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DVR ratings:'Fringe,' 'Grimm,' and 'House' now lead the way

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DVR ratings: 'Fringe,' 'Grimm,' and 'House' now lead the way
Matt Carter, TV Examiner
November 29, 2011

 We're always fascinated with just how many people actually opt to watch some of their favorite shows after the fact, and this new round of DVR ratings proves one thing -- people go out frequently on Friday nights, and some of the shows we thought were struggling are actually doing a little better than we thought.

With that, we come to the top five percentage-gainers in 18-49 viewing for the week of November 7 (which were just released on Tuesday).

 1."Fringe" - Will a show ever double its viewership in 18-49 viewing? "Fringe" came closer than all others this week, gaining 72% after its initial airing to finish with a 1.9 rating.

Read Matt Carter's full article at TV Examiner here.


cortexifan said...

I love Fringe and want it to stay around for at least one more season. It's cool that it gets DVR'd so much. It would be even cooler if it gets DVR'd and watched live at the same time with those numbers.
Is it January yet?

Dmitry said...

If Russian audience could only be counted as a source of ratings, Fringe would be the most popular show ever!

Reinbeast said...

I'm not sure it's fascinating that people DVR their favorite shows to watch later. Besides what you already pointed out, that people go out on Fridays a lot, sometimes we're just too busy and/or favorite shows get scheduled against each other. The reason I watch Fringe live over Supernatural is that the darker show seems to fit better later, but they're both favorites.

Anonymous said...

UMMM hmmmphhhhh what wonderful "fans" this show has...Like really??

JStillwaters said...

Ratings aren't the only consideration of whether to keep a show on the air. Fringe looks like an expensive show to put together. The special effects are off the charts great, especially for television. The actors are incredibly talented. But, unlike "Friends" their environment is more than a couple of couches and a few lamps. If I were making any decisions about the show (which I'm not), I'd be looking at fitting the effects EVEN MORE around the actors and not the other way around. Who really cares if the graphics are totally spot on. I think viewers are more concerned about how Olivia is wearing her hair. The final scenes of "Wallflower" showed that quite nicely.

Skyler said...

Excelent news!!!!! XD

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