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Fringe Easter Eggs: Hidden Glyphs in "Wallflower"

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There are two hidden symbols in the Fringe episode "Wallflower". The Flower and Butterfly glyphs can be seen hanging on the wall as art (get it...wall flower), in the diner where Olivia meets Lincoln on her 3:00am walk.

Here are close-ups of the two paintings:


lohhw3 said...

there is a butterfly symbol (on the yellow lamp) in the last scene when nina closed the door.

Reinbeast said...

I usually miss the glyphs AND the Observers because I'm so engrossed in the story and characters. But I catch them later here on the DVDs. :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice the absence of a 13th floor in the elevator? (it does not appear on the LED or buttons in the scene near the end). said...

Most elevators do not have a 13th floor.

jophan said...

The watertower picture may tie into 4x01, too.

Emgett said...

I thought it was supposed to be a kind of shipper nod-- the "L" glyph and the "O" glyph with a heart in the middle.

Of course, we can't see the glyphs clearly enough to be quite sure which ones they are (I or L, O or P), but only L <3 O really makes sense there, particularly since the "L" is above Lincoln and the "O" is above Olivia.

Konstantin (DP from Fox Fringe Community) said...

I'm kinda curious about the photo of a marquee that's right above the mini-jukebox on the wall between them. (I Googled "Sartee" & found nothing but an art festival in Sarasota, but that's not surprising.) Mainly I wonder whose names are on that marquee--it might be significant. (Isn't everything, in Fringeworld?) Among other things it might indicate some divergence of this timeline from the old Bluniverse--or, for that matter, our own.

JodyA said...

Could "sartee" be an anagram? I ran it through an anagram solver and got "teaser" and "a reset". Can anyone read what the rest of the words on marquee under "sartee" say? I can't make it out.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't say Sartee. It says Santee

Dennis said...

Santee is a town in Southern California, and that sign is from a still-operating drive-in movie theater.


Konstantin (DP from Fox Fringe Community) said...

@Dennis & whoever--originally I thought "Santee" as well but the harder I looked, the more that looked like an R instead of an N. Sorry. Either I need a better monitor or new glasses.

I still wonder what the marquee says.

Konstantin (DP from Fox Fringe Community) said...

--& I'm also wondering if there's anything special about that drive-in. Why would a photo of a San Diego-area drive-in marquee be framed & hanging in a (supposedly) Boston diner--unless there's something else afoot? It's probably the most prominent piece on that wall--right between them & fully illuminated, for cripesake.

Anonymous said...

It looks like an R to some instead of an N. How weird is that, that you get the words "A Reset" because that's what Fringe is going through now, a reset. I just found it odd.

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