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Commercials From Fringe Episode "And Those We've Left Behind"

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This is a compilation of all the commercials shown during the Fringe episode "And Those We've Left Behind", inspired by BirdAndBear's post on overcoming Nielsen invisibility.

Please take a moment to thank the sponsors of Fringe, by either purchasing thier products, or saying thanks on their Twitter accounts. Here is a list of the sponsors shown in the video above, with links to their twitter accounts.


K. Archer said...

I took about 10 minutes to set up a Twitter account and tweet something along the following lines to most of these companies: "@Nature_Valley Want you to know I've started eating your product based on commercials I've seen on @FRINGEonFOX. Never miss an episode!"

K. Archer

Tori said...

Don't forget @Nissan and @NissanLeaf who are official sponsors his season!

Tori said...

Tweeting them all only took about ten minutes and I've actually gotten several "thank you" messages tweeted back, including one which specifically asked which product commercial I saw.

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