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Fringe 408 Preview: "Back To Where You've Never Been"

      Email Post       11/18/2011 10:48:00 PM      

Here is the preview from the end of "Wallflower" for the Spring Premiere Fringe episode "Back To Where You've Never Been", which airs on FRIDAY, January 13th at 9:00PM on FOX.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel (and click the "pop out" button) to watch it in full-sized HD.

Screenshots from this preview can be viewed at


Matthew M said...

Looks like things will really be heating up in January WOOHOO!

Reinbeast said...

Thank you! I watch live but DVR in case the channel accidentally gets changed. When the pile of junk stops recording, you always lose five seconds in between shows. In fact, I've counted 19 idiotic things the Cox Motorola DVR does that it shouldn't. Really need a Tivo...or anything else.

dmnw said...

Peter clones all in different timelines experiencing possible outcomes at 0:37???

Kit said...

"Agent Lee I presume"

And then they are overcome by how hot they both are and make out.

You can't prove I'm wrong till January!

Anonymous said...

@dmnw I believe that they are the new breed of shape shifters but then again this show has had some twists i never saw coming.

@Kit Hahaha that would be quite funny to watch. I wonder how Fauxliva would react to that. There Probably would be a weird awkward silence after i presume.


Roberto said...

FINALLY! The FRINGE we've come to care about is back! Fauxlivia, Walternate, The Oberver, alt-Lincoln, and cosmic events. I could live w/o the pap we've seen this season, but now it'll be depressing again if this IS the last several episodes. (Make them good, show runners.) Not to be as crass as the Lincoln's making out, but in the back of Peter's mind, he has to at least consider nailing the same gal in 3 different universes! "Love me THREE times girl, I'm goin' away." And of course, there's still post-machine Fauxlivia. This could be quite a challenge.

Kit said...

Awkward silence and heavy breathing...

milostanfield said...

@ Kit

Hmmm. If Lincoln takes his glasses off in that scene, watch out!

LC_07 said...

I can't believe have to wait two months to see that. =( I'm not gonna make it!

Happy to see redverse again too!!!

Curious note: if they have a bridge built between universes on Liberty Island, why is Peter crossing through the Orpheum? And now, the longest wait ever, to have the answer to that question.

Fringe Lover said...

"I have come to tell you something Oliva" ~ OMG give me goose bumps. I wish I could build a time machine and jump to January!

FringeFan said...

Oh man, oh man, oh man!!!! That was an exciting preview. Can't wait till January!!!!! David Jones and September finally resurface!!!! We're finally moving somewhat towards a possible return to the original BlueVerse. I think Back To Where You Have Never Been refers to the current RedVerse (or the original BlueVerse..... or the original RedVerse... ---can't think---) And did I see the opera house/auditorium from S3 finale???
"Now we're doing this my way" - EPIC!!!!!

FringeFan said...

Seeing the ending of Wallflower, I'm getting a feeling the Observers just wiped the memories of everyone (about Peter and whatever they don't remember from previous 3 seasons) using the serum+gas combo Nina used on Olivia (Nina is probably in league with the Observers), and making Peter appear in the lake (they wouldn't do that to Peter, which would explain him remembering everything).
And if the current universe is not the original BlueVerse or a rewritten version of it without Peter, how come we haven't seen any differences between the two till now. Because we all know the butterfly effect carries much weight in Fringe.
Although that does leave the question of David Robert Jones still being alive, but he could be the alternate version from the RedVerse. However, this contradicts the conversation between September and December from Neither Here Nor There, & does not agree with Peter's blue-ball-of-energy state previously. And the memory wipe thing does sound a little absurd, considering all the different memories that would need to be wiped, but hey, we're talking about Fringe here.

milostanfield said...

@LC_07 re: Curious note

I'm guessing he couldn't get Broyles and the blueverse FD to sign off on crossing over, so Peter has to go rogue (YES! At last!). AND recruit Olivia to help him! Gonna go back and watch "Over There" again to get ready for this one. This is gonna be so great! People, work on getting your fake Show Me's ready, we're going RED in January!

my curious note: I'm still trying to nail down the flash frame of Robert Jones, but I'm not quick enough with the pause button. Anybody have the seconds count? TIA. And kudos to the commenter(s) who predicted Jones.

Anonymous said...

If there is a bridge between worlds, why does Peter need help crossing over? Wouldn't he remember the bridge?

milostanfield said...

Found the frame of Jones in the screenshots, but this being Fringe, answers only lead to more questions, namely which universe is he in, and which universe is he from?

Kit said...

Peter is still pretty much a prisoner so there is little chance they are going to let him use the actual bridge. I'm assuming Peter puts together a portal that is something like DRJ's or his father's original. Don't know how Our Lincoln get's drafted in but it is freaking cool.

Of course the fringe team over there has the capacity to measure distortions on the fabric of space etc. so of course the moment they hop over there Red Lincoln and Olivia are all over them like a fly on dog sh*t.

DRJ isn't dead because Peter wasn't there to kill him and I think he is almost definitely responsible for the new brand of shape shifters.

I'm assuming September comes to tell Our!Olivia that Peter is going to destroy the world if he tries to go back to his timeline. After all fringe loves symmetry and if Walter crossing to save Peter as a child starts the dominoes falling then one can only assume there will be a similar penalty for Peter trying to get back to his time line.

Also Nina has been dosing Olivia with what looks like Cortexiphan(which Walter had to do in Jacksonville to manifest her powers) and DRJ is back and he is the one who helps her to manifest her powers so yeah I'm sensing Olivia is going to find out just has special she is very soon.

My forecast: Despite Peter's ability to improvise on the fly he is going to get in some kind of jam with blue Lincoln. Olivia is going to cross over to save them/stop peter from going home and her powers are going to come out.

milostanfield said...

Kit: your forecast sounds very right on. Don't be surprised if Fox lawyers contact you and try to shush you.;). I too would love to see this Olivia become empowered as in the old timeline, and that previous empowerment involved Peter as well.

I hope FTV keeps this article near the top of the page for the duration for more comments. This article rocks! For a 46 second preview that clip had almost as much juice in it a a full ep.

Beppa said...

One question I have is about Orla Brady ( Elizabeth Bishop). She looks so young in her peek scene with Peter- I'm curious, and I can't WAIT!!!!

milostanfield said...

Had to LOL at how differently the two Olivias responded to seeing Peter for the first time. The blonde: "Who ARE you?" The redhead: "Who the HELL are YOUUU!?"

Even though the rewrite seems to have dumbed her down to pretty much a supporting character and Olivia's foil, I'm still madly in love with her. When she's on screen I just don't see anything else. Peter will probably have nothing to do with her after the last encounter, but you never know. She seems much more Australian than Anna's take on Olivia. More working class? More…?, I don't know, maybe it's the red hair, or that belt with all those gadgets hanging off it… sigh. Maybe it's just the joy of watching a great actress nuance two roles at the same time. Thank you Anna Torv (a Gemini!). I love both of them.

Another awesome actress update: Have you heard the rumor? Astrid is gonna get her own centric ep! Stoked!

milostanfield said...

@Beppa - re Elizabeth Bishop

Been so fascinated with how all the young hotties are gonna sort themselves out, I forgot about how Peter's parents are gonna react to seeing him for the first time the second time.

Walternate seems to already know about Peter's sudden appearance in the blueverse. No surprise there. Interesting how just after he says "things are not as they seem" to Peter there is a flash of Jones and then the clone(?) tanks dmnw mentions above.

Elizabeth may have had a different history from hers in the old timeline where she seemed frailer (illness perhaps?). Can't wait for the scenes she will have with Peter. Those scenes they had in "Over There" are among my favorites in all of Fringe.

Man! Is it January yet? Just checking. They should rename this ep "Back To Where We'll Never Make It Without Exploding First".

Kit said...

I'm trying to work out who the hell it is that Peter tackles and Lincoln apparently shoots at 0:20. IS that ALT LINCOLN? What the hell?

My frustration is so great that I literally hate baseball for making me wait an extra two months for this episode.

@ milostanfield:

I rise with my red hair, and I eat men like air. - Sylvia Plath.

Yeah, Fauxlivia is completely different from Olivia. She is just more aggressive and sure of herself in general. With the rewrite she goes back to the stubborn vendetta she has on the Blue universe, no relationship with Peter to make her see the error of her ways.

I think if there is a version of Olivia that Peter can hate it's probably Fauxlivia, not just for the past but because she is the antithesis of everything in our Olivia.

milostanfield said...

@ Kit - re: who's shooting who

Hard to tell from the blurry action but I don't think it's Lincoln. He looks older and beefier than Lincoln and has his cuff on his left ear. Lincoln wears his on his right ear. I went to YT and blew up the image. Easier to tell. So it looks like he is a red universe FD agent, and yet another "red shirt". Been a lot of those this season. I've seen this damn preview 10 times and counting. I am such a redverse fanboy. Is it January yet?

Gaby said...

Gosh!!! I can't believe that I have to wait til January to see this!
I love this series so much!
And now that Peter is back, I was dying to see alt!Lincoln with blueverse!Lincoln.
Life is unfair!

Kit said...

I just realized this episode is going to air on a Friday the 13th and got goosebumps. I don't know if it bodes ill or good.

@ milostanfield - re: who's shooting who

Thanks for the clarification. I almost had a heart attack!

LC_07 said...

Is Olivia at the Orpheum when the Observer is talking to her?
Did she help Peter and LL go Over There? Why did Peter talk to her about this and not Broyles?
What is the Observer telling her? OMG! This is too hard!!!

milostanfield said...

@ Kit -"I rise with my red hair, and I eat men like air. - Sylvia Plath."

I stand willingly consumed.

That's "Lady Lazarus" from "Ariel", right? Been a while. Spent half my college years trying to imitate her style. Don't ask.

I can fully understand Olive's hard feelings toward the Blue universe. Thousands of innocents have been sentenced to a living death in Amber, and given the capriciousness of physics and breaches, they may be the lucky ones. Yes, the original cause was tragically inadvertent, but still, damage on a genocidal/ecocidal scale has been done.

But with that said, I think Olive's hard feelings toward Olivia seem oddly personal. She rubs in salt and grins about it every chance she gets, almost like a jealous little sister. I'd like to see an ep where they get together and resolve things. Always want the release before the tension is done building (including 53 day tension!). But this show has more important matters to resolve, so it's doubtful.

At least I hope she comes to her senses enough to ditch that buffed Ken doll Frank for ever patient Lincoln!

LC_07 said...

Yeees!!! FauxLivia and LL!!! I totally root for them! But Peter doesn't hate this Fauxlive right? Just like he doesn't Newlivia. At least, if he keeps up the "these are not my people, this is not my home" speech. (I'm still on the this-is-the-right-universe-and-the-right-people-with-a-different-timeline train; and until January comes, no one can get me out of it! xD)

LC_07 said...

"just like he doesn't LOVE Newlivia" in the previous comment ok?!
(Sorry about that, sometimes the brain goes faster than the fingers!)

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