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The People's Chocie Awards Are Tonight

      Email Post       1/11/2012 01:02:00 PM      

Don't forget to tune into the People's Choice Awards show tonight on CBS starting at 9PM Eastern.
Let's see if our show wins the "Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show" category.

Check out the PCA website here.

Live streaming begins at 7:30PM Eastern tonight.



cortexifan said...


Damian Garcia said...

Poor Fringe :,(

I still love you though.

fringeobsessed said...

Oh well.
I was hopeful but not surprised.
The awards shows don't seem to want to honor this gem of a show.

cortexifan said...

I'm to the point where I would say Fringe, the cast, the writers and everyone else - they are too good for these award shows.

BonesFringeFan said...

Don't worry guys... It's the People's Choice Awards, meaning that the shows with, as Ausiello put it "mouth-foamingly rabid fan bases"get awarded, not the most deserving... Screw them, Fringe is amazing <3

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