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Fringe Episode 4.09 Review - Clues Are Out There

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It did not surprise me that David Robert Jones has ties to Nina Sharp. I cannot wait to see what her endgame is.

Enemy of My Enemy is full of subtext.

I never imagined the other Elizabeth would pay Walter a visit. If it were not for the current scenario, the same momentous meeting would only be an impossibility.

Interesting to note that the other Walter was also plagued by his own guilt and helplessness twenty-six years ago, albeit with a lot less vindication.
Well, the outcome is still the same.
I couldn't save our son then.
And I can't help him now.
Peter should rest assured that. deep down, any versions of his father is a good man.

Colonel Broyles' duplicity in regards to Jones. A slight tell, a disdain on his face when Jones asked for tea in interrogation. This tells me that he is acting under duress. Ask yourselves what could make a man betray his commander.

So... Jones is also a variable in this universe. When he succeeded in crossing over to the other side, it's plausible Peter must have been sucked through one of the holes that formed the moment he disengaged from the machine.

Random Thoughts and Meanings...

Alternate Olivia eventually broke up with Frank. And it's blue universe Lincoln finds it amusing that Olivia has a close relationship with his double. Look out, red Lincoln may have competition. Funny looking face.

Blue Lincoln shouting out "FRINGE DIVISION!" He's using their war cry.

Gene is a changed cow. There are less spots on the animal.

Alternate Astrid impressed that the man Peter is from another timeline. Cool.

The collective sneers across the boardroom table, at their Fringe Division counterparts. That was priceless. That scene also makes me wonder who had called for the accord between the universes.

Nothing gets by Broyles. That's one more thing he has in common with his alter ego. You know?

Thoughts on Continuity...

The SUV Olivia was driving when they arrive at the quarry had bullet impacts. The one severed by the dimensional portal had a clean windshield.

How did Peter retain so much about the properties of those rocks? By the time Olivia crossed over to get Peter in season 2's Over There, no one knew how William Bell crossed over.

Last Word

Just like what Secretary Bishop said last week. Not everything is as it seems.


Zort70 said...

Loved this episode, lots of story to get our collective teeth into.

I really hope this all ties in to the original timeline somehow.

Matthew M said...

William Bell was mentioned but O-T Walter didn't react or acknowledge he even knew such a person from either timeline. Yes, Elizabeth's visit to O-H Walter was a sweet surprise. Hopefully it will be enough to kick walter into gear. If the episodes keep getting better we are in for a treat!

jophan said...

Bell's "battery" powered by the mineral was the one Jones stole from Nina's arm and used in his crossing-device (There's More Than One...). Presumably Peter got a look at it after he killed Jones.

O. McDonald said...

When the Doctor calls Broyles before commencing the attack at the hospital, she calls Mr Jones by name.

How did the Shapeshifters know they knew his identity? Up until that point he hadn't revealed who his was.

Xindilini said...

There were plot holes.

Other than the fact that it was probably in the script, Jones anticipated every eventuality. He knew he would be capture and had an escape plan. in place. He probably would have volunteered his name if he were not discovered before his agent at the hospital called.

Zepp said...

I really enjoyed this episode. He was telling, and somehow said, few, plus some of the questions that has been done, I think.

I also have some thoughts and deductions:

- Start now to notice, that Jones and Nina, as a couple on the brink of perfection. I had not realized it until now;

- The alt-Broyles, seems to be in collusion, or in arrangements with the Jones;

- (Clichés) that bloody hand of a person trapped in a hospital under the action of a deadly virus, which appeared last being on a glass door, is an authentic "cliché", a film Hichtcock, as well as that speech of Jones, to Bolivia and alt-Lincoln: "Take me to your leader", it seemed one of the moments of Star Trek;

- Gene the cow, it seems a little bigger, but there it is again;

-it seems now, Elisabeth has a stronger personality, more determined than Walter, and even Walternate. She now is in "command";

- Peter, continues to be the highlight of the actions of Fringe now. And by the way, this will continue, which, I think, is very good.

Xindilini said...

"Take me to your leader."

Someone say it is from The Day The Earth Stood Still.

I watched that movie. So it is at least older than Star Trek.

Zepp said...

You are right, Xindilini! It is a phrase "type alien," reminds us more of the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still," even without a doubt. It was a great "cliché", played by Mr. Jones.

Briar said...

Wikipedia (it's baack!) has this to say about it:

"Take me to your leader" is a cartoon catchphrase, supposedly said by extraterrestrial aliens who have just landed on earth in a flying saucer to the first human they happen to meet. It is said to have originated in a 1953 cartoon by Alex Graham in The New Yorker magazine.

Zepp said...

I think we are all certain, Briar and Xindilini. What's worth, is that the "cliché", was placed and us fans, we realize it. Fringe is very thorough, and has to be well aware of the dialogue and images, and that's what we do. Only for information, since we're talking about the origin (supposedly) the phrase: "Take me to your leader", in the film, with the "special effects handmade": is "The Day The Earth Stood Still" , was first aired in 1951.

Xindilini said...

Very interesting.

I always forget the printed medium is responsible for much of the inspiration we see on film today.

Thanks for sharing, Briar.

rgos said...

This episode was unbelievable. Incredible. I also think Broyles is being blackmailed. Remember in the OT alt-Broyles had a wife and a blind/disabled son? We saw a glimpse of the lengths alt-Broyles would go to save his family in the "candyman" episode, I believe we are seeing the full scope of that now. I also saw the disdain in his face when he was watching Jones drive away. His face betrayed signs of anger at the fact that he was helping this man walk away. This could be wishful thinking as I don't think I could bear to see Broyles be a shapeshifter, but I think there are some definite clues there that point to duress.

ACJ said...

Anyone else slightly curious as to why there is only one David Robert Jones?!

ACJ said...

Also, they've always made it seem that the red Elizabeth has been a "stronger" person than blue Elizabeth.

Xindilini said...

One David Robert Jones.

Does that have to do with one Nina Sharp or something less savory?

Xindilini said...

We are given Elizabeth's choices: deal with the lost or grieve.

Walter never thought his wife weak even in this timeline. Assuming he had shown her that somewhere, Peter will grow up, etc., she still couldn't get over the grief.

We are only given red Peter dying after blue Peter. What would happen if it was the other way around?

Dave Thompson said...

I thought Peter would have to go back to the season 1-3 universe, but it seems they are preparing Olivia to fall in love with Peter again and Walter now wants to help Peter, which could bring Peter's past relationships inside the new "Peterless" universe.

Mark my words: Blueverse Lincoln and Redverse Olivia will be a couple.

Alissa said...

Cool idea, Dave Thompson! I hope you're right re: Lincoln and Fauxlivia. I don't think I will be able to handle it if there is a love triangle with all of the blueverse characters.

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