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FRINGE - Noble Intentions: "Novation"

      Email Post       11/11/2011 07:59:00 AM      

In the latest interview in this series John Noble talks about his relationship with Nina in the new timeline.

It is an interesting dynamic in this new timeline. Noble discusses Walter's misplaced feelings of blame on Nina due to the drowning death of RedVerse Peter and the guilt associated with that. He also talks about the joys of working with Blair Brown and speculates as to Nina's motivations in asking Walter to embrace the adult Peter that has shown up in the Season 4 Time Line.
Noble has always found Nina a mysterious character and ponders if she is up to no good.


FringeFan said...

Hats off to Mr. Noble. His portrayal of Walter has been THE best acting I've ever seen till date. Fringe definitely needs another couple & more seasons. Let's hope it happens. Fringies, do all you can to save this great show.

Matthew M said...

I liked what he said at the end about playing Walter as being resentful and angry that this 'imposter' is taking Olivia away from him (he sees her a a surrogate daughter) and doen't trust him.
Some so called fans want the show to hurry up and get Peter and Walter and Olivia back together like the other time line. Don't think that will happen unless they reset to the original.

cortexifan said...

John Noble is awesome.
S4 so far is the best. Perfect timing. Not too fast and not too slow.
Watch live!
Fringe Rocks!

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