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Fringe:Discuss Why and How Do Olivia and Nina Know Each Other?

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It's Wednesday, and time for another installment of our feature, Fringe:Discuss,
where we post a question and ask for your comments and opinions.

It's been 3 long weeks since episode 404, titled, "Subject 9" aired.
In it the following conversation took place between our Olivia Dunham and Nina Sharp:

NINA: So you told me about the Fringe Event, but I think you left something out. It's happening to you, isn't it? (motherly) Now, come on. I haven't seen this much fear in your face since Bobby Hastings asked you to the prom. So what can I do to help you, dear?

OLIVIA: (delighted with her docent) You've done it. Walter thinks he knows how to deal with it. We just need to find the file.

As you can read above, Olivia and Nina have a history in this timeline that they did not have in the one from the first three seasons.

Q:In the newly-established timeline, Olivia and Nina are closer than they were in the previous one.
    Why and how do Olivia Dunham and Nina Sharp know each other? Any theories?

Please post your comments below, and remember, do NOT post spoilers here.
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I look forward to reading everyone's theories on this interesting turn of events.


Steve said...

I believe Nina used her contacts with govt to get guardianship of Olivia after she killed her step-father. Why she would do this is another question, to keep Olivia under her thumb or the get back at Walter. Hmmmmm

Sam said...

I believe that in this new timeline, Peter was not around to convince Olivia to inform Walter of the abuse, therefore stopping her from running away. In this timeline, Olivia probably made the decision to run away, and probably ran either to Nina or Nina found her (since Walter and Nina appeared to work together on the whole universe crossing thing). Nina probably took Olivia in, which may be why Walter has such disdain towards Nina (because she effectively took their strongest child out of the trials). Nina probably took Olivia in as her own child... or something like that. Perhaps this could explain the mother-daughter type of relationship that they have? That's my theory...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nina helped Olivia to get over the problems a 9 years old child can get when they kill an adult. And get her guardianship when Marylin Dunham dies, when Olivia is 14 years old.

Osprey.Florida said...

Where is William Bell in this timeline? I'm assuming he didn't blow himself up like before.

maxi said...

i think its like sam said

DadzBoyz said...

I agree with Sam (not Sam from the show). But this begs the other question by Osprey. Where is Bell. If Olivia didn't cross over, he didn't have to die giving his energy. Also, where's Sam Weiss????

Osprey.Florida said...

Sam Weiss was a friend of Nina, so if she and Olivia were close she may not have felt it necessary to refer Olivia to him. He's probably still running the bowling alley.

Jennifer (obsessed Josh Jackson fan) said...

My theory is also Sam's.

Xindilini said...

Since the Cortexiphan records are now kept at Massive Dynamic, instead of Jacksonville, I will have to assume Nina also took part in the drug trials.

With all the troubles young Olivia may have had, that leaves Nina only adult in her life. (Walter was institutionalized.)

Anonymous said...

I am curious on how Marilyn Dunham died. Olivia said she was 14 when this happened. So like Sam I think Olivia went to live with Nina, which make me think Rachel too was taken in by Ms. Sharp.

We cannot forget Rachel in all of this.

Anonymous said...

Well we suppose that Marylin Dunham from our side died, but who knows, maybe she is still alive.

Anonymous said...

Yes maybe this new link between Nina and Olivia is just here to make us think that Olivia's mother died like in the other timeline. But our Olivia is obvioulsly more fun now, maybe she has her mother. Fab.

Anonymous said...

Just one of many mysteries that will probably never be resolved in this or the previous timeline. Plus, we don't yet know how much the over there time line is affected. We do know that there is no Henry and that Olivia is still with Frank but what else is different? This is becoming more and more like "LOST", and we are not amused!
One more thing, over here Olivia says she was kidnapped and replaced by over there Olivia , so what's the story with that? How is it different in the new timeline?
So many questions and not nearly enough answers..........


tvnut014 said...

I agree with what Sam said here above. And I'm assuming Nina took Olivia and Rachel in when Marilyn Dunham died. I believe it was from cancer? I think Olivia mentions it somewhere in the series. Either way cancer is one of those variables that can't be controlled.

Unknown said...

I agree with Steve & Sam on this, this is exactly what I thought when I watched that scene.

Anonymous said...

Well the question is did Olivia really kill her step-father? Remember part of this whole story thread is so the writers can free themselves from restraints of existing "cannon". Certain events seem inevitable. Such as the two crossing, perhaps Sept. messed up and distracted Walternate in the other timeline as well.
1. Olivia ran away- okay but she had to of been found.
2. Olivia remembers the trials which for some reason she didnt remember in the original timeline.
3. Kidnapping occured but Col.Broyles is still alive.
4.Olivia killed her stepfather so he isnt alive to plague her.
5. Olivia is more open but so far hasnt displayed her abilities really.
6. We also do not know whether or not she had the whole thing with Mark Valley from the pilot. Does she have the mind merge?
Does that guy who was testing Olivia and ended up cut in half still or did exist?

Its a merging and re-sorting of events.
Methinks that probably after this next episode we will have an Alt Universe heavy episode.
There are lots of questions to be answered.

Dr. T. Humor

Suhara said...

I know this is a little unrelated but I think it is important... Does anyone know any way by which I can help contribute to Fringe's ratings even though I don't have Nielsen Box or a DVR? Like watching it on OnDemand on Xfinity or something? Even if it is just the teeniest tiniest contribution I don't mind... I've been thinking about emailing Fox and asking them, but I know I'm probably unlikely to get a legitimate reply... Any insight is much appreciated!

fringeobsessed said...

Use the link below to check out an excellent article written by our own birdandbear regarding what we can all do to keep Fringe on the air.

Siobhan said...

I think that in the original timeline, Bell removed the memory of the drug trials from Peter, Olivia and other in the drug trials, but did not work on the other kids that had side effect or were active at end of the cortexiphan trail. But in the new timeline Olivia had ran away and by this stage was staying with Nina who after bond with Olivia would not allow any to happen to her. I don't think Nina took her in out of the goodness of her heart...

Suhara said...

Thank you!I didn't even know that some of those things helped!

Paul Grant said...

Nina Sharp is quite the variable, but I still don't think I trust her.

Through the use of some drug, she's helped Olivia to regain memories from the alternate timeline (meaning she actually is Peter's Olivia). So is that a Motherly concern for Olivia... to know what her true life was supposed to be with Peter, or is it a way to give the finger to the men who altered time? If it's the latter, there's no telling what she will do.

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