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No 'Glee' For Fringe Fans, Season Cut to 20 Episodes

      Email Post       3/09/2009 06:37:00 PM      

Fringe Executive Producer J.R. Orci confirmed today that the Fringe season has been officially cut to 20 episodes.

The two main culprits for the shortened season are the Osbournes: Reloaded special on March 31st, and the High School Musical/Bring It On ripoff called Glee, which "previews" May 19th, following the American Idol season finale. This leaves room for only six new Fringe episodes before the end of May 'Sweeps'.

It should be noted that Fringe has still not been renewed for a second season yet, but Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly did have some nice things to say when speaking to The Hollywood Reporter:
THR: What is the future of RemoteFreeTV?

REILLY: The jury's still out. We've gotten outstanding viewer feedback. I think the year hasn't helped. Fortunately, "Fringe" was a keeper. Can you sell the real estate for free? If we don't do it on a full series, we might use it for a special episode or stunt something. So we'll keep it in the mix in some fashion.

THR: There's a perception that "Lie to Me" and "Fringe" have been dependent on being paired with strong lead-ins. Is that fair? And even if it is fair, does it matter?

REILLY: No, it's not fair, and no, it doesn't matter. That's good television. "Fringe" has established a really dedicated audience, and "Lie to Me" is also very charming. Look across the board at 10 o'clock. Look at Thursday night, with the "Grey's Anatomy" lead-in and the "CSI" lead-in. Nobody forces anybody to watch a show even with a lead-in.


Anonymous said...

We like Fringe and so do our neighbors. That's two households! Don't dump it please.

Fringe Junky said...

My husband and I tell everyone about Fringe. It's the only show worth watching, an intreaging plot and fantastic cast, watch one episode and your hooked. Please don't take away my only addiction.

Anonymous said...

Just another Fringe fan wanting to
let anyone know who might read this that I think it's the greatest new show I've seen in years! I sure hope it keeps going, it would be unbelievable if this show doesn't stand up for several seasons at least.
Come on people, leave your positive comments here so the powers that be know that this show already has a fan following!

Anonymous said...

Fringe is one of those great shows that come along once in a very great while. The relationships are deep and intriguing. I would characterize it as an intellectual circus with depth, character and always leaving you wanting more. What more can a smart person ask for? No bimbo’s, no cliché plots. If House can stand its ground on Fox, so can Fringe. But remember the show is only as good as the number of people who support it. Blog, Blog, Blog.
Do not let the show die thinking executives are going to support a show with intellectual wit and no bimbos. It’s up to us to keep Fringe alive. Did I forget to mention how great the show is? It will someday become a cult classic, maybe even a movie will come out of it.

Anonymous said...

I vote to keep the show running! I am a big fan of Eleventh Hour, however compared to Fringe the show does not even compete! Fringe is so much better! Have not seen such a good duo like this since Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in X-Files!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, FRINGE needs a second season to mature into the classic show we all know it can become. Lets hope FOX are listening to the fans' voice.

ron neufeld said...

instead of writing here i went to fox and pleaded with them to keep the show on maybe if more of us do this they might reconsider i can only hope please tell everyonr to write fox to keep fringe on thank you

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