealing with fauxlivia and Peter but Peter comes back and they spend NO TIME ON HIS CHARACTER? DO YOU THINK THAT'S FAIR????????? Then in that waste of an episode wallflower, Peter spent the ENTIRE EPISODE giving Lincoln some stupid glasses just so that nerd will go on that stupid date with Olivia.

Do you really believe that people will be HAPPY knowing that a very important character is being sidelined for a NERD? A NERD THAT WAS JUST INTRODUCED LAST YEAR AND IS BEING TREATED LIKE HE IS THE DARN LEAD?

So, until Fringe stops catering to Olivia and Lincoln fans and start catering to the Peter fans, the mythology fans, the fans who has been here since the very beginning, people will not be complaining.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why Josh can even put up with this crap. No actor deserves to be sidelined especially with seth gabel, a freaking newcomer.

Count Screwloose said...

Is this really the best place to be badmouthing nerds?

trent said...

Cortexifan, I'm saying NuFringe is here to stay, because the newest teaser for the next 2 episodes shows that the action is still taking place in the new timeline and because of some comments by the producers. Maybe the old timeline will be back eventually, but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon.

Old Darth said...

Ladywhatever - it has nothing to do with rose colored glasses. It is about the irrationality of clinging to something that brings one such grief.

This site is all about expressing opinions both positive and negative.

Your opinions has been made quite clear. Not all agree with it. No one should have to be continually subjected to it.

Your posts are all negative. Some balance in them would be most welcome.

Post about something else or, better yet, start your own site.

Anonymous said...

Huh, funny you criticize me for being negative when all I hear is people constantly badmouthing josh and peter.

Old Darth said...

Validity of previous post confirmed.

Thank you.

Shawn Mahone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old Darth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old Darth said...

Amrit you missed the entire thrust of my response. Yes, you have done a marvelous job of stating your position.

The issue is that you have repeated that statement more than once without bringing anything new to the table. Not just here but on several other forums and sites.

The issue remains. Your opinion of the show and continued viewing of it are at odds with one another.

My intent was never to bash you but to suggest your time and energy could be better and more enjoyably spent elsewhere since you have already written this show off.

It you took it that way please believe me that was not my intent.

I reached the same point last year with something else, quit it, and have moved on to many other more satisfying pursuits be they other TV shows or movies or books.

Peace and out.

Shawn Mahone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shawn Mahone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dennis said...

Amrit said...

"If I were a Peter fan I would just quit"

It's ironic that you are telling other people to quit, but you take offense at the suggestion.

BTW, are you saying that you are NOT a Peter fan? It appears from your other comments that you are, which would mean that you told yourself to quit...

Amrit said...

I think maybe you should back off of fans who are not singing the show praises when it is failing.

"Not singing the praises of the show" is a far cry from declaring the show a failure and that the writers "don't care".

Your dire predictions are based on opinions and false assumptions.

"They are being dishonest and are not answering the questions raised and are sidestepping the issues. Right now the observers desperately need to be explored as does Peter. I do not mean 1 episode, I mean 10-15 episodes of answering questions. People wonder why the ratings go down so much...this is why, never giving answers.

As a huge LOST fan myself (I started watching since the very first episode and worked on several LOST blogs), I can say that FRINGE provides answers much more often than LOST ever did. They may not be the answers you like, or things may not be as important as you wanted, but many, many answers are given.

There are there certain things that can't be answered until the end, but I am confident that all of the important questions will get answered.

Joss Whedon said it best: "Movies are an answer, TV shows are a question. Because if you give a definite answer, what the hell is your next episode about?"

Nikit said...

I (unfortunately) find myself in agreement with Amrit. I am one of the most extremist followers of fringe and probably wont stop watching it because of the faith I have in the show but will have to go through the pain of looking at it get canceled as other not so faithful viewers are surely loosing it. There are long standing arcs which do not necessary need to be resolved but atleast addressed/teased at. I believe we are at a precipice.. 408-410 will define the future of the show.

Shawn Mahone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shawn Mahone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JM said...

I also will watch fringe till the end no matter what, but i too agree that 408-410 will define the future of the show in terms of ratings and in terms of quality, but i have faith that the show will go on a run of high quality episodes thanks to the tweets of ari margolis and other snippets ive read.

The point that the writers have done a disservice to peters character throughout the run of fringe cannot be argued with. But i believe they will/must give him more time in this season. I dont think i could bear much more leeham, i think the writers made a truly tragic mistake when they made lincoln a regular. A perfect oppourtunity to give nina/broyles/astrid development, again this was put aside in favour of lincoln/olivia.

To sum up, fringe has got to come up aces in these next few episodes, and i hope it will.

Shawn Mahone said...

I think fringe has to come up aces for 15 episodes that what people mean by too high expectations?

Old Darth said...

IMHO Sepinwall was, and is, wrong. So there you go. Quoting critics adds no extra weight to a viewpoint.

As for stories, answers are NOT required. There is no such law that exists as to what needs to be in a story.

And, invariably, answers given are underwhelming. For serialized TV drama, watch for the characters first and accept any answers as a bonus.

I am much more interested in finding out how Peter, Olivia, and Walter handle upcoming adversities as opposed to finding out the Observers are from Dimension X and are using our universe as a culture dish for their experiments.

Oops, the cat's out of the bag! ;-D

Old Darth said...

'I think fringe has to come up aces for 15 episodes that what people mean by too high expectations?'

Astronomically so. If they can run a string of episodes in the A to B range, things will be fine. Throw in a couple of A+'s, hopefully more, and the season will be golden.

Old Darth said...

Because those questions power the story engine which creates the opportunities for characters to grow and evolve.

Breaking Bad and Mad Men can answer their questions because they exist on a smaller scope and are rooted in character motivations.

Dennis said...

Amrit said...

Saying that a show does not have to answer questions means there is no point in investing in half of it.

No one said that shows don't have to answer questions, in fact as I said before, Fringe answers questions all the time.

I suppose with shows that answer questions like breaking bad or mad men or the wire...mediocrity is hard to swallow.

Breaking Bad and Man Men do not have sci-fi mythology, so there no comparison. There are no secret bald men observing Don Draper. The only "mystery" on the show is who is Don going to have sex with next.

Fringe brings up the question of which universe has to survive and they do not bother to give an answer...awesome!

They did give an answer - they both need to survive.

They do not think they are accountable to anyone but themselves.

The writers have a plan for the show, and an end point. Let say theoretically the end point is Olivia and Peter finally end up together happily ever after, and we learn everything we want to know about the Observers. When do you want find out this information? The pilot? Season 4, Episode 8? The series finale?

Shawn Mahone said...

The wire was based on a city of millions of residents and still managed to answer most of the questions raised. Breaking bad purposely concentrates it's scope...they could raise questions about the drug trade and law enforceforment beyond new Mexico to the entire united states...they could do character arcs on drug users. They do not do this because they know they cannot answer those questions and know they would fail if the tried based on how tv works. They respect their audience and give resolution where you know if they were cancelled answers would have given some closure.

Fringe uses questions to long con the audience....if no answers are given does that not mean that trust has been violated? Cuss, lindleoff, why man and pinkner have all been on record as saying that there is no drama in people talking or giving answers...that is the root of their mediocrity...they scared people will abandon them if they show their hand. That is clearances in some respects and it is why cable is winning with better shows that are not afraid to be abandoned and go for it.

Dennis said...

The problem is that you are only focused on a few questions that have not been answered, and you give no credit for all the ones that have been answered. There has been soooooo many answers given throughout the show that you take them for granted. For example: Where's William Bell? How did Walternate find out about the other universe. Etc, etc, etc...

trent said...

"As for stories, answers are NOT required. There is no such law that exists as to what needs to be in a story."

Of course, they are if the writers are not dishonest! It's true that there is no law that says so, and there is no law that says how you have to enjoy a show, but there is tacit understanding between a show and the audience, that if the writers are stringing the viewers along with mysteries, questions and mythology, there should be some pay-off. The problem comes when more and more questions keep being raised, but they haven't thought out the answers. Then comes the well-trodden excuse "It's about the characters!", when it should be about both characters and plot.

When they promoted S4, the question was "Where is Peter Bishop?" The producers said that was the big question right before the season started. Seven episodes in and we've had no answers or even a hint that we can expect them, although he's been back for a couple of episodes. No character development for him either. It's zero sum so far.

Shawn Mahone said...

Answers have been given...I will admit that is true. But only a handful whereas a lot more go unanswered. I will admit that I agree with fans who are unhappy with how Peter has been treated. Each season they half ass his character. But my concern is with the balance they have settled on. You say that fringe is about multiple universes and huge out of this world mythologies...then how come the show feels so small when out of all of this they only focus on Olivia and Walter? They have repeated their stories too many times and seem stuck.

Yes we get it Walter feels guilty for all the damage he has done and for stealing Peter and all that. Did we need to hear that again in season 4 when they covered it 100 times in seasons 1-3 in great detail?

Yes I get that Olivia feels bad for being a lab we need to hear that for the hundredth time in season 4 when it has been covered so many times in seasons 1-3.

I have no problem seeing their characters if they give a fresh and new perspective....there is so much to explore and they have limited themselves (time wise) to do that. There is so much to the observers and Peter and we are just not getting that and doubt we will.

People say Friday is a death slot for shows yet blue bloods gets 10 million viewers...people will watch a show as long as the show respects it's fans.

Shawn Mahone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shawn Mahone said...


At the time Lost finished there were questions as to whether it had damaged the medium and ruined it for shows that followed on network tv.

If people were not sure then, they should be now. Fringe has finished what Lost started and I doubt networks will be so inclined to take these types of risks again. What network would invest in a show where the ratings go to under 3 million?

Being so disdainful and dismissive of fans ruins it for others. Fringe may have just killed a part of the tv medium.

Dennis said...

BTW, I don't believe that Friday is a death slot, in fact it is the opposite - it was the life slot for Fringe. There is much less expectation, so there is room to live with lower ratings.

Blue Bloods is again a totally different kind of show, and skews towards the 50+ crowd - who are less likely to go out Friday night. Fringe OTOH has a huge DVR following.

As far as the show repeating itself... I think a lot of what you are feeling is a result of trying too hard to bring in new viewer. I think that is a reaction to the ratings, and not the cause. There was a hard sell for S4 that there was a "reset" and that people could jump in and start watching.

I'll will admit that they haven't given us ANY answers during the last seven weeks. But I expect some awesome Fringe in only 8 days!

Shawn Mahone said...

They are trying to attract new viewers? What a joke! That is such a massive lie, did anyone notice how the observers said in last years finale that Peter did not exist and then in the season 4 premier that changed to Peter never made it from boy to man?

Dishonesty like this is what I am talking about and trent too. Why not just admit that they thought they were going to be cancelled and have trouble figuring out what to do next or that they are struggling. That is more noble than the bs they have put on screen so far.

Dennis said...

Well the discussion ends here, since no one will ever be able to disprove (to your satisfaction) the conspiracy that you have created that the writers are don't know what they are doing and they are liars.

Old Darth said...

'Of course, they are if the writers are not dishonest! It's true that there is no law that says so, and there is no law that says how you have to enjoy a show, but there is tacit understanding between a show and the audience that if the writers are stringing the viewers along with mysteries, questions and mythology, there should be some pay-off.'


And good shows like Fringe will provide answers.

At the appropriate time. The first third of the season is not that time.

Shawn Mahone said...

I am not saying there is a conspiracy. But critics and industry insiders believe that fringe got renewed for a full 4th season so that they could reach 88 episodes (the exact number needed for syndication). Why would a show runner come out and say that they think they can go on longer makes no sense? Financially the WB gain nothing from low balling Fringe anymore it does not make any logical or rational sense. So knowing that this bar a huge massive miracle and fringe get 10 million viewers...this is it. So for them to say we reset the story to get more viewers is futile and if it was their intention? Backfired spectacularly.

No, my accusation was not conspiracy, but logical deduction.

Shawn Mahone said...

That is the problem when a fan with half a brain understands the tv industry, if you lie you will be caught out. This is not going to end well.

Old Darth said...

There is no lie. The showrunners have not been told anything definitive as to when the show will end.

They have said repeatedly they have 8 seasons worth of stories. 8 > 4. Yep they can go longer than 4 seasons.

Critics and insiders have no input into business decisions about Fox and their product. Why would a showrunner base their creative process on the prognostications of outsiders?

Shawn Mahone said...

The show runners have said to us that they have not been told anything but time will tell. If this is the last season of the show then we will know the truth.

Shawn Mahone said...

Did Kevin Rilley not come out and say at press tour that they only renewed Fringe to help get it over 80 episodes? I think Alan sepinwall confirmed this...but I may be wrong.

Old Darth said...

Not sure but I do know he said if the show pulled in a 1.2 rating it would be renewed.

Still confused as to what 'truth' you are alluding to as to the best of my knowledge Fox has not made any decisions about the future of Fringe.

JPhilly said...

David Jones!!!!!! Seeing his face gave me complete redeemed confidence of the show. Fringe is back!

Shawn Mahone said...

Well they are at a 1.1 so we shall see where it ends up. If it is by some good fortune renewed what will the budget be? Has anyone noticed how cheap this season looked? No Peter, no observers to speak of. We have hardly seen the other side. What is the point of renewal when the story will have to suffer tremendously.

I suppose they could create a new universe where half the cast is gone and they are stuck in one building with Walter talking about how in this universe he regrets taking Peter and Olivia is upset being a lab rat as a kid...because we so need to hear that again! And again and again... A 13 episode loop of them whining about how pathetic their lives are would be a great season 5.

bryan said...

lol its a new TIMELINE...seeds need to be planted...LOL AT LAZY FRINGE FANS THAT WANT ANSWERS AND DONT WANNA THINK.they know this show is going to be renewed...they know all of season 4 and 5 has been pitched to them...the bar is set low because they want 5...its a shame..children its people like you with your babyish negative views and comments that helps stop bring in viewership...thanks alot bro lol...people upset peters air-time,lol honestly these complaints are so much more about certain people not seeing exactly what they want and having hissie fits... ADULT TEENY BOPPERS VAMPIRE FANS BAH!

trent said...

Nice ad hominem there, bryan. Do you have any counter-arguments, that don't involve insulting people?

Old Darth said...

From a business/economic perspective ending Fringe after this season makes a lot of sense since they have reached minimum syndication numbers. Though 100+ episodes is still more attractive.

A fifth season depends on a lot of things:
1) how Fox's mid-season shows fare
2) what Fox decides to do with Terra Nova
3) Fringe's ratings - DVR+3 numbers may provide some small positive influence
4) Warner's analysis on whether or not additional seasons are worth the cost
5) What kind of a financial arrangement Fox & Warner can come to.

Those are the main ones. Given Fringe's ratings to date, I would speculate renewal is about 50/50 right now. The factors listed above will swing the pendulum one way or the other.

Of course, an uptick in ratings to a consistent 1.5-1.6 on a Friday would trump everything. But, unfortunately, I do not foresee Fringe reaching or maintaining those kind of numbers.

So it will end up being a late decision. Just have to hope Fox gives enough notice for the show to end properly.

John Noble feels the show will get 5 seasons. I certainly am not going to argue with him! ;-D

Dennis said...

I don't really understand the motivation for you beating the dead horse of your predictions of Fringe's death. This whole conversation has nothing to do with "Fringe Trailer isn't what it seems", and seems better suited to a TVByTheNumbers "cancellation bear" post :/

With that said, I don't see a reason why WB would raise the price of syndication. WB may have met the bare minimum syndication number, but more episodes is better. Plus, WB will make money off of an addition season of Fringe Blu-rays and DVDs. In TVBTN parlance, I still consider Fringe S5 a "toss up", but I don't think any decision will be made until the rest of the season plays out (we are not even half way through the season yet!)

Shawn Mahone said...

Ok, fair enough. Let's see how it plays out.

Old Darth said...

Absolutely correct Dennis.

My bad - got dragged off course.

Won't happen again.

Dennis said...


If you are referring to these EW spoilers, then what you say makes no sense. There is nothing there that says they don't care about Josh.

In fact, here is a non-spoiler quote from the article (not some random blogger) to address you original point: "Who says Fringe is fading? If your questions are any indication, intrigue about this mind-bending series is at an all-time high."

FWIW, Josh made a movie last year between seasons. Did you ever consider the possibility that Josh is perfectly happy with his working situation? If I made as much money as he did (he is the highest paid star on Fringe), I would be perfectly fine working as little as possible. :)

Old Darth said...

Don't forget they shoot the show in his hometown too.

Dude's got it made!

Dennis said...

Actually, looking at the IMDB page for Joshua Jackson, it looks like he has two upcoming movies: "Lay the Favorite" which is completed, and "Inescapable" which is in pre-production.

tweener said...

to dennis

how do you know joshua is the highest paid star on fringe? do you have resources, please?

and how much does he get paid per episode? and do you know what the rest of the cast makes?

Dennis said...


I used to have an inside source for information like this. I don't have any idea how much they make per episode, but I know in the first season, both Joshua Jackson and Kirk Acevedo were making more than Anna Torv. I don't remember where John Noble fit in to that list...

I would assume that Josh has a contract that pays him for 22 episodes, whether or not he actually appears in them. It is a benefit of having your name in the main credits as a star.

If you look up the definition of MacGuffin, it says "a plot element that catches the viewers' attention or drives the plot of a work of fiction". I.E. He is the main focus of the show right now. This is not a negative.

Josh is a big enough star that he has an influence on the direction of the show - they would not be able to write him off the show like they did with Kirk Acevedo.

As for the two universe thing, just because you think that it isn't "fair" that Josh doesn't get to play two Peters doesn't mean it is a mistreatment of Josh, or he is being slighted in some way.

It comes down to how the story needs to plays out. In fact, you already said the show is too repetitive. Do you want another reset with two Peters, just so you can have more Josh screen time?

JM said...

Im curious to know how you know fox made them bring him back in episode 4, could i politely ask for a link or confirmation of some kind?

Old Darth said...

Playing a character where only one exists in a story where most of the characters have doubles automatically bestows special characteristics to that character.

Peter is literally the spoke or axis around which the entire mythos of the show revolves. Creating a storyline where Peter now has doubles would rob the character of his unique place in the story.

My understanding is that there is a lot of Peter material coming up in the remainder of the season. So hang in there.

JM said...

I highly, highly doubt that, to my mind theres no way they would leave him out of play that long, and from the interviews and tweets ive read i would concur with old darth that theres a lot of peter material to come. Im sorry if you give me proper evidence of that, but i cannot take that as fact.

Anonymous said...

Peter's uniqueness of not having a double sure isn't getting media attention nor is it gaining any respect from the audience. John and Anna are getting awards for playing doubles while josh is being ignored. So not playing a double is nothing special nor award-worthy.

Xindilini said...

I am a fan, but I must declare that I was surprised that Peter came back so soon, before I had a chance to discover what the new universe was.

val said...

Don't feed the trolls!

trent said...

"Fox should not have to play a fan video and ask when is Peter co ing back? And then push them to do the right thing."

No, they shouldn't, but then I never thought they would have so much disdain for part of the audience, that they weren't willing to do it in the first place.

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