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Fringe: The Shape Of Things To Come

      Email Post       11/03/2011 04:36:00 PM      

Fringe executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman talk about the new and improved Shapeshifter 2.0.


fringeobsessed said...

They don't bleed mercury? Hm. Well, there goes the diagnostic test.

Anonymous said...

John Scott was a shapeshifters?

darwin's god said...

we already know they don't bleed mercury because of the two that were shot in the first show of the season. but telling us that david robert jones and zft are behind the new shapeshifters seems to be a kinda spoiler.

why does the ad here say "pre-order' season 3? the tapes have been on sale for 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that our Olivia isn't even on the front cover, it is Bolivia with her bang. My favorite character is definitely Olivia, and obviously season 3 is about Bolivia, and I really don't like this b...

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