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Fringe Episode 406: "And Those We've Left Behind"

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Tonight on Fringe Friday is the sixth episode of season four "And Those We've Left Behind".

The Fringe team must find the pattern between tragic time loop anomalies. As the investigation unfolds, Raymond, an electrical engineer, and his wife Kate, a professor of theoretical physics, enter the picture.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "And Those We've Left Behind"?


Anonymous said...

Thrilling turns and twists can be seen in Fringe TV Show. Its great show. Simply fantastic series.

Xindilini said...

I was expecting this. It serves to explain the first people's different history as well. So there is a possibility where there is a twin universe where both Peters exist.

Count Screwloose said...

I just don't know.

I was thrilled with it all the way up to the last quarter hour, when I started thinking about how much it felt like the show had gone back to the well, specifically (intentionally?) "White Tulip" and "6B." It's a great well to go back to, admittedly, and it was done extremely well, but how many times can the show mine the "I-Can't-Let-You-Go" vein? I do understand the thematic significance of it, but it's starting to feel repetitive.

And I love Stephen Root but I wish his performance had somewhat more shading to it - it felt like he'd gone mad and stayed there. I think it would have felt much more tragic if I'd gotten the sense that the character was more emotionally torn. Just a little less wild eyed madness would have helped, I think.

And then I can't imagine there was a single viewer who didn't see the final twist coming down the interstate. And then the hit-you-over-the-head "time" songs Walter was listening to throughout.

This sounds like I liked it a lot less than I actually did. Most of it I loved, from the opening sequence which felt extremely authentic (and beautifully done with just the right amount of sunlight reflecting on Peter and Olivia's faces) to Peter's time-slips to the fantastic visuals that put over all of the carnage caused by the time bubble. Wonderful, wonderful stuff that's setting up even more wonderful stuff, probably.

I don't know. I suppose the wonderful outweighs the so-so and I'm very excited about what's to come, but...I don't know.

milostanfield said...

I may feel better after rewatching and thinking about it, but right now I give it 3.5 out of 5 Fibonacci spirals. 4+ for the usual main actor greatness, and less for the story itself. Right now the actors, not the writers, are carrying this show.

Like Count Screwloose, I felt like the show was chasing its own tail with this ep, rather than moving forward toward something. There is still a continuing lack of a "larger" story to mesh with the personal stories and create a narrative dynamic that is going somewhere new. See from "Over There" through most of Season 3 for what the writers CAN do.

Because of that lack I was disappointed when it turned out that the time bubbles were just the creation of a "mom & pop" operation rather than part of something larger. After that I just couldn't get into their story that much, at least not the first time through. Except for the possible connection between Peter's appearance and the sudden success the Greens had in creating the bubble, their story was pretty much a standalone.

Much of what I did like revolved around Peter being back, actually out in the field, and in the lab(!). At least they let him out of that damn briefing room. I guess the question of what Peter's place in reality is WILL be the larger story. Peter and this Olivia seem to have come to a rational detente. And it seems that his quest from this point is to TRY to leave this timeline, and as I suspected it may involve the machine.

If that IS his direction then that brings up the whole question (again) of why we're in this timeline reset to begin with. If he just goes back to the old TL then this was just a detour. Plus I have some emotional investment in the Walter and Olivia in this TL now and want to see them develop.

This Walter is a mess. I am beginning to worry that he won't make it through the season alive. Perhaps getting Peter back to where he belongs may involve Walter sacrificing himself. Scary thought.

Count Screwloose said...

I did like the inference that both sides were now sharing technology. Astrid was wielding the same device we saw Lincoln use Over There to determine how badly their universe had been breached and the instruction manual for it that Walter's reading clearly has the Over There Fringe Division emblem on it.

Just a nice grace note that I thought deserved a comment.

Janis said...

There is a theme that runs through the universes--emotional ties between two people affect time and space. Love is a powerful emotion and it needs bonding and loss for balance. Reference can be made to the Biblical proverb there is a time for every purpose, a time to hold on and a time to let go. I noticed the way this Olivia looks at Peter, as though she knows he is her soul mate. But, it is not the right place or time. This season focuses on the neutrino in realistic terms. Another Biblical theme is all things are lawful but not all things are expedient--as in the theme of the 1960's show 'The Avengers'--technological advances can be used for good, but there are equally negative consequences. I love this show because it is all about balance and how decisions affect everyone, including the universe.

milostanfield said...

I like the way the relationship between Peter and this timeline's Olivia seems to be evolving. There was the scene towards the end, at Fringe headquarters, where Peter is watching Olivia and Lincoln off in the distance. He was smiling in a way that seemed to say "I like these people, whoever they are, but I know I don't belong here for reasons that have to do with physics AND emotions, and I know what I need to do." Kinda like someone who has just realized they have overstayed their summer vacation and now needs to go back to the month of September and reality.

The scene with Olivia at the end, where she lets Peter know she's noticed him looking at her, and asks him about the other Olivia, was her end of this. She wishes him well in his quest to get back to "his" Olivia. Two adults making rational and correct choices, given their current situation. But at the same time this was undercut by Peter dusting off his new digs, implying he may actually be here a while.

Ironically, this mutually agreed distancing between them, coupled with the idea that Peter will be sticking around, may increase the chances of them becoming romantically involved. An interesting compare/contrast to early Season 1, where Peter was deciding between staying with Fringe Division or going back to his rogue lifestyle. He ended up staying and grew to know and love Olivia.

The scene at the house is interesting to compare to the scene in "Over There" where Altlivia asks Peter what the "other me" is like as he looks around his news digs over there. In that scene there was definitely mutual attraction, and in this one more distance.

If the old timeline does come back into play, could we be seeing a rehash of the previous "Peter and two Olivias" triangle, this time with two of the same Olivias from different timelines rather than different Olivias from different universes?

rup said...

Did anybody else get the feeling Olivia was lying when she told Peter that she didn't have the same dream as him. That, coupled with her discomfort when Peter leaned too close to her at the lab make me think Olivia is hiding something. Maybe she is lying because she DOES feel an unexpected bond with this "stranger".

scully8 said...

Janis, I love your take on things and agree that Olivia senses that Peter is the one . . .

I do LOVE Fringe!

scully8 said...

Rup, I totally agree with you. I don't know if they shared the same dream, but she's not being totally honest either. :-)

kann said...

Did anyone else notice that Walter's house has a flat screen TV in it? Hasn't he not lived there for 20+ years? I want to know what it means. The show is too meticulously planned to have a mistake like that... or at least I hope it is.

LC_07 said...

Kann, I noticed the TV too, and that house is the same house that the FBI bought or rented for Peter and Walter in season 1, isn't it? In the OT, Walter didn't own this house, that's why they lived in a hotel for a while, before they moved into this house.
How come in this timeline, Walter owns this house? And there's such a modern TV in it?! Maybe both timelines are intertwined already, in ways that we don't understand yet.

I hadn't thought about Olivia hiding something, but reading the previous comments, I agree with Rup, a lot!

Janis said...

Where is the world are the writers taking us? Is Peter is the same time line or a parallel one? Is Olivia in this time line our beloved Olivia evolving into the real Oliva? Is Peter the key to restoring HIS Olivia into this timeline Olvia? Is Peter's role to 'reverse' Nina's influence on this Olivia and restore her to the Olivia we know and love? Is Peter this Olivia's salvation to get her to where she should be in the timeline? Why didn't Peter tell this Olivia she is actually his wife in the other timeline? This is driving me crazy!!! Can't wait to see where this all is heading--2 timelines or 1 that needs to evolve into the correct balance and order? Is Season 4's theme Destiny vs Choice?

Janis said...

I was thinking about the 3 Walter's and their relationship with Peter. Our Walter is the father who longs for acceptance; Walternate is the father who rejects his son; the latest Walter is the father who views his son as competition. It's interesting how Peter relates to the 3 different versions. Is Peter's purpose to influence the Walter(s)? Is that why the Observer keeps intervening--for Walter(s)? Is that why 'the boy is important'? Another trilogy/Biblical reference?

Laura008 said...

Hi Guys! Janis I agree with you! I´m actually completely confused???!!!!!!!!!!!and it is also driving me crazy:) I love our OT- characters so much and miss them!at first I thought that we are going to come back to the OT soon but now I think that we will not see our beloved Olivia and Walter and the others any time soon if not at all and why?: Our Walter and Peter cheated the rules of time so there are the repercussions - they created a new timeline so our OT doesn´t exist any more:( I don´t know if so than this is very SAD! this being said Peter is in a right place with new people who doesn´t know him and doesn´t love him and just look like his people, so he must either accept this new reality without being loved, or try to win the hearts of Newlivia and Newwalter all over again, or try somehow to restore the OT! I have no idea where this all is heading.... It will be interesting to see if Peter and Olivia and Peter and Walter are destinied to love each other despite the timeline is this their fate? Will every Olivia love Peter and will Peter fall in love in every Olivia if so than maybe there must be 2 Peters in each twin universe one to restore the balance? my brain hurts:) What I know for sure is I MISS THE ORIGINAL TIMELINE and i will be very happy if we could come back there later this season (if so please not in 4.22:)a little bit earlier;)) but actually to the pure OT not to the marged one with the newT. And I feel so sorry for Peter - Our Olivia and Our Walter loved him soo much!!!!It will be a painful yourney for Peter and us viewers and I hope he finally finds the way back to his beloved people!!!!!!

DianaS. said...

What I don't frekin get is why they keep skipping weeks! Not just for baseball. The series seems so staggered and it's hard to keep up! I watch it on hulu now, and that's even frustrating because there still of course are spaces in between weeks of showing it. I wouldn't be surprised if this show get cancelled. It'd be a shame... but there's no consistency.

b1u8hy said...

omg! more than 80% rated this episode 5 stars. I shouldn't be surprised it's Fringe we're talkng about... BUT i haven't had the chance to watch it... OMG OMG I willl sooooo make time tonight :) :) :) Ps. had to quickly scroll down to the comment box.. it's sooo tempting to read what other ppl have posted but I just don't want to spoil it for myself :D

Joy said...

DianaS, Even I agree with you, the main problem now is not the weeks-off but the rating. Last week ratings were low...
Here is a good site that explains breaks in american TV:

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