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FRINGE - "Past + Present + Future -- Neither Here Nor There"

      Email Post       1/06/2012 09:51:00 PM      

Ari Margolis tweeted this evening about this brand new Season 4 recap video narrated by John Noble.
There is brand new Season 4 footage at the end. Enjoy!


Old Darth said...

Hats off to Ari and Fox for continuing to put out the best promos evah!

cortexifan said...

This is so awesome. Plus John has such a great voice, could listen to him all the time.
So excited for next Friday.
Fringe Rocks!

Zepp said...

Excellent promo this, and as always with the quality of Ari Maragolis, and the powerful voice of John Noble, commanding the scenes. A promo with a duration of 5 minutes, is that Fringe are a high concept and importance, there at FOX, does not it?

Shawn Mahone said...

Is this your site? I promise to say nothing but positive things from now on...I liked the first 2 seasons very much. This is the best show ever and it rewards fans with every answer to ever question raised. Fringe explains everything and we know every important characters motivations and it is tremendously nuanced.

This season has been spectacular, every scene is new material that has been rewarding to all fans, I just do not understand why people are negative towards this show. Viva Fringe.

Texas Fringe Files said...

This is a fantastic Promo!!! Very well done! I can't wait for Fringe to be back on the air! I haven't enjoyed a show this much since the X-files. Every Season introduces such new concepts...very enthralling! In fact, Fringe may very well surpass the X-files. I am certainly a die-hard Fringe fan now!

bryan said...

cant wait...its like nobody cares about the shapeshifters 2.0...their sick abilities and the fact there pawns to possibly several bad ass villians(whatever the chain may be) tells me that they've got plenty of ideas they can go with and is going in the right direction.JUST LOOK AT THE PROMOS ...TOO HYPED TOO EARLY...GOTTA WATCH SEASON 1-4 AGAIN BY FRIDAY LOL

Zepp said...


I think, the shapeshifters 2.0, are a kind of "shadow army". And I also hope they have another feature in episodes of Fringe. These shapeshifters 2.0, are more advanced, infiltrated and very active, would, under other conception, the same as aliens among us, humans. The shapeshifters 2.0, to me, are one of the highlights of the science fiction in Fringe.

milostanfield said...

At about 24s into the latest preview there are people in a park like setting using what looks like DRJ style equipment to open a gateway. The one on the right looks like Nadine. First time for two way traffic between universes in one ep.

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