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Fringe Sneak Peek 407 "Wallflower"

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Walter is fascinated by the octopus he purchased.


FringeFan said...

Walter's done it again. Never ceasing to delight.

Sandy Alletto Corbin said...

Peter is in a situation where everyone is watching as he walks into a time warp situation and you mean to tell me nothing gets triggered where ANYONE remembers him??? This is getting way too frustrating and as a writer..I feel to extend the story in this manner is not good writing but manipulation. Peter is too good of a character to not be involved in the Central story..yes it was cool special effects..but not believable that no one when he is in a similar situation that he not be remembered...Sandy

Blitz said...

On the other hand, I am truly very satisfied with this 4th season of Fringe. Each episode is better than the previous one. The situations are, for me, with much more action, special effects, more active, better put, a picture very well prepared ... Anyway, everything is better than in the past three seasons, I see. Peter's character is great, this new situation Fringe, more active, more brightness, more decision. 'The only drawback for me is the character of Olivia. I'm finding it kind retracted, distant, with little strength, I think. I may be wrong, but the character Olivia, is in the background, in relation to Peter. Walter, kind of different, rudest, continues its original emphasis. But in general compte, stories, scenes and performance artist, is best, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree, Blitz. It seems they are sacrificing the significance of Olivia's character (seeming to make her only relevance of that of a girlfriend for one of the guys)for Peter's character development. I do like this new mature, take charge Peter, but I know Olivia has it in her to go head to head. Also, it seems as if they are making Lincoln more perceptive than Olivia. I know this is a new timeline, but does that mean Olivia has to loose her mojo?

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