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Fringe Sneak Peeks: Wallflower

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Here are three scenes from this week's Fringe episode "Wallflower", which airs November 18th at 9:00pm on FOX.

Clips #2 and #3 are after the break.


Old Darth said...

The Olive/Nina clip is most intriguing.

Matthew M said...

More and more I am beginning to think this is a third, totally different timeline where Peter doesn't belong. In the previous timeline he disappeared and they are all probably wondering what happened to him!
I do love the Nina Olivia relationship here but I wonder if we will ever see Rachel and Ella again in any timeline? So many questions. Very intriguing and I still love this Series!

Suhara said...

Looks great as usual, but I wish we would have had our real Fall finale... :(

Angela said...

do i detect a little jealousy peter, lol

Laura008 said...

I had also the feeling Peter is jealous:)

LC_07 said...

NOOOOOOO!!!! (that was my thought after clip 2!!! I feel so bad for Peter!!! I do feel a little jealousy from him, but also a little understanding, after all, he fell in love with her too (even though they are not the same, the similaraties are there). Another love triangle will be so hard to watch! I mean, poor Peter!

But I'm also glad he's got a friend now! Actually, he hasn't got a guy friend ever right? Maybe Charlie, but he's been gone for so long.

Like OT Olivia, this Newlivia is looking to improve herself emotionally, in different ways, but still... Is she gonna find what she's looking for in Lincoln?

LC_07 said...

I know that everything keeps indicating that this is a third universe, but I can't accept that.
If that was the case, why did the Observers say they don't "remember" him? If he never existed in this universe, how could they?

And when Peter was erased, there was no flash, color change or sound effect, like the ones we have when we switch universes. Just Peter was erased.

And still, how come Newlivia dreams of Peter? If she never really met him?

hummm too many questions, that won't be answered until january! So sad!

Anonymous said...

You 'romantics' love to read into things that aren't there. I just watched the second vid again and I concentrated on Peter's words. I don't see any jealously of Lincoln at all. What I see is amusement and a little envy that L.L. is seeing in this Olivia what he (Peter) saw in his Olivia back in season 1. You so-called 'shippers' (whatever the hell that means!) are just so obsessed with this relationship. What about 'over there' Olivia? Why aren't you obsessed with her relationship - oh yes, well she can have over there Lincoln or Frank or whoever but not Peter. What if Peter really wants her? If he is in the wrong place then in all probability this Lincoln would get this Olivia and Peter will have to find his way back to an available Olivia ala 'Quantum Leap'. All i'm saying is don't be surprised by anything that happens on this series.


Konstantin (refugee from Fox Fringe community, STILL down) said...

The corpse displays the classic signs of albinism, right down to pink irises. I wonder who or what might need melanin? or what was being withdrawn from the body that dragged the melanin out with it? Dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra? The "dopaminergic mind"?

I guess we'll know soon enough.

Anonymous said...

SexySmart Peter has returned! He's wise to the fallacy of doppelgangers (thanks to his Bolivia faux-pas) and was gifted years of blissful matrimony while married to his Olivia (thanks to the machine). He's also shown he's able to roll with the punches (time jumps ain't no thang!). And if his responses to Olivia's inquiry about his/our Olivia last week and LL's declaration of interest in the new Olivia from clip number 2, I say not only do we have great chance of Peter making a bunch of friends here, but I could even see him playing matchmaker between LL and Olivia, especially because of his love for his Olivia (as though she were Olivia's sister). Now, where I see the angst developing is with this Olivia falling for Peter and Peter pushing her away and towards LL... but will LL want Peter's leftovers--especially if Olivia's living with the memories/dreams/migraines of the love for another man? Ha! There are so many great possibilities here! Regardless, I think (and hope and have my fingers crossed) that all the relationships on this show are gonna develop satisfactorily. I want payoff. BIG FREAKING PROPORTIONAL PAYOFF!!

Dave Thompson said...

Again, 3rd universe.

Keep the faith!

trent said...

Fantastic! Another love triangle. Just what this show needed. The moment they made Lincoln Lee a regular, it was obvious they'd do this to appeal to the younger female fanbase. It doesn't matter that they make him wear glasses or that he's "shy and adorable", AltLincoln brought the soap opera to the altverse and this Lincoln is being used for the same in the amberverse.

Nina is even creepier when she acts all maternal, but it's great to see on screen.

I don't know if I like the scene with Walter and Astrid. He's meaner to her in this timeline, but she can also hold her own. I miss their old relationship.

LC_07 said...

Walter is meaner in a lot of senses, he's more fragile in this time line, more damaged, but not as sweet.

Yes! I'm a romantic and a shipper (also, do not know what the hell does that mean! Only learned this word last week), the point is I root for Polivia. But most of all I look foward to good storytelling. And I just don't want another entire season of another love triangle, that's all. If they decide that to chang everything and pair up LL with Olivia, Peter with Astrid (I would be sad but...) I could still enjoy the show very much, because I love the job the writes do on this show and the unpredictably of it all.

And for me, the jealousy of Peter, is not necessarily of this Olivia and LL, but of the situation, falling in love and being around this other person. Things he doesn't know he's getting back

Anonymous said...

I agree with LC_07
3rd Universe unlikely, unless there is another peter who switched places with "original peter" during the "time snap" that took place. so peter would have been displaced twice (no including his childhood). highly unlikely/convoluted even from Fringe writers.

peter seems more amused then jealous in the second clip, mentally he know this is not the olivia he knows I think he is more entertained bc in season 1 olivia is the one asking all the questions/learning what is possible and now LL is doing the same thing. I like the developement of a love triangle, what are olivia's dreams of anyhow?

Nice to see Astrid doing more field work, and acting independently.

I wonder if we will know any more details of the cortexiphan trials, very curious to know the extent of olivia's abilities, will we see more tank scenes, etc.


Zepp said...

Yes, my friend, Konstatin, that face "anemic", should be a kind of albino Observer. I'm just guessing, but "this" Astrid, an Observer has never seen, and I presume that means she is afraid of this guy who is all white, with a look of dead. But even that "refugee," we are waiting for the reopening, interacting (and will continue even after) this great website that is the Fringe Television.

LC_07 said...

How can he be on observer? He's got hair!xD

I do love this website! Thank you so much to all the people that keep it up and running!

Zepp said...

Yes, I was mistaken. But he could well be an Observer, had all the "requisites"; black suit with tie, guy with the white skin, faded anemic, almost non-existent eyebrows .... but it was not a "them":)

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