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Fringe Episode 408: "Back To Where You've Never Been"

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Tonight on Fringe Friday's "Winter Premiere", is the eigth season four episode "Back To Where You've Never Been".

In an effort to find a way home, Peter journeys to the Other Side to confront Walternate. His venture proves more dangerous than expected. Meanwhile, Olivia receives a dire premonition from an Observer.

Chat live during the episode, and then tweet with writer of this episode David Fury after the show.  Also, don't forget to discuss the episode here in the comments, and get more information:
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "Back To Where You've Never Been"?


aydee said...

Pinker & Wyamn - YOU GUYS ROCK!! This is the Fringe that I love. All the twists & turns and similarities to past episodes (S1's The Arrival). So happy that Peter is back. Kudo's to both Josh & John for their great acting in this episode!!

aydee said...

I meant "Pinker & Wyman". Sorry! :)

Anonymous said...

this show really loves to screw over the Peter fans, don't they? Watch, peters trying to get back home will be dropped so Anna torv can shine in another stupid Olivia gets herself in trouble. I hate this show.

Shawn Mahone said...

I am going to try and remain positive, I really am. The story is moving forward...great! Peter had more screen time...great! There is a new big bad and more coherency to this particular narrative...great!

But...and this is a big But....Peter lacked agency. The episode started out ok then after 10 minutes it just stalled. It was like Peter was being pulled from one contrived destination to another all so that we could get the other sides views and opinions and guage their emotional states. This episode was not about Peter but about how this universe is coping. It is like the show did what our Lincoln and Olivia wanted to do...we wanted Peter to have loads of dialogue and stuff like that but the show had other ideas and wanted to spend more time with the other side.

What was the point of this episode? for Peter to go and speak to everyone in their universe to "recontextulise"? to get their understandings?

This was supposed to be about Peter going for broke and revealing himself in the heartbreak of dreaming day after day after day of not being able to get home and his actions should have been of a man in a desperate place to go for it with full emotions. This Peter seemed...I got to go home..whatever.

I am sorry, they have lost the Peter character for me. I have stopped caring about him, they had a chance to redeem him but nope, not interested. He just has no agency, none at all. I bought his not alt moms emotions more than his, this is not I feeling I like.

Well the good thing is that I am done complaining about Peter. I will watch the next episode to see if they can rectify this and then I predict that they will put him further into the background and string us along to the finale. So one episode either side of the long break with Peter to tease the fans and that is it. Awesome. I look forward to how Olivia and Walter find their overall hapiness.

aydee said...

@LadyGaga - if you hate this show so much, stop watching it & posting your negative remarks. We get that you love Josh & hate all the other actors, specifically Anna. Don't base your opinions on actors who are playing a role on TV. Anna isn't "Olivia" in real life. If you don't like Anna's character, that's fine. Don't bash Anna for doing her job! She's a great actress

45 said...


Alissa said...

Well, I really enjoyed the episode. I still have faith in the producers'/writers' ability to keep the fans satisfied. I can hardly wait until next week!!

BonesFringeFan said...

I was wondering... Since the Observer said that Olivia would have to die in all possible futures, could that mean that Olivia(and I mean New-livia) would have to be killed to sort of balance out the old, future Olivia we saw in the season 3 finale being killed and then restore the old timeline? Thoughts people? :)

Xindilini said...

I love Walternate.

Sorry. Can't express complete joy until I see next weeks. But it did a good job on bringing the alternate universe into the shapeshifter storyline. I tried to avoid all the spoilers until now.

As I have mentioned before, this show is being told in dialogue. I have no caption text when I watch it and was having a hard time following what was said a lot of the time. BUT I did pick up this... "He [Peter] trust you [Alt. Olivia]... At the end of the day, he knows you'll do the right thing. :D (Did you hear that fringeobsessed? SHE IS GOOD.)

Must admit I did not like the obvious Nissan product placement. I guess they need all the $$$ they can get.

By the way. Maybe because it's winter. A lot of people were watching or pledging to watch TV on a Friday night. Shout out also for Nikita, Grimm, Supernatural fans.

ACJ said...

Awesome, I can't wait for the next one!! So many good moments in this episdode, and @BonesFringeFan thats a really good point! Sacrifice is a main element of the story, as is balance. Especially given Mr Jones is back, and if he's aware of the old timeline (as the alluded to), we know he favored Olivia from the Blue-verse, and potentially knows the effect Peter has on Olivia's abilities. Sad to think Peter might have to experience Olivia dying twice! 1 week is too long!!

BonesFringeFan said...


Right?! As if things weren't going bad enough for poor Peter he has to watch Olivia die again. Although, unless New-Livia dying eradicates this new timeline completely (and all of it's versions of characters)and restores the old one in entirety, it's hard to believe that Peter will allow another woman (New-livia) to die in order for him to get something he wants, in this case it being getting his Olivia back... It would be like killing an innocent woman to help someone else and it doesn't seem like a Peter-y thing to do... Also I'm surprised to find myself sympathizing a little with this new timeline's Walternate! really goes to show how good these Fringe writers are... I never thought I'd live to see the day that I was even remotely sorry for Walternate!

trent said...

I wouldn't rank this one as one of the best ever, but the scenes with the Bishop family elevated, what could have been an action packed, but otherwise empty episode. All in all, this has been the best one so far this season.

The problem is that Joshua Jackson said this was the best episode he had been in this season, which doesn't bode well for the quality of the following ones, because as fun as it was, it was far from satisfying.

JM said...

I for one am really looking forward to more elizabeth/walternate/peter scenes, that is definately a great new dynamic to explore and your right trent they really elevated this episode, they have such great chemistry has a family

Old Darth said...

Peter Paupers face it this show is NEVER going to deliver anything that will appease you.

This is not the show for you.

Shawn Mahone said...

When Anna Torb's Olivia tried to get home last season that was fantastic. Torv was brilliant and the material was superb. She almost got cut up by Alt-Brandon, she broke into classified areas, she killed or shot people, she almost risked drowning, she pleaded with Alt Broyles to let her live and go home.

These were actions of a woman who had visions and dreams of a life that was not the one she was living and she went for broke trying to get back to that life. You could sense that desperation and anxiety and agency that took her home. It was an arc that played wonderfully for 8 episodes.

Old Darth is right.

Shawn Mahone said...

My main focus is on Olivia and Walter now. What they say, do, etc. I am now interested in if Olivia dies or whether Walter can stop this happening to his surrogate daughter. I hope that they both find happiness.

Peter does not matter to me anymore.

Anonymous said...

Why are you being so freaking mean to Peter/Josh? the heck is your problem!!!!!!!

I swear Josh should just quit this show. This show is RUINING him!

TJ Sullivan said...

Good episode, and enjoyed the twist (s) at the end end. The product placement was pretty obvious, but understand the need for it...feel it could have been better placed as it has before in other episodes. My one nerdish question involves Walters portal. I previous episode when people have attempted to cross universes this way, it was. Done over a large body of water, which helps to absorb that's massive amount of energy being output. In this ep, Walters device is placed on the stage and they just walk through. What about the energy output previously discussed? Could be argued that due to the softspot Alastair present, not as much energy need to be used? Also, peters mom in is universe had been previously seen as aged a bit with some grater hair and heavier she has dark hair and looks her age. I know....picky, and could be explained away by "it's technically not the exact same universe. Anyway...glad the show is back and looking forward to this next run of episodes. It'll be interesting to see how Peter gets home. Kudos to the "fringe" crew!

Zepp said...

The "Back To Where You've Never Been" was truly a great episode. Showed that Peter is really the main character of this 4th season, he is promoting actions on Fringe, and this, I really like. But many, not too long ago, had a question regarding who, what character would recognize Peter, the first time I saw him. And gave no other: it was Elisabeth's Walternate. The maternal feeling her, led her to recognize that adult Peter, in front of you, as your son. It was a quick scene, but full of emotionality, and tenderness between mother and child, I enjoyed it. is almost certain that Peter will not succeed, that he wished to return to what it once was, but then I wonder, I wonder what comes next on Fringe? The shapeshifters are a separate group? And the observer September, died? I saw right or not, Mr.Jones is there? Many issues for the next episodes show us the consequences, and that's why Fringe is more than great, is excellent!

tweener said...

Last season i thought Anna Torv deserved every award, this season im looking at a different actor. Her performance is inconsistent and over the top. She's turned Altlivia into a cartoon character with that Jan Brady walk and excessive gesticulation. The new timeline Olivia is beyond annoying and reacts in the most ridiculous way (expressively) to anything that Peter says. Come on Anna, we expect better from you.

I thought she was good at the beginning of last season, but something happened after Entrada and her performances got progressively worse. This season she's a complete miss both as Olivia and as Altlivia. That ridiculous duck walk Altlivia has, my God!

Walmir said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
val said...

Peter might no longer be the main focus of the season. The focus this season becomes the Observers and Olivia and her ‘fate’.

Unknown said...

What a FANTASTIC Episode! Fringe is back on track and I can't wait for Friday's Ep.9 - Enemy Of My Enemy!!! Is everyone ready for the Twitter/GetGlue event Friday Jan.20 for episode 4×09? It's easy, check-in to FRINGE on GetGlue @ 9pm EST and Tweet using a special #hashtag Friday after 7pm to get that #hastag trending on Twitter. FANS it's up to US to SAVE FRINGE and get the Season 5 we deserve!!!

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