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Fringe Schedule Update: Only Three More Episodes This Year

      Email Post       11/03/2011 02:52:00 PM      

The mysterious @MaskedScheduled has confirmed that we will only get three more episodes of Fringe this year (instead of four), due to the preemption by the World Series.

The remaining Fringe schedule for 2011 will be:

11/04 - "Novation" (#405)
11/11 - "And Those We Left Behind" (#406)
11/18 - "Wallflower" (#407) - Fall Season Finale

Fringe will resume with new episodes on January 13th.

Yes, it's very unfortunate, but chalk it up to bad luck. If there hadn't been rain-out on Game 6, of if the Texas Rangers would have won game 6, everything would have continued as normal.

Before the wave of complaints start rolling in, lets be perfectly clear. I am as big of a Fringe fan as anyone, but if I were Fox, I would have done the same thing. Well... maybe I wouldn't have shown a rerun on 10/21, but hindsight is 20/20.

Here's the facts: Although some of you may not enjoy baseball, most people watched the World Series. In fact, Game 7 was the highest rated show on any network this season, pulling in 25.4 million viewers. Compare that to Fringe ratings, which have been averaging about 3 million per episode. Also, consider that the price of a 30-second commercial during the World Series is almost 8 times more than during Fringe ($450,000 vs $57,589). 

Feel free to complain in the comments, but can anyone argue with those numbers?

Now about that almost two month break - breaks happen. There are 35 weeks in a normal television season, and Fringe has a standard season order of 22 episodes. That means there are always going to be 13 weeks of either repeats or breaks. Fringe has always had a winter break, and will actually be coming back a week earlier than I expected.

We will have lots of fun stuff going on during the rest of the season and during the break, so check back often. And don't forget to enter our "Watch Fringe Live And Win!" contest every week!


AJ in Nashville said...

Well, that sucks, but as you say, it's not totally unexpected.

My only question is, does this mean that an entire epp will be skipped, or will what was supposed to have been the first half season finale actually be the second half season premiere?

Or, will we have another one of those out-of-order non-mytharc epps in the second half that was supposed to be in the first? In other words, how badly will this screw with the continuity of the plotline?

It seems problematic to me, as for more than a solid season, you couldn't have really taken a single epp out of order without creating some kind of confusion or conflict in the storyline.

Am I wrong about this?

Scully8 said...

This really sucks . . . well, maybe the money they made on advertisements on the world series will help supplement and bring Fringe back for a 5th season. :-) One can hope . . .

It's funny, I was scared of this as I just read a quote where Josh Jackson said that 408 episode was going to be aired after the winter break.

I guess we should be happy to have three new episodes and no baseball to muck it up. :-)

DadzBoyz said...

Why not run a two hour special to end the sweeps month of November? Advertise the crap out of it and build up the ratings for the Friday. They used to do that with "24" all the time.

Dennis said...

Because Kitchen Nightmares lost a new episode too. They are in the same boat as Fringe.

My guess is that 408 will air on January 13, and we will get one less repeat next year to make up for the extra new episode.

The Fox has ordered 22 episodes of Fringe this season, so unless something dramatic happens, I don't see that number changing.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm out, I'll watch the show when I can buy the dvd set and enjoy it without these delays for a stupid baseball game and plan greed,Fox could have shown Fringe after the game,the next day or the next week and still shown us the current weeks fringe episode,but no you drag it out,mess with us and then try to blame the wetaher or an unplanned 7th game, come on there's no reason for a 7 game series,best 2 out of three and lets get on with our lives,7 games is just greedy and shows how out of date and God awful slow this game is!
I'll watch the last season of Chuck and then buy Fringe on dvd where you asshats can't screw that up!
So is there going to be a season 5 Fox or not I'm waiting for your answer or maybe you could make a show about baseball and interrupt that show or move it around the schedule!!!
This blows

Heyheyhey said...

You call yourself a fan but yet go off mentioning how fringe gets 3 million and the world series gets 25 million viewers. What's your point of that? Just to bash fringe for having low ratings?

Dennis said...


If people stop watching Fringe live, then there definitely won't be a Season 5. You don't like Baseball, that's fine. Neither do I. The good news is Baseball season is over.

Every show on TV has reruns and takes breaks for sports and other events. We aren't going to lose any episodes, they will make it up next year after the winter break.

If you like Fringe - and want more episodes (i.e. Season 5) - then it is important to watch these next three episodes LIVE.


I'm not bashing Fringe (why would I?), and I'm not apologizing for baseball. I'm just stating the facts, and answering previous complaints as to why Fox would air baseball over Fringe.

milostanfield said...


With our eye on the larger goal of keeping Fringe on the air, let's also remember to exhale and enjoy the moment at hand: it's on TONIGHT! In 7 hours! (10 where I live). With Olivia, Walter, red blooded shapeshifters, and lots and lots of Josh Jackson! And an hour later we'll be rolling in glyhps, Observers, clues, theories, and totally unexpected wows! Order has been restored (for a while) and I CANNOT WAIT! ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

I just read that there's a very strong possibility that FOX plans to cancel Fringe after this season. "Fringe has a small and loyal following, but the numbers are too low to renew for a fifth season." snifffffff. What else can be done?

Anonymous said...

I'm very angry that Fox is screwing with Fringe like this; that ratings matter more to them than maintaining quality programming is a sign of a very poor (and miserly!) mindset indeed.

Why does Fringe need a "winter break" at all? What would be so heinously wrong about showing it right up to and past Christmas?

And why can't Fox's executives in charge of scheduling understand that breaks = lost viewers, and extended months-long breaks within seasons therefore must = cancellation, going by Fox's logic.

Dennis said...


Anything that you have read online that says Fringe is going to be canceled is simply someone's opinion. There are always going to be naysayers, and we had the same false predictions last season as well.


What your are saying is not true.

Fringe has always taken a winter break. All shows do, because most people are busy over Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Kwanza, Festivus, etc. If they aired episodes during those times, they would have terrible ratings which WOULD hurt the show.

Like I said in the post, the season is 35 weeks long, but they only make 22 episodes per season. They try to run Fringe in "blocks" of episodes as much as possible (i.e four at a time). If they spread the episodes out over the entire 35 weeks, they would have a break/rerun every other episode. From my experience with "Lost", people HATE reruns that often.

Dennis said...

Anonymous said "What else can be done?"


someguy said...

It's gonna be a looooong 2 months...

J.D. said...

Interesting that no network has started taking into account the online community. Nearly everyone I know doesn't watch live T.V. anymore; 1 - because it's to restrictive to their personal schedule, and 2 - because cable costs to much to weed thru the crap shows to find the good ones.

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