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Fringe Easter Eggs: Observer in "And Those We've Left Behind"

      Email Post       11/12/2011 10:13:00 AM      

The Observer makes an appearance in every Fringe episode. In the Fringe episode "And Those We've Left Behind", he can be spotted outside a building at the beginning of the episode.


Reinbeast said...

Ha! No way I ever would have seen that except by accident or unless I paused every scene.

Seth said...

Please keep the show going! I like the cast members and writers, my family looks forward to Friday nights! We lov Syfy.

I noticed there were less episodes this season. That's never a good sign.

P.S. Smart Babes are so HOTT Liv!

cortexifan said...

Seth, the season is 22 episodes. It will continue in January. We just don't titles yet.
Just keep watching.

Joe said...

New viewer here. Absolutely outstanding episode last night. Haven't seen anything on TV as good in quite some time. Shows the true potential of this series. Good storytelling trumps the usual gore, mutilations of the human body, etc. so prevalent on screen today. When I see that I change the channel; Fringe doesn't need it.

Count Screwloose said...

The clue for the next episode, however, can be found on the top piece of mail that Peter clears away from the Greens' newspaper...

Unknown said...

The ending of this episode made me sad for Peter. The discussion he had with Olivia in the house. I honestly believe unless the timelime snaps back he will never find his Olivia and Walter.

Then it makes me wonder what the observer (I can't remember his name) is up to.

Anonymous said...

I was curious, the scene where Walter is listing to the Styx record of too much time on my hands. What kind of brand of brand of headphones was he using?

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