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Fringe Is TV's Most DVR'd Show

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NY Magazine's Vulture column has a fascinating article/slideshow that explores the demographics of this season's crop of TV Shows. Did you know that Bones and Terra Nova are the top two shows for people over 50, or the top three shows for people with four years of college are Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Community? Here is what the demos have to say about Fringe:
Who's Getting Delayed?

Fox's Fringe gets the biggest percentage boost from time-shifting: Probably thanks to its Friday-night berth, it adds 133 percent more adults 18-49 viewers from DVRs. 90210, Up All Night, Modern Family, and Supernatural round out the top five most-DVRed shows this season. The show nobody bothers to DVR? America's Funniest Home Videos, which adds just 7 percent to its total. Trampoline accidents clearly need to be watched in real time.
That's a huge jump, but a 133% increase means that more people watch delayed than live. Of course, it would be better if they all watched live, but at least they are watching (and hopefully within the 3-day window so it counts in the L+3 and C+3 ratings).

* Thanks to SpoilerTV for finding this!


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