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"Watch Fringe Live And Win" Contest Winner #7

      Email Post       11/23/2011 03:24:00 PM      

Congratulations to Nicole Boese (@NicoleBoese) of Green Bay, WI (Go Pack!) - last week's winner of a Fringe Travel Mug AND a Fringe Division Logo T-shirt, compliments of TVTeez.com.

Fringe Repeats will begin in the usual time slot starting December 9th, but there will be no new Fringe episodes until January 13th, at which time we will continue the Watch Fringe Live And Win! contest with "Back To Where You've Never Been".

We have a few things planned during the break, so keep checking back.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jenea (Ann) said...

I vote every day... like 50 times I guess!

Jennifer (obsessed Josh Jackson fan) said...

I vote EVERY day at least 400 times....this show DESERVES to win hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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