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Fringe Trailer: "Everything Will Become Clear"

      Email Post       11/21/2011 09:34:00 AM      

Here is a new trailer for the "Winter Premiere" Fringe episode "Back To Where You've Never Been", which premieres January 13, 2012.


Old Darth said...

You're So Far Away

Matthew M said...

COOL! But too short. I don't think the shapeshifters (these new ones) are from the other side or at least not from over there Walter's Fringe Division. I think they are the work of Jones and over there Nina ( or maybe over here Nina for reasons we don't yet know). Can't wait for January - the hell with Christmas and New Years! It is possible that over here Olivia is a shapeshifting clone!

LC_07 said...

Is it January already?

I know they're trying to give us a taste of what's to come, and not leave us completely fringeless, but that's so mean!!! It only makes more desperate and aware of the fact that still 2 months away!!!

The Olivia from over here is a shapeshifter? That's an interesting thought, but I don't know...Where is she lying down? What is that place?

The shapeshifters would be from the other side, because this kind of tech doesn't exist in our side.

tvnut014 said...

I can't believe that they're giving us a promo already. IT'S TWO MONTHS AWAY. Thanks for rubbing it it... sigh. Why isn't it January?

Anonymous said...

After i saw the trailer, i checked the end of 'Wallflower', because Olivia got an injection, which was red like the serum of Dr. Truss in 'Novation'...It could be, that she is a shapeshifter.

Charles TS (a FAN) said...

Looks like the writers are out of ideas on how to continue the story and are looking for inputs from us, the public.

2 months is too much, it might strongly damage the rating.

Would hate FOX cancelling it as they did with other series.

Dennis said...

Charlie TS (a FAN?),

That's just silly. The Fringe executive producers (i.e. head writers) Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner have stated they have show ideas for 8 seasons. They are not going to run out of ideas for a long, long time.

Enjoy the holidays, Fringe will be back soon.


If you check out the screenshots for "Wallflower" on, you can see clearly that she was injected with Cortexiphan.

milostanfield said...

Olivia was probably injected with Cortexiphan. Given the past and possible storylines, I think that is the highest probability, but there is nothing "clearly" about that screenshot that does make it Cortexiphan. So all bets, including shapeshifter serum, or even "anti-Cortexiphan", or something one of us hasn't thought up yet, are still on the lab table. Now if I can just get my Acme 53 Day Time Machine to work...(phoomp!)

Dennis said...


Try clicking on the photo in that link to see it full-sized.

The bottles in the briefcase say "CORTEXIPHAN" right on them.

Anonymous said...
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LC_07 said...

So, if they're injecting Olivia with cortexiphan, they are not trying to supress her powers right? They are probably trying to awake them, right?! humm

I don't believe Fox is gonna cancel half way through the season, specially because there's probably a lot shot and edited already. I hope they don't cancel after the season, and that we get the 6 seasons they have planned (Dennis, they have ideas for 8 seasons, but I've seen them saying that they planned the arc for 6 seasons. ?!)

LC_07 said...

milostanfiled, if you look at the pic where the shots are still in the briefcase you can see their labels and it says "cortexiphan".

LC_07 said...

Ooops, Dennis already said that! Sorry!

Berlie said...

who is the guy that olivia over there talking to? Is Licoln over here?

milostanfield said...

Dennis (and LC_07):
Thanks all. Got it. It's in large bold black type just above the light shine. Hard to see, but yup it's Cortexiphan, not Dayquil. Looks like someone's about to become a butterfly. If the comment that guy made about her waking up with a headache is implying that they've been doing this a lot, hence her migraines, I wonder why she hasn't noticed needle marks.

So now we can move on to why, and why now. Her big cortexitalent, besides starting fires when she's scared, is crossing universes. Someone here (Kit I think) posted a theory that Peter's rogue mission in the redverse will flail and fail, and that Olivia will have to go over there (AGAIN!) and rescue him. Ta da!(?). My plan to rewatch "Over There" before this next ep may pay off after all.

This could also mean that Nina is acting in the interest of good. Maybe not, but I must rise in defense of all women ginger! Thanks again.

milostanfield said...

Will there be screenshots posted from this preview? Still trying to figure out what is in that glass cylinder Walternate is holding up (a shapeshifter fetus?). The shots seem to be intentionally blurred, or am I just spoiled by 720p.

LC_07 said...

I have the feeling that a lot of it is blurred as well. I don't know if it's intentional, if they used just the pieces and bits that the cinematographer decided to go unfocused. But I think it's probably the video quality.

I think that Walternate is holding a shapeshifter memory disc. I could be completely wrong though, it's just what it looks like to me.

Olivia wouldn't have noticed the scars, because they are under her hair, or so close to her hair line that she didn't notice.

máy lọc nước said...

After i saw the trailer, i checked the end of 'Wallflower', because Olivia got an injection, which was red like the serum of Dr. Truss in 'Novation'

Konstantin (DP from Fox Fringe Community) said...

Yeah, looks like Cortexiphan all right...which makes exactly no sense, since every adult Bad Brandon gave the stuff to (as reported in 3.13) dropped dead. Now I'll be waiting the next 8 weeks for some sort of half-baked explanation for the contradiction--to add to all the other contradictions & "ludicrosities" in "Fringe."

What passes for "science" in this series is 95% hogwash, and the alternate timeline is so poorly worked out it's ridiculous. (Zeppelins? "Low oxygen" zones?) If I didn't find the characters so fascinating, I wouldn't give "Fringe" the time of day. (And even that is beginning to wear on me, with Walter so severely damaged it's impossible to have any sympathy or empathy for him, and Peter so completely consumed with "getting back to where he once belonged" that he's almost a cipher.)

LC_07 said...

Kostantin and Máy, looking back at the previous comments on this post, you can see that Dennis
linked the screenshots of the episode here, and you can see that the shots in the briefcase says cortexiphan.
Oilvia is not an ordinary test subject, she's been exposed to the drug before, so it probably wouldn'e kill her right?! If it did, THAT would be a contradiction.

Konstantin (DP from Fox Fringe Community) said...

OK, I can accept that OD might not OD on the stuff. :p

The label does, however, suggest that it's Nina & not Ninalt (if she even exists) doing the dosing. It's only called "cortexiphan" in the Bluniverse; all they knew Over There (as of what, 3-4 days before at most?) was its chemical composition. Names (including the common names of drugs) are usually assigned with a certain amount of caprice, & the notion that an alternate timeline would use exactly the same name for it is...well, let's say "not terribly well thought through."

Dennis said...


'well, let's say "not terribly well thought through."'

It's hard to wrap my mind around it, but if you consider there are unlimited universes, then of course they could have the same drug with the name "Cortexiphan".
...and there is another universe where the drug is call "Cortexifan"
...and there is another universe where the drug is call "Kortexiphan"

With that said, I don't believe the other side would have Cortexiphan. There's no reason for them to have developed it. We developed Corexiphan, they developed Shape Shifters.

Dennis said...

Here's a random hypothetical:

Peter creates the bridge. Security is not tight at the start, David Jones crosses over, kills William Bell.

It would explain the super high security now, and why Bell is dead in the new timeline (i.e. he didn't have to help Olivia escape).

DRJ could have created the new shape shifters "over there", based on the tech for the 1.0 shape shifters.

It's probably Walternate though. Just like he switched the Olivias without telling anyone, he and evil Brandon are probably up to no good again...

Konstantin (DP from Fox Fringe Community) said...

Dennis said, "I don't believe the other side would have Cortexiphan. There's no reason for them to have developed it."

Check the end of transcript for "Amber 31422" (3.05):

BRANDON: ...[S]omething interesting. About twenty minutes ago, her brain chemistry spiked. It seems there's some dormant chemical in her brain.

SECRETARY BISHOP: Hmm. Some sort of synthetic compound.

BRANDON: From the way it's bound to her neurons, I'd say it's been there since she was a child.

Then in Act I of "Immortality" (3.13),under "Liberty Island - Children Not Allowed":

BRANDON FAYETTE: The experiments with the chemical we synthesized from the other Olivia's brain... it appears there's been a breakthrough.

IOW they found Cortexiphan, have some idea of what it does, synthesized it, & dosed some test subjects with it--but they don't know it by that name.

Dennis said...


Remember, all that happened in the red/blue universes before Peter disappeared.

Now we are in the "orange" universe, where both Peters died as children, so it's likely that none of that would have taken place.

We know that an "Olivia switch" still took place in the orange universe, but we don't know why.

The reason the red universe studied Olivia's brain chemistry was to figure out how she was able cross over with no side effects. But in the orange universe, Olivia wouldn't have crossed over to save Peter, since he didn't exist.

Until they show otherwise, I still don't think there was a need for the orange "over there" to have synthesized cortexiphan.

Zepp said...

I see that the events occurred before Peter, connected to the machine, simply never happened. Everything is more or less, resulting from worlds without the presence of the adult Peter. Also these "new" personalities of the main characters are also me "crazy", I also agree with Konstantin. Mainly, for me, indecipherable Walter: he is a good guy? bad? rude? friendly? As well, now, "genius of the moment," Peter. The behavior and personality of these two characters, I see that has changed significantly. But even with some "things are not well understood or told" I feel this is because we are still early in the season, I think.

Konstantin said...

Dennis: Point taken. Funny that should've slipped my mind--I'm usually the one shooting down others' ideas because "we can't assume that still happened in a timeline when both Peters died as children."

In any case, we agree that the Nina supervising surreptitious nocturnal injections is almost certainly from the crazy-Walter timeline. (I refer to it as such because I'm not convinced it is in fact "our" timeline, & am keeping an eye out for evidence it's not.) social media said...

Is it like Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, that the season episodes will resume January next year? It is really disappointing when you can't watch and be updated right away with your favorite series. I think you feel the same way.

LC_07 said...

Dennis, Olivia could have crossed over to meet with Bell. In this timeline, Nina said he was dead, but when did he die? That isn't clear, is it? Maybe she did still cross over to talk to him, and Walternate learned about that somehow.

We also don't know how the machine was turned on. If the machine is uniquely tunned to Peter's DNA, and Peter died, how could they turn it on?

And if Peter died, and never lived to see the future (3.22), and get Walter out of prision to send the machine back through time, how come the machine exists is this timeline, in the first place? Who send it? Who created it?

I still think the two timelines are intertwined somehow (Like Walter owning the house that the FBI rented for them on S1, or the reappearence of DRJ) that's why Peter wasn't effectvily erased. Just like he is an annomaly in this timeline, other things may have remained as well, and we'll figure it out as they learn how all of this happened. I don't know, but the writers have some work cut out for them!

ALFernate said...

What some are failing to realize is that just because they injected her with cortexiphan doesnt mean an OD will occur, it is most likely the way Mitch Loeb activated her in "Safe" from season 1, when he kidnapped Olivia. But in the Peterless Orangeverse her activation probably didnt occur and we are now witnessing her activation by Nina Sharp instead of Mitch Loeb

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