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Commercials From Fringe Episode "Novation"

      Email Post       11/07/2011 04:03:00 PM      

This is a compilation of all the commercials shown during the Fringe episode "Novation", excluding local and Fox ads.

I was inspired to create this by BirdAndBear's post on overcoming Nielsen invisibility.

Please take a moment to thank the sponsors of Fringe, by either purchasing thier products, or saying thanks on their Twitter accounts. Here is a list of the sponsors shown in the video above, with links to their twitter accounts.


Jeabp said...

What a good idea to post the commercials. That could be a very powerful trend :-)

birdandbear said...

Oh that's wonderful!! Thanks Dennis!! :D

Suhara said...

Did exactly that last week and actually got replies from a few sponsors!

Blue said...

Love this idea!

Zepp said...

Great idea, Dennis! As I am not in the USA, was unaware of this quantity with high quality advertisers that Fringe (Novation) has. is a group of highlighted advertisers, truly expressive, with great advertising created, produced and elaborated, which give a touch of high quality presentations of Fringe, no doubt!

FringeFan said...

@Suhara Which accounts did you tweet on? Can you pass them on please?

DadzBoyz said...

Great idea. Maybe we could have a post where we could select what advertisers services/products that we have used in the last month to show our value. Having a count may be a valuable piece of information.
Really, Fox should be doing exactly this on their site, and asking people, after or during the show (like a commercial break) to go online and show their sponsor support.

ericpick said...
Please let me know what you think about the Mass Effect idea. This could really work with careful planning.

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