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Fringe Sneak Peek 408 "Back To Where You Never Been"

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The only man who could help Peter is also the one who cannot help.


tweener said...

oh no, what a shocker!!!!!

i can clearly see that this is a 'peter-episode',

he has so much lines!!! NOT

are they serious! the only thing peter said in this sneak peak is : "what"

and the rest was up to walter.

oh yeah, i'm 'really' looking forward to this episode

Shawn Mahone said...

There are three more sneak peeks and Peter does do a lot more talking in those ones. Manage your expectations a little, Peter will not be commanding every single scene in this show, if you read his latest interview...this is not his story but Olivia's. Lets see how it plays out.

Anonymous said...

Yep, this is the Olivia story where Peter is treated like a plot device, a plot device nobody likes.

Shawn Mahone said...

Joshua Jackson seems happy with that being the case. He said in his latest interview with the examiner that Peter is a peripheral character that influences Olivia and Walters emotions and temperaments but he is not exactly important to the overall journey...which is Olivia's journey. So if the actors knows this...then maybe the rest should.

Anonymous said...

So Joshua Jackson should just do nothing and get criticized for his acting? You would LOVE that wouldn't you? Josh's talent is utterly disrespected on this show.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't notice Joshua Jackson is the only actor who is being ignore by the entire darn fanbase cause this damn show is all about Olivia and Walter!'!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Mahone said...

No, I would love more Peter and therefore more Josh. But Josh's interviews at comic con and this latest examiner interview showes that he is resigned to the fact that his character is and always will be....a secondary one. So I suppose at some point he has swallowed his pride and accepted what he has to accept and moved on....maybe we should move on as well.

Anonymous said...

I will not move on!!!!!!!! I will not see josh being bashed by people!!!!!!

Shawn Mahone said...

Based on Kevin Reilly's comments the other day there is probably on 15 episodes left in the series, so if you think that Josh has been unfairly will end soon.

Anonymous said...

Fine, I will just not watch this Olivia show anymore. I hate her, I hate the way her character was used to make Peter look stupid and people hate him because of HER. I am done with this show.

Dave Thompson said...

Who let the groupie in?

Briar said...

It is not true to say Peter is a minor character, or peripheral, or even secondary. He is part of the central trio around whom the story is built. He is, in fact, essential to the plot and to the relationships between the characters (the relationships that have been the strength of the show, and I hope will be its strength again. I admit I hate the coldness that now reigns). The first episodes of this season made this clear. I haven't read the Examiner interview - but I would be surprised if Mr Jackson were actually whinging about the size of his role. That would be extremely unprofessional. No, Peter isn't The One and Only Hero of the story. Mr Jackson must have known that when he was hired. Yes, he has to share the limelight with two other characters, Olivia (shock, gasp, a female - we all know *females* are the ones meant to be the incidental add-ons!) and Walter. But the story and the characters are so great I can't, and won't, believe Mr Jackson wants to change the whole nature of Fringe so as to feature himself as the sole protagonist - the Holy Son of the system. Nope, this is a trinity and however fanatical and obsessed Mr Jackson's fans may be, he must know that the triumph of this show (which we all love - assuming we aren't merely "Josh" fans) depends on the three intertwined and interdependent stories that makes the one story that is Fringe.

trent said...
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Shawn Mahone said...

Remember the part where I said Josh seems to have accepted his fate and moved on and so should we?

I can understand fans not liking this, to this day I am positive that fans of CHUCK see Sarah Lisa Walker/Bartowski as the hero of the story and yet she always gets sidelined when it matters. This is Chucks hero journey and always will be when he matters and the same goes as this being Olivia's and that is fine once one understands that.

I may have had gripes in the past about stronger shows being able to find a better balance like Breaking Bad. In Breaking Bad Walter, Jesse and to a certain extent Hank and Gus get near equal screen time and attention and it makes for me at least, a more compelling story because I can see all their points of views simutaneously. But in the end of the day it is tough to find a balance and even as brilliant as they are lost me with the Skyler character and never recovered after such a poor first 2 seasons. Now to be fair she is the worst actor of the rest and so Vince Gilligan probably played to the shows strengths at first and just used Paul and Cranston to set a more solid foundation but....the damage had already been done.

I think at a certain point the same can be laid a little at Peter...Like Skyler I just am not interested in his journey that much when they skipped two seasons or 3 seasons straight of not dealing with it and I think Josh gets that and is quite easy about it.

Everything Walter White did or was telling us that he did was for his wife and family yet we hardly say her and so she became a weak link. Everything Chuck did for 3 seasons was about finding a balance and trying to be with the love of his life...but it was 3 seasons and never asking what his love of his life wanted? This show is all about Peter but not about Peter...

The Skyler, Sarah Walker, Peter Bishop....the failures of tv writers...but acceptable and understandable failures. I hope this constructive point of view helps fans understand and move on. Every show fails in the just does.

trent said...

It might be acceptable... in the area of mediocrity. There is a point, where adding more guilt to Walter's guilt doesn't work anymore and there is a point, when rehashing the same themes every season for Olivia stopped being daring and fresh. It's just repetition in disguise.

My problem comes when the make up all these lies to keep part of the fanbase hopeful. If they had been honest and admitted they can't be bothered with the male lead, although they will bring in a new actor and give him all the scenes and character development they don't want for Peter, everything would be clear from the start. They preferred the road of deception and that's not acceptable.

If they can't balance the writing for the three leads, their premise, that of a family formed by the three main characters, falls apart. The family is that of Walter and Olivia, Peter has no place in it. It's as simple as that.

Shawn Mahone said...

But once shows go down that rabbit hole it is incredibly difficult to douse correct. I loved the lost characters but not the lost mythology. I spent a long time wondering why hurley or sayid was not the leader in the middle seasons and that Kate and jack were the most annoying characters. But the lost people spent 6 seasons trying to redeem jack instead of using better liked characters. It just happens...once a show decides whose journey a show will use their hand are tied. Fans have wondered why Olivia is the lead for 2 seasons and the show stuck with it. Fans of every tv series complain that certain characters are not meant or they do not view as characters they want to spend multiple seasons following but which have to be followed because that is the structure of the show.

It is not perfect but finding lead characters that make you want to root for them or everyone root for them is tough. Chuck gets away with it because chuck and sarah are now one and so whatever he does she is right there with him and so it makes things a little easier. But just like lost...,fringe has chosen it's leader and it's sidekicks and fans just have to accept that. Would I have preferred a he'll of a lot more Peter? Oh yeah. But ce la vie.

trent said...

I'm not saying you're wrong, but it's a shame that they failed on so many levels. Peter is not even Olivia's sidekick, Walter is. The producers destroyed the relationship between the characters in the video, probably beyond repair. There is no more Walter and Peter, although the writers never cared about it anyway.

The problem is that by neglecting the male lead, they've made any relationship involving Peter so completely unbelievable, that they'd better make it all about the replacement now. Right now, I would believe Lincoln was always Olivia's real love story and that Walter would have preferred him as a son than any of them loving Peter. It turned into a joke of the worst kind. This is how I'll remember the creators of Fringe.

fringeobsessed said...

The which Amrit mentioned can be found in our Fringe Spoilers thread by clicking on 'Fringe Spoilers' above.

Remember that it is Fringe Television's policy that NO SPOILERS will be tolerated in comments on the main page. Any direct spoilers will be deleted.

Shawn Mahone said...

Well...Peter was always going to be linked to the overall narative and that plays a huge part in this problem. The fact that most shows try and avoid the narrative because then it becomes more serialised and therefore more tough to keep an audience. Now with Fringe that really is not a problem since the ratings suck anyway even though they are trying to be more procedural throughtout their life. There is always a COTW and so that fundemental structure makes it tough for major narrative movement. I mean the best episode of this season was episode number 6 and that was mostly COTW and not narrative momentum and so Peter was barely relevant....but relevant in the bigger picture (MacGuffin wise).

So fans will get impatient because shows on network tv save their series narrative movement for sweeps months or end of season episodes so as Peter is only relevant to the narrative....there will go huge periods of times where he is irrelevant as a character.

I think Joel and Jeff know that they are under pressure and that some of their interviews are obnoxious and alienating but what can they honestly do? they cannot come out and admit the truth because fans will abandon the show, they cannot admit mistakes because show runners just never do that. I am sure Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz will never admit that they screwed up in season 3 of CHUCK even though everyone and their mother knew that they had screwed up.

This is a very contensious season for sure and Peter fans are getting agitated and upset and impatient and I get that. But what can they do to fix something that has been a huge problem for so long? they cannot and thus have to hope when series finale comes at 4.22 they have made some sort of amends. I think the Chuck people and Lost people made up for some of their mistakes in the end...I think Fringe may be able to do the same, I will give them a chance to redeem Peter even though at this point it seems a tough road for them.

Using Peter a lot would mean they have to accept the end because they would be pushing the show too far down the road when they may not have that much material for the overall show.

Joshua Jackson does make this tough because he is very charasmatic and charming and his interviews leave me with little hope but you just never know. Sometimes when you have a good thing that stops the show or distracts it from being compelling viewing it makes life tough for shows (i.e. Josh being so fantastic makes his absence that much more difficult and Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski have insane chemistry derailed the Chuck story) and there are times that their hands are forced but I guess know one can plan how a character (Peter) or circumstance (Chuck and Sarah insane chemistry) will play out until they write and shoot episodes and when they are 5 or 6 episodes further along than us it is difficult to make changes.

All this is to say that they are doing the best they can and that is all we can ask of them even if fundementally there are things that smack in our face that should be obvious to them.

Herbert said...

Olivia, was always the focus of the show is a story told about a strong woman on her crazy journey through this new world. Don't get me wrong, I love the Bishop boys but Olivia really IS the central character and the entire show is founded on her and her being "special." Now Peter is "special" as well, which is fine because I really do believe that the two of them put together are going to be "the key" to everything.

trent said...

That's fine and all, but Walter got his season and they promoted this season as Peter's season, although it was obviously a lie. It's a conscious decision to play games and alienate part of the fandom, which I can't possibly understand. Why are they doing this? Do they hate Josh/Peter and his fans so much, that they will seek every opportunity to insult them? How sad is it, that Josh had to finally come out with the truth?

val said...

Who said that this season is the season of Peter? None of the producers said that.

Shawn Mahone said...

If they tell the truth people will abandon the show. What can they say when fans around the world create a where is Peter bishop fan video and crave a full season of Joshua Jackson as Peter being important? Joel and jeff tried to deflect and say the video was a love letter to the show when it was actually a love letter to peter bishop aka Joshua Jackson. If they say "hey we know you love Peter but we have no idea when or how we are going to deploy him" considering that they write episodes on the fly and very quickly they probably had no idea how the season would play out at the time of being interviewed. But they cannot tell fans they are working on it or tell fans something they do not want to hear. They send Josh Jackson out like Chuck sent out Zachary Levi to do damage control but it is what it is. They cannot tell fans that this is olivia's show and risk losing fans.

A lot of show runners would do the same thing.

JM said...


Anna Torv did an interview for TVLine, she said something along the lines of "i know the producers have said this is peters season", but i can remember an interview with the producers when they were asked whether this would be peters season, and they definately did not say yes, so maybe she misheard... ahh i cant say but she definately said it and you can probably find it still online

JM said...

"TVLINE | As Peter comes back, Joshua Jackson is probably dealing with his most challenging and complex material to date. Would you say that’s true?
Yes, I would, and the episode that we’re shooting at the moment [Episode 8] is a really wonderful one for him. There’s a lot of meaty stuff for Josh to do, which is great. This season — and I know the [producers] have said it — is Peter’s season".

And heres the link:

Anonymous said...

Anna's exact quote from TVLine

TVLINE | As Peter comes back, Joshua Jackson is probably dealing with his most challenging and complex material to date. Would you say that’s true?
Yes, I would, and the episode that we’re shooting at the moment [Episode 8] is a really wonderful one for him. There’s a lot of meaty stuff for Josh to do, which is great. This season — and I know the [producers] have said it — is Peter’s season.

Here is the link if you don't believe me

But it seems to me, after reading the spoilers, SHE will be receiving the "meaty" material while Josh will be given the plot device role and people hating him for it.

None of you know how freaking awful it is having to read people constantly accusing Josh of being a bad actor, a plot device, a bland and uninteresting character, ALL BECAUSE THE WRITERS DO NOT WANT TO WRITE FOR HIM because OLIVIA IS THE LEAD.

Heaven forbid that Peter/Josh can't shine for once and be respected by the audience which he OBVIOUSLY isn't getting.

So enough with this Olivia is the lead nonsense, its not about that, its about underusing Josh's talent and making a complete fool out of him.

Anonymous said...

We are also sick and tired of the writers half assing every single one of Josh's storylines.

After 4 years, Josh has NEVER had a story arc where he got to shine while John and Anna have had an ENTIRE YEAR to shine. Josh would always get one episode that centers around him and then BAM, it is completely dropped. I mean its insulting that John and Anna will get out of Fringe, a chance to play all these different characters and have been awarded for it while the ONLY thing Josh will come away from Fringe is this, "Oh, he was nothing more than a plot device to make Walter and Olivia look better.

Cazza said...

My Gosh is LadyGagaClap the same fan that used to stalk this site just another name! Is LadyGagaClap Josh's agent, Diane Kruger or has a direct line to the scripts? I think she is starting take it all personally and confuse the actors into real life just enjoy the ride. Josh Jackson sounds like he is enjoying this season and I think he is playing a bigger role I am loving this season, can we stick with the storyline and also stop bashing the other actors like John and Anna, they are all crucial to the storyline.

val said...
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val said...
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Anonymous said...

I take it personally cause I am seeing my favorite actor being replaced by seth gabel and Josh's screentime is getting less and less.

Until John or Anna is gone for 4 episodes straight, they are replaced by another actor, they are given nothing to do, don't criticize me for being frustrated.

Anonymous said...

Oh and why is it everytime a person is frustrated over the way THEIR favorite actor is being treated, people always accuse them of being "their publicist, Diane Kruger or Josh Jackson",

Excuse some of us for giving a hoot about Josh and his role on this show. People would always complain about how John and Anna deserves emmys and nobody yells at THOSE people but when we Josh jackson fans are utterly pissed that we have 4 episodes without him, seeing him being replaced as Olivia's partner/love interest and seeing how we NEVER get an episode that shows Peter's emotions (instead of being always apathetic while we deal with episode after episode of the drama queens that is walter and olivia), we get accused of being "his publicist".

And Josh is happy with the show? Yeah at FACE VALUE cause it is his job no less but I'm sure if I worked at a job for 4 years and then my employer take me out of the job just to replace me with a newcomer, I would be pissed off. We all have our hang-ups about our jobs but we keep it to ourselves cause we don't want to be fired. Josh is doing that.

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